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Let’s blog about sex, baby October 3, 2006

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Our (Tismar’s) post about the Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel mms seems to have become the most popular article on our blog during the last few days. Does that mean sex sells? It would appear so, right? So, to keep the Sparks team blog going, we’ve decided to blog about every other popular sex video during the last couple of years. We’ll start with the Paris Hilton Video next week. Of course, we’ll soon run out of videos, so, we’re also thinking of getting people to guest post on these topics. For example, every week we’ll have a guest poster analyzing one of the videos. We’ll also have a few podcasts with Bappi Lahari and Himeshji singing about the Riya Sen mms clips. What do you think about the idea?

By the way, this is the new theme song of the blog:

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex

UPDATE: Let’s enjoy the Riya Sen blitzkreig while it lasts. While this post has had over 300 views in the last couple of days, the others are at a humbler 10-15 views. Really, does sex sell so much? But I have to admit, it was a nice post and a clever bit of marketing by our ex-MVP that was the reason for this. Incidentally, I haven’t seen the mms clip and haven’t even the faintest clue who Ashmit Patel is. Whoever or whatever he is, he’s the MVP of this site in my opinion. Incidentally, Ms. Ruhi had a post on marketing strategies. Maybe she could tell us what kind of marketing this is.

Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel MMS clip September 14, 2006

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Sometimes I feel religion is the most ungodly thing created by human. Yes, it does give a purpose of  life to many and code of conduct to live with and a fear of ‘HELL’ and greed of ‘HEAVEN’ brings lot of good things to life. But look at the flip side: While God is here to protect human, religion made human protect God. And when it comes to protecting God, its never a pretty scene to watch.

oh regarding the clip… I have no idea who these people are and I surely do not have any such clip. I just heard something like that was bouncing around the web and I used that to trap you

Anyway, talking about religion, my last post ended with last few comments on how some Islamic extremist use the 72-virgin-after-death trap to incite people on spreading ‘Jihad’ on Earth. (Look who is talking on trapping!)  While Islam enjoys the reputation of non-peaceful religion due to recent events, if you turn the pages of history, the way I understand it, its hardly the only religion which saw the bloodshed under its shadow. Hindus, Christian, Jews all have blood on them.

Fine, I lied again. I know who Ashmit and Riya are but I swear forget the MMS, I have never even seen them in a normal bollywood movie.

And then talking about poor Jews,  until recently they were more of a victim than perpetuators. Passion of the Christ was certainly not the only anti-Jew act.  I could never figure out what did Jews do so bad to annoy Egyptians, Romans, German, Middle Eastern and Mel Gibson. In any case, times have changed now. They do not need any more sympathy. They are strong enough to kill Jew-haters now which they proved quite recently. (Although, they failed to prove lot of other things there but I will not get into all that now)

Common, get over it.  There is no clip. And why the hell do you want to see any such clip anyways?  Make one for yourself.

Ok, back to the topic.  As some one said, (cannot recall who, may be George Bernard Shaw) but not sure. If dogs would have God, God would look like Dog. Or better yet, if triangles have God, God would have three sides. Wonder why it is so difficult for anyone to accept a simple fact that everyone portray religion as per his own image.

You wont give up. would you? Fine. You will get to see some clip. Keep reading if you have reached so far.

As for me, I believe in God but I will not even attempt to portray how It would look like. Wait.. Islam also says something like that. Never portray God. ‘Tismar Khan’ sounds Islam enough. So if I kill some unholy people, for instance Himesh reshammiyya and Mandira Bedi, I might get that deal on 72 virgins after death…!

That’s only if wishes were horses but everything what you are told is not what you get. (A feeling you just experienced).