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Live Mail gets update to M8 October 7, 2006

Posted by sk in Blogroll, Email applications, Hotmail, Microsoft, windows live mail.

liveside.net has some great screenshots of the latest version ( Microsoft calls it a milestone, which explains “M8” ) of Windows Live Mail.
Windows Live Mail seems to be getting better and better with every milestone. The UI is cool yet thoughtful (something that you’d expect from Apple). The menus are intuitive. And, I love the “Send Email From” feature. So, for example, you can send an e-mail from your University account through Live Mail. Of course, it’s still a Microsoft application and many people are not comfortable using applications created by Microsoft. For such people, I recommend alternative online mail applications, Yahoo! Mail and GMail!

By the way, I was thinking of taking screenshots of it, but why reinvent the wheel, right?

 UPDATE (10/7/06): Here’s a post related to Microsoft that some of you may find interesting. Any comments??? By the way, Ruhi has reviewed One Note. Do check it out when you get the time.