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Hyderabad! August 26, 2007

Posted by sk in Hyderabad, Hyderabad Bomb Blasts, India, Political, religion.



I recently had a conversation with a friend about communal violence in India. He is from Ahmedabad. I told him how Hyderabad, despite the diversity was safe and how all those terror attacks etc. were things of the past. Well, how wrong I was. Within two weeks of my conversation, two bomb blasts shook Hyderabad killing over 40 people. I am not going to blame the entire Muslim community in Hyderabad, but there are definitely people who are sympathetic to Osama and Al Qaeda and they need to be weeded out of the community. Otherwise, sadly, this is not the last of such events. I’m not really sure that the AP Government is interested in tackling this issue, as much as it is in sweeping it under the carpet. Hopefully, I’m wrong on this one too.