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Obituary of SPARKS Blogs February 17, 2008

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Long time back, when I attempted to revive sparks with my comeback post, SK had famously noted “We killed it but forgot to bury it”. The blog revived and died again with SK’s Last Post and once again we forgot to bury it. Now I come back here to complete what we always forget.

Today with tears flooding out of my eyes and pain oozing out of my heart, I lay the blog in rest for ever.

SPARKS was a revolutionary blog in the world of blogging with about 10000 regular readers and more than 200000000000 visits (only a fraction of which are recorded and displayed due to modesty of  its members).

This blog was a result of five extremely dedicated and talented writers. It had covered every topic from creation of universe to growth of riya sen’s  career graph.

Today let us all pray that this blog rest in peace and continue to inspire us from within the grave.

P.S: I will start blogging on my other blog after sometime and let it have a shot at life before burying even that.

Novak Djokovic- A good match for Roger Federer September 9, 2007

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It is too early to say that Djokovic is next Federer. But, he’s someone to watch for. He matched Federer to some extent in today’s final though he lost in straight sets. I am quite happy that Federer created history by winning his 4th consecutive US open title. But it’s Djokovic who impressed more than Roger did. IMO, Roger was not at his best this year (except against Roddick in Aus open) though he won 3 out of 4 grandslams. On the other hand, Djokovic, a 20 year-old Serbian, is all set to become a great player. He ‘s good on all the three surfaces and this year he reached French and Wimbledon semis and US open final. Like Roger, he got a perfect blend of forehand, backhand and serve. Recently, he defeated Roger in US open series. He is fun to watch. 


Now, Roger got a couple of genuine competitors, Nadal and Djokovic. Being a huge fan of Roger, I want him to win more and more grandslams but it won’t be that easy with Nadal and Novak around. Djokovic, with 6 years of age difference between him and Roger, if continues to play this way, can replace Roger in future. I think we will be treated with the best of tennis in coming years.

Three more titles for Federer to pass Sampras and become the best player ever. To me, he’s already an all-time great. I wish him good luck to win Golden Grand Slam in 2008.

The N-Word August 18, 2007

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The word being NUCLEAR. The outrage, the accusations, the anger, all following the 123 agreement of India-US nuclear deal, has put the entire political stability of the nation (India) in question.

The complexities involved in this deal and the convenient interpretation by each political party to make their point in either supporting or opposing it, has made the specifics of this agreement more obscure to common people than Aishwarya Rai is to acting.

This article summarizes the situation quite well and he rightly ends the article with this note

“Both the left and the right are being utterly dishonest in their refusal to see the answers to the questions they raise are written in stone in the 123 agreement.”

Well politics and dishonesty do not live that far and India is no exception. When we borrowed Heavy Water from US for CIRUS (Canada India Reactor US) reactor, the terms of the agreement both with Canada and with US were explicit that India will use that reactor only for civilian and peaceful purposes. Yet a official government document on ‘Evolution of India’s Nuclear Policy’ claims that

“It (India) has not violated any international agreements either in 1974 or now, in 1998.”

Yes the Pokhran test in 1974 which used the plutonium produces by CIRUS was quite ‘peaceful’.

So my point for both left and right of Indian parliament is WHY BOTHER?  Never mind reading the agreement, lets just get the nuclear technology from US while we have a chance. Once we have it, our neighbors would give us lot of ‘peaceful’ reasons for its use. Let the US worry about its interpretation and consequences, as this guy from Nuclear Control Institute, seems worried. Just an excerpt from his article:

” Today, the U.S. government appears to be preparing for a repeat performance on CIRUS, only this time the end result may be an agreement that allows India to turn an Atoms for Peace reactor into a declared military production plant.  “

We can always make additions to ‘Evolution of India’s Nuclear Policy’  and maintain the sanctity of 123 agreement, whatever that is. 

Happy Birth Day Sparks Team Blog August 14, 2007

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As we celebrate the 60th Independence day of India, there is another reason to celebrate; 1st anniversary of Sparks Team Blog. 

 Most of the year has been a wonderful blogging experience until we all went into hibernation few months back. 

While I cannot sideline the importance of all the bloggers and contributors to this blog, I cannot thank enough to Moonmoon Sen, for giving birth to a wonderful daughter who grew up to give us our blog post of the year. (I do not even want to link it anymore, it has got its fair share of track backs and comments).

And thus, MMS (well I mean MoonMoon Sen in this case, but you thought right too) has helped us sail past 100,000 hits.

Some of the other highlights of the past year were planetsk’s take on laloo prasad’s Harvard lecture, sk’s  wide and versatile thoughts on every topic from coverage on abhi-ash wedding to intellectual reviews on some of the coolest gadgets out in the market to Sania Mirza’s sporting career.

And of course comments from our hip and happening cyber neighbor attracted lot of attention too…!!!

I hope to bring back some activity with this little refreshing post.


Stars who won’t celebrate Ash-Abhishek’s wedding April 19, 2007

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This list of famous people who won’t be at the wedding is compiled from several sources, including this.

1. Salman Khan – ex-flame, so, no.

2. Vivek Oberoi – same reason

3. Karishma Kapoor – ditto

4. Kareena Kapoor – sister of ex-flame?

5. Mukesh Ambani

6. SPARKS members – unbelievable! None of us was invited. Jackasses.
and last, but not the least,

7. Robert Scoble – any event of this scale to which Scoble is not invited is not worth it, right?

A thorough analysis of the guest list provides the following statistics:

49% of the invitees are family members of Abhishek or Aishwarya

24% are friends within the film industry

24% are friends outside the film industry

and 3% are no longer alive


3% of the invitees have heard of the Sparks blog and 25% of them use the Sparks blog as a source of information about hardware and software products.

49% of the invitees have read the “Riya Sen” post on this blog and among them, 23% have asked for the clip.

9% of the invitees have viewed tismar’s profile on shaadi.com and this includes the bride.


If you have any more details, please let me know and I’ll update this list. I am to make this post a comprehensive source of information about the wedding that the whole world is talking about. Thank you!

Commenting April 10, 2007

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This blog, while not the most popular of blogs, receives a fair share of comments. Since this hasn’t been done yet, I thought I’d make this clear. Please refrain from making the following types of comments:

* Serious allegations: E.g., To infer that a company has fudged sales records is a serious allegation in my opinion and has legal implications. Such comments will be deleted. In case you’re wondering why your comment was deleted, you have the answer now.

*Ad hominem: You may not agree with the author. Please refrain from calling him names. This is not encouraged.

*Cheap sarcasm: This has been made clear by tismarkhan in the past. 


Story of 2006 – updated December 22, 2006

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So, 2007 is a few days away. First of all, anybody have any resolution for 2007? Getting together with an old flame? Eating fire? Finally deciding to pay for mp3 songs? Starring in a porn movie? Becoming the next Baba Sehgal? Losing your virginity? Going on a blind date? This is not a list of my resolutions, by the way, it’s just something to help you come up with yours.

Now, coming to the topic of this post, what, in your opinion, was the most defining moment of 2006 or was there none? Here’s my list:

1. Italy wins the WC

2. Federer has an amazing year.

3. Indian hockey plunges to new depths.

4. Warne retires.

5. Google and Apple continue to grow.

6. More and more people join social networking sites and/or start blogs.

7. Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel make waves.

I can’t remember anything else so I’ll update this list when I can. I also call upon the other Sparks! members to add stories to this list (with your display name in brackets) or in the comments section.

Update by Parmanu

I wanted to do a very similar post, but looks like somehow the idea was leaked. Anyway, I will briefly go over my resolution and my top favorite stories.


1. Tell Himesh Reshamiyya on his face to stop singing not to mention stop acting

2. Be as fluent in German as Adolf Hitler (Right now I am at par with his dog)

3. Be on one of the 10 planned NASA space-shuttle mission for next

4. Have two girls kiss me on either of my cheeks at the same time

5. Come up with equally good 2008 resolutions

So as you can see I have very reasonable and near-in-sight goals. Thats how I am. Never a big dreamer.

Now my favorite stories

1. Pramod Mahajan shot dead

2. I turned 27. (This was the age when Yuri Gagrain rose to fame by being first man in space. Newton was 4 years younger when he formulated his graviation laws. So was Bhagat singh when he was hanged. Pascal would retire from his all scientific contrubutions in 2 years and Ramanujam would die in 5). Just a list of few people on the top of my head who makes me feel I have achieved SO MUCH.

3. India declares manned mission to space

4. Sanjay Dutt, who enlightened us to Gandhism, (I refuse to use ‘Gandhigiri’) convicted for possesion of arms.

5. Iran hosts a Holocaust Conference (Primarily to promote holocaust denial theory)

Updated by planetsk

Before this year ends, I want India to win their first ever Test series in SA. Hopefully, Indians don’t disappoint me as they did through out the year.

Here are a few things that I think I spent sometime watching, reading, following and thinking about them this year.

Sports come first:

– Italy winning FIFA-WC..I was supporting Germany..disappointed a bit.

– Agassi’s farewell, Federer redefining tennis, Sania becoming more of a celebrity than a player.

– Ganguly dada’s return to Indian team, Warne’s retirement (one of my fav.bowlers of all-time), SA’s record run chasing win over Aus and 20-20 version of cricket.

– Followed baseball for the very first time.

Science andTechnology:

– ISRO’s space mission, successful Discovery’s landing and Pluto’s lost status ( how does this affect astrology?)

– Global warming and Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth ( I see this effect in MN…..just kidding..but there is no snow yet in MN which is weird)

-Thanks to MS for finally getting something to think about other than iPod

-IBM et al creating “phase change” material for memory chips

-Google aiming high in the market.

-Infosys getting added to NASDAQ-100

-Intel losing market share to AMD


SPARKS ENGR’S Blog – A great platform to express one’s opinions.

– Laloo getting attention all over the world.

– BORAT and new Bond

– No big hits for SRK

-Ash and Abhishek, Riya and Ashmit

– Indian economy rising purely due to IT and cheap labor.

– Hezabollah’s rocket launches and Israel’s fightback

If I think of any more, I’ll update.

No resolutions at all for 2007….thats a resolution by itself.

The Curse of Sourav Ganguly November 29, 2006

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Curse?? I did not know what title should I put for blogging about the recent performances of Indian Cricket Team. There are too many holes to be filled in the team before Indians gear up for the world cup. In the first place, batting order is screwed up, except Dravid and Dhoni no one can bat, why the heck do we have Agarkar in the team, bowling was never good. If I go back 3 years when Sourav’s team drew the test series against Aus in Australia and won (tests and ODI’s) against Pak in Pakistan, team then was much better. I haven’t seen good wins since then. Yeah, with Dravid-Chappell combo, there are a few good victories but most of them were in India and against weaker teams. Indians did have a great chance playing in West Indies in conditions similar to the upcoming world cup but it was a nightmare series.

Before WI, there was Pak’s series. I remember in that series Ganguly was made a fool by selectors. The way Ganguly was treated by the board was senseless. He was in and out for no reason. India kept on losing starting from Pak’s series. I agree that he wasnt a good test player. IMO, he’s  a better one-dayer than Dinesh Mongia ( for some reason I hate this guy). There weren’t great wins since Ganguly was ousted from the team both as a captain and player. I am not here to support Ganguly, damage was already made to his career both by himself and selectors.

If one looks at the recent games India played, it’s hard to believe that is this the same team that had a winning streak last year. Hmm…after losing One-Day series in SA..now Ganguly is in contention for the test matches in South Africa. I don’t know on what basis he will be selected. And with a few months to go for world cup and Australia and SA going stronger, chances for India to make it to playoffs ( or Super Six or Eight) are very bleak. I guess things went from bad to worse since 2003 world cup (except Aus and Pak series in 2003-04). If I compare the teams now and then we got a good captain and a keeper and lost Ganguly. So, is this really a curse of Ganguly?? I don’t know..again..I want our team to win matches with our without Ganguly but I dont see it happening..

1st gen. Zune didn’t impress me a lot.. November 20, 2006

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Brown Microsoft Zune


Went to an electronic store in the weekend to kill some time and found this..Zune wasn’t the buzz..Zune is no eye-catcher..may have good features..but cosmetically ( I usually dont go just by looks for electronic gadgets but..), iPod is much better..by looking at Zune physically..I forced myself to compare it with iPod..iPod’s wheel is way better than the click thing (whatever MS calls it). Except larger display( it may matter to some) and wireless connectivity..Zune could boast of a very few things to draw attention of the consumers..Did MS make a mistake by spending time and money on this?? I don’t know and it’s too early to say..Brown color and plastic (didn’t reduce its mass a lot) looked sloppy…though Zune seems promising it looked more conservative..Does Zune work with Windows Vista?? If not, there’s a problem..Also heard Zune Marketplace wasn’t that great.. Another problem to Zune’s future is the mixed reviews..but these were expected..My so-called expectations about Zune( its sales, looks, features etc., ) weren’t met in full..Hopefully, marketing helps MS during Christmas holidays..but Zune is competing against the titanic of MP3 players..I also hope that this product gets better with time and consumer will get the best..however, Zune 2.0 might compete against iPod 6.0 PS: I have no plans to buy a MP3 player for now..pretty happy listening to songs on web..just blogged about what i felt..


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Late to the party November 2, 2006

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I know I’m late to the party – we reached this “milestone” a few days ago. We finally got our 10,000th hit. While other blogs have raced past us during the last few days, thanks to Riya Sen, we finally got to the 10,000 hit milestone it a couple of days back. So, after 50+ posts and 10,000+ hits, do we finally have a consensus on what we want to blog about? No. We’ve all decided instead to blog about our individual interests. Most of parmanu’s (formerly tismar khan) posts have been about India or space, with one interesting post about a superhero known as… parmanu. I blog mainly about Microsoft (and other companies’) technologies, with a few random posts that have no reason to be on this site. Planetsk has been the most random blogger on this site with four posts on four different topics. Dilletante had a single post about the Vande Mataram controversy.

Menu d'accueil de l'installation


I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that I will no longer be blogging about Microsoft or its products. Windows has been crashing on my laptop more often than not, so, with the help of my office mate who is a huge Linux fan, I installed Ubuntu Linux successfully on it and will be using it henceforth as my primary Operating System. So, i can finally say, “Goodbye spyware. Goodbye malware. Goodbye viruses!!!!” For the rest of you, have fun with your anti-virus and anti-spyware subscriptions, registry cleaners, and your $299 OS. Ubuntu is FREE!


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