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The Bloggers

This is a concise version of the “About SPARKS” page. The people blogging on this page include:

All these people were born and raised in India, got their first degree together from an engineering college in India and subsqeuently masters degree from different universities in USA.

–To be Updated—


1. Cotton - October 28, 2006

okay, I have been religiously giving this blog hits, hoping that it will reach 10,000! So yaay! It’s 9,996 now. congratulations! Maybe you guys should do an IPO. I’ll buy some shares.

2. Parmanu - October 29, 2006

Thanks cotton,
yes out of 10000 odd hits,
5000 came from you and 5000 from riya sen fans,
rest ‘odd’ of them from our miscellaeneous readers

3. shrav - October 31, 2006

cotton, wouldn’t it be better if you simply wrote articles for us? It’s been ages since this blog was last updated.BTW, considering that ‘K’ hasn’t joined yet, I think we should rename the blog SPARS. I hate to say this, but this blog looks like an ancient relic of the past now (more than Microsoft). We need to get some new faces and new ideas to bring it to back to life. Any thoughts?

BTW, I haven’t found anything really interesting to blog about. Things have been boring in the tech world. Microsoft, Apple, and Google, all had great quarters. Vista will be RTMd soon. There was an interesting article on Robert Scoble’s blog about a company that is using Microsoft’s SharePoint services to create a platform for a company wide Open Source wiki. Sounds like the Open Source world is grudgingly starting to accept Microsoft finally? Interestingly, SharePoint is apparently Microsoft’s fastest growing server product. We had a discussion about it a few days ago. It allows users within a network to share files etc and is supposed to be very good.

4. Cotton - October 31, 2006

what about the name SPARS(E)…after “sparse” number of posts?! hehee..just joking.

5. Mohammad Ismail - December 13, 2006

I want Come On Pakistan Team & I Like Cricketer & Pakistan Team

6. sandeep - July 9, 2007

please send me mms of riya sen & ashmit patel.

7. raman kumar - July 17, 2007

please send me mms of riya sen & ashmit patel.

8. Amyth - October 14, 2007

Killer man!.. Loved the blog… Way2go SPARK! 🙂

9. manoj kumar - December 4, 2007

plz send me riyasen ashmitpatel mms

10. amita - December 26, 2007

good job guys….keep it goin .
i just loved ur blog…..actually i accidentally bumped on it while in my search for the famous “riya-ashmit mms”…..but you bet that you have found a staunch follower for your blogs in me!

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