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Lift off September 2, 2007

Posted by PagMax in India, ISRO, space.

 More than a year after I mourned for ISRO’s splash down, today we finally have a lift-off  of the same launch vehicle carrying identical satellite!

GSLV-F04 successfully placed INSAT-4CR in Orbit. In my opinion, It is a defining moment for Indian space program, firstly because it is first of INSAT series to be launched from Indian Soil (Earlier INSAT vehicles were piggybacked to Arena rocket launched from Kourou, French Guiana), and secondly it puts in confidence in our mission to moon and manned space flight. And of course, dozen of high-power Ku-band transponders onboard will make your network television look even better..!!




(Picture taken from ISRO website without permission).

Space, Religion and Journalism December 27, 2006

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I am finally writing after a LONG time out of my really lazy schedule. Probably my last one for this year and this year ends in 4 days.


Last week Dr. Kasturirangan (former Chairman of ISRO) was appointed as academician in pontifical academy of sciences.

Just for the starters, this academy is part of Vatican (though claims to function independently) and aims at devlopement of scientific research.  Pretty noble idea, however,  here are two issues (not related to each other and not directly related to this news) which popped into my mind