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IE7 and FF2 comparison October 22, 2006

Posted by sk in Microsoft, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, windows.

I love Firefox 2.0, but this is just insane. I have 2 tabs (the same sites) open in both. WTF????? (I’ve opened the same pdf document in both IE and FF in one of the tabs and the sparks blog page in the second.

Scoble has a different experience. I don’t know what is wrong. I opened 12 tabs on each and closed 10 of them. I still feel Firefox is a better browser, by the way. It’s definitely faster.

By the way, I should point out that I’m not using a single Firefox extension or plugin. Also, for those who’re still using IE6, please do visit this page and download IE7 ASAP. It’s highly recommended. :-). In fact, I’ve found the final version of IE7 to be far superior in performance to RC1. They seemed to have fixed many of the annoying bugs. While there are a lot of people who have had issues with it, so far, I’ve found it to be a great browser.

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Firefox 2.0 is blazing fast October 17, 2006

Posted by sk in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Technology and Software, windows.

I switched from Firefox 1.5 to IE7 a few months ago because I loved some of the new features in IE7, especially how the tab feature was implemented. I also found IE7 to perform better. Yesterday, I decided to finally try Firefox 2.0 and I’m amazed at how fast it is. It’s amazingly fast and I haven’t run into any issues so far. It doesn’t feel like a pre-release software. Of course, I’ve been using it only for a day now and my opinion may change in future. But as of now, FF 2.0 is a clear winner in my book. Here’s a list of features that I like in IE and FF. IE7:

  1. It works without needing any plugins
  2. The UI is very cool and thoughtful
  3. The Quick tabs feature is awesome, especially if you have multiple tabs open
  4. A link to open a new tab is provided right next to the last opened tab.

Firefox 2.0:

  1. It’s fast – blazing fast
  2. It has a spell-checker (though I don’t see any need for it)*
  3. It’s highly customizable
  4. Performance is better than IE7’s

So, if you haven’t downloaded FF 2.0 yet, RC3 is available here. *UPDATE: The spell-checker is useful while commenting or posting directly to a blog from WP’s web interface. It does get annoying in the sense that it doesn’t recognize internet slangs.