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It’s India vs. Pakistan!!! September 22, 2007

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Now for a diversion following my rants about the “blogger formerly known as cotton*”.

I’m not a big fan of Twenty20 and find some of the rules absurd but even I am interested in this one. In what promises to be one of the biggest cricket matches ever, India will play Pakistan in the final of the inaugural ICC Twenty20 World Cup at Johannesburg in South Africa. After the debacle that was the One Day World Cup held earlier this year, this is a huge blessing for the ICC**. India and Pakistan were both knocked out in the first stage and the rest of the World Cup plunged into boredom as Australia easily pummeled rivals to win it. In fact, the World Cup will probably be remembered more for Bob Woolmer’s death than for cricket. So, this couldn’t have come at a better time for the ICC. India v. Pakistan – it doesn’t get bigger than this. For those who don’t follow cricket, it’s the equivalent of the Pats facing the Colts at the Super Bowl (which, I know will never happen). Yup, it’s that big.

Pakistan thrashed New Zealand by 6 wickets while India managed to get past Australia by 15 runs in the semi finals. When the World Cup began, Sri Lanka and Australia (bboth finalists at the 2007 One Day World Cup) were heralded as favorites. No one gave India (without three of its superstars) or Pakistan a chance.

India and Pakistan have met thrice four (1992, 1996, 1999, and 2003) times in One Day International World Cups and once in a Twenty20 World Cup, with India having won all their past encounters. This, however will be the first time that they meet in a final, which means that past statistics don’t matter. Will India make it five six in a row or will Pakistan find a way to beat India in their most important meeting in a World Cup? We’ll know on the 24th.

*No relation to the Artist formerly known as Prince … I think. 

**Which makes me wonder if this was fixed. 🙂

Hey Ram… September 19, 2007

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Note: Post slightly outdated, I wrote it last week but could not find time to post it.

When it comes to protecting our protector, GOD, India has always been a step ahead. And as long as RSS and VHP are around, Lord Sree Rama has nothing to fear. Didn’t they prove it once on December 6th 1992?

Last year around this time, Indian politicians were awfully conscious about 100th Anniversary of Vande Mataram. This year, their memory seems to be little rusty on 101th Anniversary. However, they have a bigger history to protect this year. Rama Sethu (Adams Bridge) of Ramayana which Rama used to crossover to Sri Lanka!



Lift off September 2, 2007

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 More than a year after I mourned for ISRO’s splash down, today we finally have a lift-off  of the same launch vehicle carrying identical satellite!

GSLV-F04 successfully placed INSAT-4CR in Orbit. In my opinion, It is a defining moment for Indian space program, firstly because it is first of INSAT series to be launched from Indian Soil (Earlier INSAT vehicles were piggybacked to Arena rocket launched from Kourou, French Guiana), and secondly it puts in confidence in our mission to moon and manned space flight. And of course, dozen of high-power Ku-band transponders onboard will make your network television look even better..!!




(Picture taken from ISRO website without permission).

Hyderabad! August 26, 2007

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I recently had a conversation with a friend about communal violence in India. He is from Ahmedabad. I told him how Hyderabad, despite the diversity was safe and how all those terror attacks etc. were things of the past. Well, how wrong I was. Within two weeks of my conversation, two bomb blasts shook Hyderabad killing over 40 people. I am not going to blame the entire Muslim community in Hyderabad, but there are definitely people who are sympathetic to Osama and Al Qaeda and they need to be weeded out of the community. Otherwise, sadly, this is not the last of such events. I’m not really sure that the AP Government is interested in tackling this issue, as much as it is in sweeping it under the carpet. Hopefully, I’m wrong on this one too.

Five steps commemoration May 10, 2007

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I missed the parade and bad chapatis at Meerut, but I commemorate 150th anniversary of start of Indian Revolution:
1) Looking in awe this portrait of Mangal Pandey

2) Successfully reading this rare and historic document which is court order for Mangal Pandey’s execution

3) Borrowing “The great Indian Mutiny” by Richard Collier from my library.


4) Feeling sorry for the lost heritage


5) Buying Reebok shoes from Kohls.


Stars who won’t celebrate Ash-Abhishek’s wedding April 19, 2007

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This list of famous people who won’t be at the wedding is compiled from several sources, including this.

1. Salman Khan – ex-flame, so, no.

2. Vivek Oberoi – same reason

3. Karishma Kapoor – ditto

4. Kareena Kapoor – sister of ex-flame?

5. Mukesh Ambani

6. SPARKS members – unbelievable! None of us was invited. Jackasses.
and last, but not the least,

7. Robert Scoble – any event of this scale to which Scoble is not invited is not worth it, right?

A thorough analysis of the guest list provides the following statistics:

49% of the invitees are family members of Abhishek or Aishwarya

24% are friends within the film industry

24% are friends outside the film industry

and 3% are no longer alive


3% of the invitees have heard of the Sparks blog and 25% of them use the Sparks blog as a source of information about hardware and software products.

49% of the invitees have read the “Riya Sen” post on this blog and among them, 23% have asked for the clip.

9% of the invitees have viewed tismar’s profile on shaadi.com and this includes the bride.


If you have any more details, please let me know and I’ll update this list. I am to make this post a comprehensive source of information about the wedding that the whole world is talking about. Thank you!

India in 1700s October 18, 2006

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The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/shepherd/india_shepherd_1923.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The History “community” of orkut, of which I am a member, had this up for discussion. I just thought I would share it with wider public.
Its quite amusing to see the states and boundries with less known names. Its funny how spellings change with time; Nagpore, sikanderabad, Cutch, Carnatic, etc. and its also interesting how some spelling do not change with time; Madras, Calicut, Delhi, Indore, Jhansi, etc.!. My birth place Ujjain is mysteriously missing from the map. I would think being one of the oldest cities and first capital (I think, need reference) of India, its important enough to be included in there.  Region around Gujarat, ‘cutch’.  is also pretty interesting.

I will either update this post with more of my comments on the map or let that happen in the discussion section if there is indeed a ‘wider audience’ for this.

(Oh since there were couple of posts on firefox within our blogroll,
and people seem to be in love with FF, here is another reason for you
to love. If you are viewing a page in FF2.0 and use performancing for
blogging, then , you have “blog this page” option. This sure made it
easy as I didnt have to struggle with the downloading and uploading the
picture. )

Update: Picture did not make it well. So I had to manually link it to the source page. I do not know if there is a better way to do it. Its bit annoying that the picture is either too small in default or magnifies too large if we click on it.