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It’s India vs. Pakistan!!! September 22, 2007

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Now for a diversion following my rants about the “blogger formerly known as cotton*”.

I’m not a big fan of Twenty20 and find some of the rules absurd but even I am interested in this one. In what promises to be one of the biggest cricket matches ever, India will play Pakistan in the final of the inaugural ICC Twenty20 World Cup at Johannesburg in South Africa. After the debacle that was the One Day World Cup held earlier this year, this is a huge blessing for the ICC**. India and Pakistan were both knocked out in the first stage and the rest of the World Cup plunged into boredom as Australia easily pummeled rivals to win it. In fact, the World Cup will probably be remembered more for Bob Woolmer’s death than for cricket. So, this couldn’t have come at a better time for the ICC. India v. Pakistan – it doesn’t get bigger than this. For those who don’t follow cricket, it’s the equivalent of the Pats facing the Colts at the Super Bowl (which, I know will never happen). Yup, it’s that big.

Pakistan thrashed New Zealand by 6 wickets while India managed to get past Australia by 15 runs in the semi finals. When the World Cup began, Sri Lanka and Australia (bboth finalists at the 2007 One Day World Cup) were heralded as favorites. No one gave India (without three of its superstars) or Pakistan a chance.

India and Pakistan have met thrice four (1992, 1996, 1999, and 2003) times in One Day International World Cups and once in a Twenty20 World Cup, with India having won all their past encounters. This, however will be the first time that they meet in a final, which means that past statistics don’t matter. Will India make it five six in a row or will Pakistan find a way to beat India in their most important meeting in a World Cup? We’ll know on the 24th.

*No relation to the Artist formerly known as Prince … I think. 

**Which makes me wonder if this was fixed. 🙂

Sachin quits international cricket April 7, 2007

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Moments after the Indian cricket board decided to crack down on the senior Indian players, ace batsman, Sachin Tendulkar retired from International cricket to concentrate on his modeling career instead. “The three sponsor/ products rule is ridiculous,” Sachin said in a crowded press conference in Mumbai today, referring to the BCCI’s decision to restrict the number of products a player can endorse. “”The board doesn’t realize that great players like me are brand ambassadors of the sport and our endorsements are only one way of spreading the game.” When asked by a reporter if he would be as popular once he quit cricket, Sachin took the example of Anna Kournikova. “I don’t remember the last time she played tennis. Isn’t she still popular?” he asked. Former cricketers Sunil Gavaskar and Ajay Jadeja lauded Sachin’s move. “


After the press conference, Sachin and his new “bff” (best friend forever), Saurav Ganguly participated in an effigy burning of ex-coach, Greg Chappell, organized jointly by the Maharashtra  Sena and the Bengal Tigers.


Readers of this blog may be aware that the BCCI’s decision was in response to Sachin’s interview that was first posted on this blog.


<I never knew I’d be so interested in cricket. This rocks! I know I’ve been picking on Sachin Tendulkar a lot lately. It’s fun.>

Sachin: I’ll continue to play till we win a World Cup March 24, 2007

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Prem Pareshankar of G-Cricket, a new cricketing magazine was able to get an exclusive interview with Sachin Tendulkar.


Prem (P): Hi Sachin. How are you?

Sachin (S): Hi. I’m doing well. I heard you wanted me to endorse you.

P: Uhhh… I wanted an interview with you actually.

S: *Muttering under his breath* Damn!

P: Excuse me?

S: Uhh… nothing.

P: So, let me introduce myself again – I’m Prem Pareshankar from G-Cricket Magazine (a new magazine about cricket), here to interview you.

S: Are you sure you don’t want me to endorse you? I mean, that’ll boost your magazine’s sales.

P: Not right now. We don’t have the budget. So, what are your thoughts about your defeat against Sri Lanka and where do you plan to go from here?

S: As you know, we’ve lost to Sri Lanka and are almost out of the 2007 World Cup. But the good news is that I’ve decided to play cricket as long as it takes for us to win a World Cup.

P: Don’t you think you’ll be too old? There is a section of people who think you should have retired long ago.

S: I’m not answerable to anyone but the companies that endorse me. As long as they feel that I’m good, I’ll continue to play. Actually, I can give you a 50% discount if you want me to endorse you.

P: Oh, thanks. I’ll talk to the publishers about that. Who do you think was responsible for India’s exit?

S: Bangladesh!

P: Care to elaborate?

S: Sure. Bangladesh was responsible for our exit. If Bangladesh hadn’t beaten us, we would have surely made it to the next round.

P: No. I mean, why did India lose?

S: Oh, I would say it was because of the tremendous pressure on our team from fans back home. They had unrealistic expectations from us.

P: But isn’t it also because of the fans that you have so many endorsements? No other country’s players have this kind of endorsements.

S: The two are unrelated. Look at my fine fifty against Bermuda. Doesn’t that justify all the endorsements?

P: Are you disappointed with the outcome?

S: Of course, look at the amount of money we’ve lost in terms of endorsements.

P: That’s all I have for you, Sachin. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

S: No problem… and don’t forget my offer.


None of the other players were available for interviews as they were busy shooting advertisements.

Three and done! March 23, 2007

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Despite a brilliant knock by the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, India crashed to defeat against a brilliant Sri Lankan team. When India restricted Sri Lanka to a total of 254/6 in the allotted 50 overs, it seemed like the formidable Indian batting line up would get the job done. India was very much in the chase as long as the master blaster, possibly playing in his last World Cup match was at the crease. Sachin was at the crease for a total of five minutes , faced three balls and scored 0 runs with 0 fours and 0 sixes, none of which is a World Record. His exit resulted in a familiar sight for Indian fans with the rest of the team collapsing. While India’s World Cup campaign is all but over, a positive for the team was their “brilliant” performance against Bermuda, a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Indian team told the media that the two matches were fixed and that players of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were paid a lot of money to beat India.

Join the Cricket World Cup excitement? March 11, 2007

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For those of you who are more interested in discussing cricket than in Britney’s latest escapades, Google has created a special page for the 2007 Cricket World Cup which begins soon (or has already begun – I’m not sure – I was too busy following the latest on the Anna Nicole front). Google has also created a blog where Krish Srikkanth, a member of the 1983 World Cup winning squad talks about the World Cup.


Source: Google Operating System

 My favorite teams: India, West Indies, and South Africa – in that order.

Oh, and before I forget, for the two readers who bothered to read my previous post, thank you! :-p

The Curse of Sourav Ganguly November 29, 2006

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Curse?? I did not know what title should I put for blogging about the recent performances of Indian Cricket Team. There are too many holes to be filled in the team before Indians gear up for the world cup. In the first place, batting order is screwed up, except Dravid and Dhoni no one can bat, why the heck do we have Agarkar in the team, bowling was never good. If I go back 3 years when Sourav’s team drew the test series against Aus in Australia and won (tests and ODI’s) against Pak in Pakistan, team then was much better. I haven’t seen good wins since then. Yeah, with Dravid-Chappell combo, there are a few good victories but most of them were in India and against weaker teams. Indians did have a great chance playing in West Indies in conditions similar to the upcoming world cup but it was a nightmare series.

Before WI, there was Pak’s series. I remember in that series Ganguly was made a fool by selectors. The way Ganguly was treated by the board was senseless. He was in and out for no reason. India kept on losing starting from Pak’s series. I agree that he wasnt a good test player. IMO, he’s  a better one-dayer than Dinesh Mongia ( for some reason I hate this guy). There weren’t great wins since Ganguly was ousted from the team both as a captain and player. I am not here to support Ganguly, damage was already made to his career both by himself and selectors.

If one looks at the recent games India played, it’s hard to believe that is this the same team that had a winning streak last year. Hmm…after losing One-Day series in SA..now Ganguly is in contention for the test matches in South Africa. I don’t know on what basis he will be selected. And with a few months to go for world cup and Australia and SA going stronger, chances for India to make it to playoffs ( or Super Six or Eight) are very bleak. I guess things went from bad to worse since 2003 world cup (except Aus and Pak series in 2003-04). If I compare the teams now and then we got a good captain and a keeper and lost Ganguly. So, is this really a curse of Ganguly?? I don’t know..again..I want our team to win matches with our without Ganguly but I dont see it happening..

Cricket machine masters bowling October 6, 2006

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Interesting article in BBC:

A machine that can replicate the spin and swing of bowlers has been developed at a UK university.

The robotic bowler has been created at Loughborough University as part of a virtual reality project to improve match training for cricket.

Link to article

This is pretty useful for batsmen from teams like Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe that find it difficult against quality bowlers. Come to think of it, this’ll benefit India a lot too. Even our so-called technically sound batsmen struggle against the likes of Brett Lee, McGrath, and [add a bowler] (I haven’t been following cricket lately, so pardon me if our team has managed to tame these bowlers).