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Commenting April 10, 2007

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This blog, while not the most popular of blogs, receives a fair share of comments. Since this hasn’t been done yet, I thought I’d make this clear. Please refrain from making the following types of comments:

* Serious allegations: E.g., To infer that a company has fudged sales records is a serious allegation in my opinion and has legal implications. Such comments will be deleted. In case you’re wondering why your comment was deleted, you have the answer now.

*Ad hominem: You may not agree with the author. Please refrain from calling him names. This is not encouraged.

*Cheap sarcasm: This has been made clear by tismarkhan in the past. 


Pics of some of my favorite places October 19, 2006

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 **********For the record, this is our fiftieth post**********
I originally wanted to write a post on Google and I had an idea for the post too, but I think there’s been an overdose of software related posts on the Sparks!! blog. So, I’m going to do something different instead. Here are some pics that I found on my desktop. Not all these pics were taken by me. In fact, I think except for the images from Hyd and the one with dark clouds over the evil empire, I don’t think I took any.

The first two were taken in San Diego. The first one was taken at the Zoo, while the second at Point Loma. I don’t have any better iamges of San Diego. I really wish I did. It was a fun place.