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Notification about change of ‘Display Name’ October 24, 2006

Posted by PagMax in Comics, Notifications.

I surely do not need a post for this, but then what the hell..!  

I have long association to the profile ID ‘TISMARKHAN’.  It used to be my alternate yahoo profile for playing online games. (Don’t go too far, you pervs, I am just talking about chess and wordracer).  Also, I have usually found it available during registration on any email or blog server. This made it easier in terms of consistency and stretching my creativity. So was the case in wordpress (and also because I did not realize for a long time that I could have non-unique display name!)

Now I thought may be I should have a display name which is close to my real name but not too close. So people who know me could identify its me but not search for me. Keeping this under consideration, my new display name(for now) would be

30 kill mine (and after I kill someone who thinks I look like a skeleton, it will 31kill mine).

As bad as it is, its just a joke. (not the killing part). My new display name would be ‘Parmanu’. It has equal parts of my first and last name in order, its short and it actually means something, Nuclear.

I swear on Holy Quran, I did not copy this name changing idea from our cyber neighbor Cotton f.k.a Ruhi. It was in my mind much before that. Of course,  the idea for literally translating tismar khan to 30kill mine was inspired from her Ruhi to Cotton transition and she did almost convince me to officially adapt it, but I guess, I will let that number go further up before using it.



Now, Upon searching for Paramanu, I found that RajComics in India has this cartoon character, of wonderman Paramnu.

I swear on Holy Bible, I did not copy this name from them. Even this was in my mind much before.

Anyway, this dude, who is “Inspector Vijay” when he is not being Parmanu, looks like this when he is and he is being Parmanu:

I swear on Holy Bhagvad, I usually do not pose for pictures when I am wearing blue underwear and yellow body paint.