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Shah Rukh Khan:Rank 2 among heros who can dance?? September 16, 2006

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Shah Rukh Khan: Rank 2 among heros who can dance well..why?? why this topic..of course not to race with our MVP..but just a topic of entertainment..

I was watching AR.Rahman’s hits this afternoon and happened to watch songs of Dil Se..(esp.Chaiyya..Chaiyya) and Swades..hmm.. I never noticed it before but SRK dances pretty well (in my opinion).. not just these two movies..but other movies too..better than other Khans..he may not be Hrithik but he got natural grace when he dances..FYI, im not a die hard fan of SRK..just thought he got a good dancer in him..what u guys think??

His dances fit well with our mainstream hindi movies….where as i dont consider Salman a dancer at all..I never saw Aamir doing great with dances..Akshay Kumar does a pretty good job..Prabhu Deva is not a hero..he’s a choreographer first then a hero..hmm..Javed Jaffrey is great..but he’s not a big movie star..finally, Hrithik is the best among all the heros..so, SRK can be No.2..am i missing any great hero-dancers?? Oh yeah, our GOVINDA..hmm..where will he be?? A tie with SRK?? But he is no longer in movies..so, he’ll be out of contest..or is he still acting??

PS: This blog has nothing to do with the acting talents of any of the above mentioned stars.

Federer did it again ! ! September 10, 2006

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Wow, what a/an (best adjective ever) player..3 consecutive Wimbledon and US opens..only player in tennis history to accomplish this…some more records to be broken in coming years..can anyone beat him?? Nadal can come close (he beat him in French) but Nadal makes Federer to player even better..At 25, 9 Grandslams..he’s all set for the highest no. of slams…Roddick has gotten big serve compared to Roger but in tonite’s game Roger got more no. of aces than Andy…Roger’s backhand is great but not the greatest still he got more backhand winners..and he need not improve his forehand..its beyond best..No double faults in final (wow!!!)..i can’t stop appreciating his talent..

Before the game he said that he got an incredible record at US open and has variety in his game..wow..great confidence…would like to watch his game live (of course not on TV) atleast once..

Roddick found his game back with his new coach/mentor Jimmy..but he got to do more homework when he plays Federer..

It looks like Federer got bored with his opponents (except Nadal)..no one is giving him a challenge…he’s making more errors than before..

Some people compare Fed with All time great, Sampras..but to me Federer went beyond Sampras..what you guys think?? I dont think its too early to say that..9 slams are more than enough…

Anyway, its good that we are in the same generation as Federer to see him playing and appreciating him..

Will see what else he has in his game..probably start playing leftie..

Comfortably Numb September 7, 2006

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In a previous post, I listed my favorite songs. This is one of them. The song was performed by David Gilmour and Roger Waters at the Live 8 concert. The first time they were together on the stage in over 20 years

From Wikipedia:

“The lyrics refer to The Wall‘s protagonist Pink, finally burned out and passed out in his hotel room, being drugged to enable him to perform. The verses, sung by Waters, are the words of the doctor treating Pink, while the chorus, sung by Gilmour, is Pink’s hazy vision and thoughts.”

“This song features two guitar solos by David Gilmour, and is a particular favourite with Pink Floyd fans. The final solo (outro, coda, or fade out), is widely revered by fans and air-guitarists worldwide as one of Gilmour’s best, and is an archetypal rock guitar solo.

David Gilmour’s solo was rated the 4th best guitar solo of all-time[1], by Guitar World magazine, in a reader poll. It was named the Greatest Guitar Solo of All Time by DigitalDreamDoor, just ahead of ‘Stairway to Heaven‘.”

Vande Mataram to sing or not – Contd….. September 7, 2006

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The day came and went by without much of controversy, which was expected. Most of the nation sang the song, some did not and some others sang Sara Jahan se Acha expressing their patriotism. However, there was no major controversy and violence due to this though.

Interesting thing was how the political parties played it to their advantage. The party which started it in 1906 thought of it as a great idea to boost its image by making it mandatory to sing the song and later down playing it after seeing communal gains (or rather political loss). The party which opposes everything the ruling party does bore the mantle of tradition of the rivals.

Its quite an interesting topic – whether to sing or not to sing a national song. What makes it interesting is not the singing or not singing the national song. It’s a national song and it has to be sung to express your patriotism, no doubt in that. However what makes it interesting is how it has become a national song. I am sure, when Vande Mataram was made a national song, it passed the election easily without any opposition (I believe it was the only song). However, if there were another vote again, what would be the case? It would still have been elected as the national song.

However, election things and democracy are funny things. It only takes care of the majority and forces minority to take the majority’s path. If 8 our of 10 people think it’s the right way to do a thing, whether its right or not, it becomes the law. Even if other two people are right, they cannot do anything against it. That’s the inherited flaw in the system and you cannot do anything about it.

When India and Pakistan were formed, people were given option to choose where they would reside, which laws to abide and which songs to sing. People chose what best suited them and their decendents have to respect their choices. I mean, I did not choose VandeMataram as my national song, still I take only pride in singing it. The people before you did not have any problem singing the same song, even though they had the same god.

Agreed times have changed, and with changing times, thought processes have changed. So have the demands of patriotism. People fought for freedom and country downplaying religion 50 years back. Things have changes. Country and religion were in two separate categories then, now they are competing against each other. Alright, singing the national song is not a measure of patriotism. Then let me as a simple question, is country above religion? Would you go against the country for religion?

The religion has not changed, it is only the ideology of the people that is changing.
India has always believed in and practices the ideology of secularism. I understand, by secularism it means without regard to your individual religions, you unite together as a nation. Bringing religion in between you and performing national duty would not make you look patriotic in our secular establishment.

List of searches August 25, 2006

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Wanted to put this up as a list, but the formatting sucked so I had to blog. So much for my resolution. Here’s a list of searches that have led to this page. The number at the end of each item indicates the number of times someone has clicked on this site’s url.

windows live writer rave reviews 3
Pluto 2
fanaa songs list 1
flipped/ sparks note 1
current favorite songs 1
list of pakistani matrimonial sites 1
expanding solar system 1
omkara song order 1
sandwiches from indian websites 1
“picasa 2.5” 8
“indian guys” 1
Fidel Adidas 1
“Fidel Castro” and Adidas 1
sparks team 1
bored 1
“castro in adidas” 1
fidel castro, adidas 1
“google talk” calendar 1
“live spaces” 2
cooking range sparks 1
Picasa 2.5 1

UPDATE:  A newspaper article that links to the blog on 9 pizzas (each with 8 slices) that one of the authors’ mother served him can be found here.

Laloo Prasad Yadav: A case study at Harvard,IIMA and sparks engrs. August 25, 2006

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Laloo, Indian Railways (world’s largest employer) Minister with no formal education (or did he get masters in political science) is going to be a case study at Harvard….nearly bankrupt railways is in profits now..what could be the “it” factor that made him to create a “financial” turnaround..may be the officials working with him are super smart or something wrong with him..though cricket and movies are huge in india..no one is worth a case study??..


“In 2005, dolls called ‘Laluji’, manufactured by Speedage Corp., had become a big hit among kids.” ..

wow..what is he upto.. did anyone think this could happen to India and Laloo..I didnt..i thought he’d make more and more money and die happily sometime..

Bored! August 22, 2006

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I’ve written 9 posts in the last week or so and frankly, I myself am bored, so I can imagine your plight. 🙂

I’ve decided to take a long break and restrict my involvement during that time to reading posts and commenting on them. I can already see a few smiles… one of them being mine.

Scoble says Microsoft is lying about WL Spaces! August 21, 2006

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Robert Scoble has written a series of “childish” posts about Windows Live Spaces. It’s amusing when adults get into “my dad can beat up yours” kind of arguments. Here’s one. No offense Robert, but I really don’t see the point of your posts.

 Update: Robert has another post about blogging here. Here’s what he has to say:

“Anyway, I’m all about inclusion. Being nice. Not being judgmental. Yesterday was when the egotistical elitist bbbaaahhhsssttttaaarrrrddd in me came out.”


Windows live reconfigured..and it works! August 16, 2006

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Something magical or something stupid. After spending couple of hours on figuring out why the hell my sparks blog did not work with windows live, when I deleted the account and reconfigured it, it seems to work fine.

So I have zoundry and Live editor both to work with. I will try to use both and give my own ratings sometime in future.

WordPress has some really good features but its web editor really needs some help.

First Blog/ First Blog with Windows Live Writer August 15, 2006

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This is my first ever blog. I just downloaded Windows Live Writer, which has received rave reviews from the blogging community (check: http://www.liveside.net/comments.php?shownews=374). So, I decided to give it a test-drive. The installation process took a couple of minutes. The sign in process took another 30 seconds and that’s it. It’s a pretty cool product. I don’t have any pics on  this computer so I haven’t been able to check the picture insertion abilities.

Update: It works like a charm. I’ve also posted a screenshot.