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Stars who won’t celebrate Ash-Abhishek’s wedding April 19, 2007

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This list of famous people who won’t be at the wedding is compiled from several sources, including this.

1. Salman Khan – ex-flame, so, no.

2. Vivek Oberoi – same reason

3. Karishma Kapoor – ditto

4. Kareena Kapoor – sister of ex-flame?

5. Mukesh Ambani

6. SPARKS members – unbelievable! None of us was invited. Jackasses.
and last, but not the least,

7. Robert Scoble – any event of this scale to which Scoble is not invited is not worth it, right?

A thorough analysis of the guest list provides the following statistics:

49% of the invitees are family members of Abhishek or Aishwarya

24% are friends within the film industry

24% are friends outside the film industry

and 3% are no longer alive


3% of the invitees have heard of the Sparks blog and 25% of them use the Sparks blog as a source of information about hardware and software products.

49% of the invitees have read the “Riya Sen” post on this blog and among them, 23% have asked for the clip.

9% of the invitees have viewed tismar’s profile on shaadi.com and this includes the bride.


If you have any more details, please let me know and I’ll update this list. I am to make this post a comprehensive source of information about the wedding that the whole world is talking about. Thank you!

Silence of the SPARKS January 19, 2007

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Don’t let the heat go off the SPARKS

Ok, I will try my best to write this miscellaneous post.

Nothing new is happening in the new year except Abhishek Bachchan’s exceptional performance in GURU and his engagement with Ash. I watched the movie last week after a lot of struggle to get tickets. To my wonder, even in 0°F and snow, tickets were sold out for three consecutive shows or two days. I was surprised to see AB has got such a big following in US or in MN. May be Mani Rathnam and Ash were another factors. Anyway, I would recommend this movie if you really want to see some fine acting by Abhishek, great songs (yeah, they are really good when you watch them) and Abhishek again.

In sports related news, Sania crashed out of the Aus-Open. Will she ever enter atleast Quarter Finals in a Grand Slam ? Final showdown in NFL, I am guessing Pats Vs. Bears Super Bowl?? (of course will be knowing it by Sunday). David Beckham will be bending it in LA for $250M . Thats news to me. Soccer in US and that too in LA. Finally Cricket, India got another chance to get back to some kinda form before they go for world cup. Playing in India,Ganguly and Sachin may come as openers, changes in the team from last year..can these bring good things for India??

After lot of rumors, Apple iPhone will be arriving pretty soon and it’s already controversial as Cisco filed a lawsuit against Apple on using its trademark. It seems LG is also planning to come up with something similar to iPhone. MS Vista will be available worldwide by Jan30th. Thats good news for Zune and MS. The technologies and features in Vista appear to be solid especially Windows DVD Maker, ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive. Will wait to see them in application very soon.

Music, Yahoo, Microsoft, and more December 19, 2006

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We’re back. After a brief hiatus, here’s another random post. I’m going to start off with the current playlist on WMP 11 on my comp:

  1. All songs of Guru (except Baazi Laga)
  2. Kabul Fiza (from the movie Kabul Express)
  3. Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas*
  4. Dust in the Wind by Kansas
  5. Point of Know Return by Kansas
  6. My December by Linkin Park
  7. Feel Like Making Love by Bad Company
  8. Songs from Sillunu Oru Kadhal (Tamil movie) – if anyone says New York Nagaram was copied, I’m going to break their bones.
  9. Songs from Tehzeeb (A. R. Rahman)
  10. Saathi Na Koi from Bambai Ka Babu (An old Rafi song)
  11. A couple of songs from Zeher
  12. White Album by the Beatles.

Does anyone care what I’m listening to? I don’t know. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂 Anyway, thanks to Guru, I’ve started listening to a few Bollywood tracks again. What are you listening to, dear readers (if there are any left)?

*I actually heard this song on the radio while driving to Tucson and tried to remember a few words so that I could search for it on the net. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. Thankfully, the song played again a week later and I remembered three words, “Don’t you cry.” I searched for the phrase, “Don’t you cry rock lyrics” on the net and couldn’t find the song. Later I remember two more words, “Carry on”. This time, I searched for “Carry on don’t you cry lyrics” and found the name of the group on Google. I love Google search. I really do.

On the topic of Google, do you think Microsoft will acquire Yahoo next year? I really hope they don’t. But the way Yahoo! has been doing lately, it does seem possible. And Microsoft has already tried once this year. What do you think?

ish, I’ve taken care of the pr0n links. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

High five!!

Guru – Song details November 18, 2006

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I had promised to update my previous post about Guru’s music with artist names. I found this and more on a Rahman fan site. It would have made my previous post too long so I decided to do a new post on this. Here’s some information about the songs:

  1. “Barso Re” – Shreya Ghoshal & Uday Mazumdar. Picturised on Aishwarya Rai in Athirapally waterfalls, Kerala. 
  2. “Tere Bina” – A.R.Rahman, Chinmayi, Additional Voices – Murtaza,Qadir.  A.R.Rahman termed it as his favorite song in the album, in his MumbaiMirror interview. 
  3. “Ek Lo Ek Muft” – Bappi Lahiri, K.S. Chitra, Additional Voices – Tanvi, Saloni, Boney, Jaidev. Mentioned as “Yammo Yammo and “Bolo Guru” in different sites, this is a Bengali number sung by Bappi Lahiri. This is a seven-minute song, which is reportedly used when the opening credits of the film roll up.
  4. “Baazi Laga” – Udit Narayan, Madhushree, Swetha, Bhargavee. Additional Programming – Pravin Mani.
  5. “Mayya” – Maryem Hassan Toller, Chinmayee, Keerthi. Programming & Additional Arrangements –  Ranjit Barot.  This song has been picturized in Turkey, and features Mallika Sherawat. 
  6. “Ay Hairathe” – Hariharan, Alka Yagnik. Additional Voices – A.R.Rahman, Aslam Mohammed. 
  7. “Jaage Hain” – K.S.Chitra , A.R.Rahman & Madras Choral Group.UPDATE (11/20):Here’s another review of Guru that I found interesting.Here’s a translation of some of the songs.UPDATE (11/21): Soundtrack with some nice comments is available here.

Guru music disappointing? HELL NO November 18, 2006

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I don’t normally blog about Bollywood and I’ve never reviewed any movie or album so far, but Guru is different. This was something I was eagerly awaiting. After all, it’s the Rahman-Mani Ratnam combination once again, the same combination that delivered great albums like Roja, Bombay, Dil Se, Alaypayuthey (Sakhi in Telugu, Saathiya in Hindi), and to some extent, Yuva. After Rang De Basanti (RDB), I had great expectations from this album, but, to say the very least, I’m disappointed (it’s actually a very high quality album if you discount Baazi Laga). And it has been a pretty long wait too, after RDB. That album was released in late 2005. Wow!! Feels like eternity. Since then, I’ve shifted apartments 5 times in three different cities. On a personal front too a lot has changed since then. This blog didn’t exist then. I hadn’t even started reading about Microsoft then. So, has it been worth the wait? Sadly, the answer to that question is an unequivocal “no”. The songs aren’t great. (While this is not his best album, I think some of the songs a really good) There’s no other way to put it. Here’s the list of songs and my comments about each one (note: I don’t know who the singers are… I’ll update that later):

  1. Barso Re – A decent song with a nice Rajasthani tune, probably one of the better ones in the album. I liked the background beats a lot. Also, I love the way the tune changes. It sounds a little bit like Yeh Rishta from Meenaxi, but there’s not much in common between the two songs to say Rahman was inspired by it.
  2. Tere Bina – As of now, I think this is by far the best song in the album. It’s Rahman’s tribute to Nusrat and the song is stylistically similar to some of Nusrat’s songs. My sister thinks it’s a poor copy of one of Nusrat’s songs and I tried to argue with her saying it’s only the style that has been copied and not any song in particular. She liked the song too. I know of many others who did too. By the way, Rahman seems to be singing better and better with age. Has anyone else noticed that?
  3. Ek lo ek muft – I think this song plays during the intro titles. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. It’s been sung by none other than Bappi Lahari and I think he’s done a pretty good job. Not bad for a tapori type song. I don’t like the way it begins though.
  4. Mayya – Now this is simply a product of Rahman’s Khalbali (from RDB) hangover (well, the song is shot in Turkey so he obviously wouldn’t use a Carnatic tune for it… d’ohh!). I don’t know what to say about the song. I hated it when I first listened to it. It’s slowly growing on me, but I still don’t think I’m going to like it much. I like only parts of the song. (It’s one of my favorites now. I love the way Rahman handles the tune-changes… in a way that only he can. I also like Maryem Hassan Toller’s voice. Who cares about the accent!!)
  5. Ay Hairathe – A good song, I guess… it’s actually not all that bad, but not all that great either. (This is one song that really grows on you. Beautiful ballad by Rahman.)
  6. Baazi Laga – Sounds similar to Yunhi chala chal from Swades and Humraahi jab ho mastaana from Pukaar. It’s a pretty bad song compared to those two. I actually liked those two songs. I don’t really like this one. It’s actually a pretty bad song by Rahman’s standards. On second, it’s a pretty bad song by any standards.
  7. Jaage Hain: Hmmm. I don’t know. Rahman hasn’t been able to get rid of his obsession with Western classical after Bombay Dreams. We saw that in Lagaan (O Rey chori), Kisna (Hum hain iss pal) and some other movies. The tune is actually pretty haunting, but.. A great song that caps a great effort by Rahman. But we all knew that Rahman wouldn’t disappoint us, right? Right?? :-))

Overall, I don’t think this is a great album. It’s not bad, but not great either. I had expected a lot more from Rahman. Come to think of it, when Rahman starts giving bad music for a Mani Ratnam movie, I don’t think it’s good news, right? Does this mean he’s on a decline?

P.S. I’m a huge fan of Rahman’s music. I have probably listened to all his songs in Tamil and Hindi by now, even those from movies that no one has heard of. Also, considering that this is a Rahman album, I may change my opinion about it later, but for some reason I don’t think it’s going to happen this time. The songs seem like rehashed versions of some of his old tunes.

UPDATE: You can watch a clip of Tere Bina here and a trailer of the movie here.

UPDATE 2: I’m beginning to like some of the songs!!! 🙂 The song Jaage hain reminds me of a Rafi song from a Guru Dutt movie, “Dekhi zamaane ki yaari”.

UPDATE 3 (Nov 21): Lesson learnt: Never review a Rahman album unless you’ve listened to the songs at least 10-15 times. Except for Baazi laga, which I think is a very pedestrian effort, the other songs are very good. I can’t stop listening to Tere Bina and Mayya Mayya. While the songs do remind me of some of his old tunes, it’s indeed surprising that even after 15 years in the industry, Rahman is able to come up with some mind-blowing numbers. I’ve updated this review a little bit. The updates are in brackets.

UPDATE 4 (Nov 23): I am addicted to Mayya Mayya and can’t stop listening to it. Today I played Hamma Hamma from Bombay after listening to Mayya Mayya and I was surprised at how much Rahman’s music has matured during the last 10 years. While Humma Humma itsself was considered pretty complicated in those days, it’s nothing compared to the kind of music he composes these days. The tunes may not have changed much but there’s a huge difference in the kind of instruments he uses and the number of layers he uses these days. Fascinating.

Abhishek on Karan Johar and KANK September 29, 2006

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Abhishek had some nice words to say about KANK:

“In a film industry where we are accused of not making responsible films, Karan is blamed for making a good film like KANK.”

“Karan in his previous films was known as a candy floss director. I think he has shown amazing maturity by making a film like KANK, which is thought-provoking and makes you question some very basic things.”

“Karan has brought up a very pertinent question in his film ‘KANK’ – ‘What if you find your soul mate after marriage?”‘

Maybe we should have listened to Abhishek and sent this to the Oscars instead of RDB? By the way, this is what happens when you let idiots decide on which movie is sent. Why don’t they listen to Abhishek? He’s a Bachchan for heaven’s sake!! I just don’t get it. You know what? He may or may not be the sexiest man in India but he definitely is the smartest! And shut your mouth, anyone who’s snickering (sniggering for our friends back home in India).

He-ee-eey main hoon d-d-d-don September 17, 2006

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*Bollywood fest continues on Sparksengr*

Looks like our guys are tired of copying Hollywood movies, so now they’ve started remaking old movies. What would be interesting is to see if someone remakes a movie that was originally inspired by a Hollywood flick.

Bollywood this week has this to say about the music:

Most awaiting [sic] film is SRK’s Don. Music is spectacular and rocking. Shankar-Ehasan-Loy has given their best music in this film. All songs are fantastic and you definately thrilled after listening to them. Listen to all the songs of Don (short clips) and enjoy this musical bonanza..

WHA?? Say it again? Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have done what? I’m sorry, but I still feel Kalyanji-Anandji’s versions of the songs sound better. Why would you remix Asha’s immortal “Yeh Mera Dil” and make Sunidhi sing it? It sucks, SEL, sucks!!! You filthy murderers, you’ve murdered one of my favorite songs. Ahem!

As far as the movie is concerned, I have one word, “Why?”

By the way, don’t you think justice will be served if DDLJ is remade with Amitabh in the lead? Just a thought!

Shah Rukh Khan:Rank 2 among heros who can dance?? September 16, 2006

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Shah Rukh Khan: Rank 2 among heros who can dance well..why?? why this topic..of course not to race with our MVP..but just a topic of entertainment..

I was watching AR.Rahman’s hits this afternoon and happened to watch songs of Dil Se..(esp.Chaiyya..Chaiyya) and Swades..hmm.. I never noticed it before but SRK dances pretty well (in my opinion).. not just these two movies..but other movies too..better than other Khans..he may not be Hrithik but he got natural grace when he dances..FYI, im not a die hard fan of SRK..just thought he got a good dancer in him..what u guys think??

His dances fit well with our mainstream hindi movies….where as i dont consider Salman a dancer at all..I never saw Aamir doing great with dances..Akshay Kumar does a pretty good job..Prabhu Deva is not a hero..he’s a choreographer first then a hero..hmm..Javed Jaffrey is great..but he’s not a big movie star..finally, Hrithik is the best among all the heros..so, SRK can be No.2..am i missing any great hero-dancers?? Oh yeah, our GOVINDA..hmm..where will he be?? A tie with SRK?? But he is no longer in movies..so, he’ll be out of contest..or is he still acting??

PS: This blog has nothing to do with the acting talents of any of the above mentioned stars.

Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel MMS clip September 14, 2006

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Sometimes I feel religion is the most ungodly thing created by human. Yes, it does give a purpose of  life to many and code of conduct to live with and a fear of ‘HELL’ and greed of ‘HEAVEN’ brings lot of good things to life. But look at the flip side: While God is here to protect human, religion made human protect God. And when it comes to protecting God, its never a pretty scene to watch.

oh regarding the clip… I have no idea who these people are and I surely do not have any such clip. I just heard something like that was bouncing around the web and I used that to trap you

Anyway, talking about religion, my last post ended with last few comments on how some Islamic extremist use the 72-virgin-after-death trap to incite people on spreading ‘Jihad’ on Earth. (Look who is talking on trapping!)  While Islam enjoys the reputation of non-peaceful religion due to recent events, if you turn the pages of history, the way I understand it, its hardly the only religion which saw the bloodshed under its shadow. Hindus, Christian, Jews all have blood on them.

Fine, I lied again. I know who Ashmit and Riya are but I swear forget the MMS, I have never even seen them in a normal bollywood movie.

And then talking about poor Jews,  until recently they were more of a victim than perpetuators. Passion of the Christ was certainly not the only anti-Jew act.  I could never figure out what did Jews do so bad to annoy Egyptians, Romans, German, Middle Eastern and Mel Gibson. In any case, times have changed now. They do not need any more sympathy. They are strong enough to kill Jew-haters now which they proved quite recently. (Although, they failed to prove lot of other things there but I will not get into all that now)

Common, get over it.  There is no clip. And why the hell do you want to see any such clip anyways?  Make one for yourself.

Ok, back to the topic.  As some one said, (cannot recall who, may be George Bernard Shaw) but not sure. If dogs would have God, God would look like Dog. Or better yet, if triangles have God, God would have three sides. Wonder why it is so difficult for anyone to accept a simple fact that everyone portray religion as per his own image.

You wont give up. would you? Fine. You will get to see some clip. Keep reading if you have reached so far.

As for me, I believe in God but I will not even attempt to portray how It would look like. Wait.. Islam also says something like that. Never portray God. ‘Tismar Khan’ sounds Islam enough. So if I kill some unholy people, for instance Himesh reshammiyya and Mandira Bedi, I might get that deal on 72 virgins after death…!

That’s only if wishes were horses but everything what you are told is not what you get. (A feeling you just experienced).



Indian Idol September 13, 2006

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Posting blogs on this site has been a very humbling experience for me during the last few days. I blogged about computers and software and no one cared a bit (pun intended). I tried my hand at humor and no one laughed. I tried to write a post about tennis and it turned out to be a double bagel (“Aargh!!! stop it already, it’s not even funny! Idiot!”). I even threatened to stop blogging but no one took note. So, I’ve decided to change tactics. Today’s blog is a my first attempt at a serious post (inspired by my cousin, Sriram :-)). It’s a pretty short post, because I have no idea what to write, but this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long long time now. If this doesn’t work, I may have to take some tips from our MVP, Mr. Tismarkhan. So here goes:

This post is about two musical geniuses, Anu Malik and Himesh Reshammiya. Both of them are undoubtedly world class music composers, but I’m not going to get into that. In fact, this post is about their singing talents.

Anu Malik has been singing in Bollywood movies for over a decade now. Very few singers have the range that Anu Malik has in his voice. He has a brilliant command over the seven notes. When he sings “Dekho baarish ho rahi hai… it’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining” or “tan tana tan tan tan tara. chalti hai kya nau se baara”, it’s very hard (in fact, impossible) not to stop everything that you’re doing and take notice. As lyricist Javed Akhtar once righly said, “There’s one earth, one sun, and one Anu.” His voice makes you feel alive.

Himesh Reshammiya has just started to establish himself in Bollywood. This multi-faceted personality not only sings and composes music, he also does perhaps the best Tarzan impersonation. His “Oh-ooooh-oh-oh” puts even Tarzan to shame. Emraan Hashmi should consider himself honored that such a great personality has done playback for him. Jagjit Singh once commented, “There are only three things in the 20th Century that would be remembered: Himesh’s birth,man’s conquest of the moon, and the breaking of the Berlin Wall.” He is unparalleled in the film industry.

In my opinion, Anu Malik is the greatest singer in the world (which explains why I have a bigger image of his). What do you think? Which one of these two deserves to be called the best singer in India (the world?). Or is it Bappi Lahari? Incidentally, he’s going to sing for A.R.Rahman in Guru. I wonder how Rahman manages to spot all this talent.

By the way, if you’re wondering, the mantle view of the images was done in Microsoft Max. Of course, why would you care?

Disclaimer: Most quotes etc. were about Lata and I borrowed them from here.