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  Update: 09/23/06] 

 Members (by alphabetical order of display names:)

  1. Dilletante
  2. Planetsk      
  3. Ramare
  4. Shravan
  5. Parmanu (Formerly Tismarkhan)
  6.   ??????? [Not joined yet]

If you have not accidentally visited this page, then you have visited it with curiosity to know who the hell are these SPARKS!  I have attempted my best to portray all of us as whole with lot of confusing terms, poor grammar and unimpressive humor with a genuine attempt that you leave this page with exactly the same question in your mind …who the hell are these SPARKS.!

I initially started off profiling everyone individually from my perspective and the  output was collection of gross truth about each of us. Truth which would have hurt so bad that it would have resulted in my expulsion from the team, and eventually from this world by my own peers and to prevent this catastrophe, I would leave the personal description of each member up to the member himself.

To speak of us as a whole and understand us better, you have to travel through the time, so let us go in the past where our story starts:

On one bright day of winter of 304 BC, Ashoka was born in Mauryan Empire..oops sorry, I went back too much. Let me fast forward a bit.

On one bright day of winter of 1997 AD, six teenagers entered an engineering college called CBIT located in Hyderabad, India. ..(ok this sounds right time frame). Not because it was dubbed as the ‘best’ college in the state, but because they could not make it to any place better.   Almost 10 years since that day, they are all in USA pretty much for the same reason.

It will not take too long to figure out that S.P.A.R.K.S is formed using our first initials (of real names. Do not try to match up the display names!).  This acronym was not created to form a gang of punks or nerds during engineering  but just to name a yahoo group to keep in touch after we left college.

Presently, all of us have earned a masters degree in this land of liberty,  and while, S.P. are trying to pull off a PhD from fairly well known universities, A.R.K.S are working for fairly well known corporations. We are spread all over the USA in 5 different states and after leaving India in 2001-02 have never all been together at one place.

This blog was launched about 2 months back [need to fill in the exact date later] following lot of email discussions over cricket, google, football, middle east and orange sunglasses. The intensity of our thoughts and necessity to assign them a permanent URL was realized during those discussions and this realization resulted in this ‘SPARKS TEAM BLOG’.

I hope to have more entries on this page with individual introductions but do not forget that optimism has its limits.

In the mean time, we are still accepting donations in cash or kind for maintainence of this blog with same guidelines as earlier

If you are guy, leave your credit card number

If you are a girl, leave your phone number ..(with picture ID for security reasons).

(Vowel amongst us is already taken so the ‘kind’ part of donations would be used only by the consonants!)

Note: Though I am the ‘author’ of this entry, it is only a general introduction and free to be edited, tampered, deleted by any member of the team.


Individual bios:

S is (as mentioned above) a doctoral student in a decent University in the Southwest. He is an avid fan of technology, especially Microsoft’s products. He loves to listen to music and his favorite artists are The Beatles and A.R.Rahman. He recently discovered rock music and has since fallen in love with it, so much so that the happiest moment in his life was when he headbanged to “Whole lotta love” on Microsoft’s Windows Media Player (chill out, that’s a joke!). He is currently working on a book, “The headbanger’s guide to WMP11” (yes, he is a geek). He considers himself to be a tech evangelist (read Microsoft fanboy) and will tout Microsoft’s products to anyone who is foolish enough to lend him an ear. He is also a German car-enthusiast and loves to drive his beat up VW around town. He can talk about any topic under the sun, as long as it’s about cars and software and is known to beat up people who disagree with him. The worst such case was when he threw a coconut at a friend who was visiting him, who had the cheeks to say, “Microsoft sucks!” He loves to go to the gym and would be fit if he stayed there for more than 10 minutes.  He also claims to love the outdoors.

P: I decide to write my bio in first person. I am defined by the “seven deadly sins”: Anger, Envy, Gluttony, Greed,  Lust, Pride,  and  Sloth. I am working on adding eight one to the list. Other than that, I am currently pursuing a PhD. However, I would be more of a “Dr.” P rather than Dr. P if I ever complete it. My interest varies from space science to history to international politics and even I can talk on any topic under the sun but I prefer talking under the moon.  My goal in life is to learn to tie my shoe lace properly and to travel to Mars. Latter one being relatively more probable. I enjoy bungee jumping, para gliding, and skydiving because I have never done any of those. Most I have done is swim across the swimming pool and pant for next 10 minutes. 
I started blogging on yahoo 360 here but later moved to wordpress as a team blogger. I am writing on this blog under the name of Paramnu (f.k.a. Tismarkhan). If you hate any of my post or my writing style in general to the extent that you want to punch hard on my nose, then you please feel free to send me an email and explain your frustration.




S: Me, Myself and Planetsk

Hmm..after writing the so-called Statement of Purpose five years ago, here’s another situation where I got write something about me…I with id as planetsk (my yahoo id) lives in the
Midwest working for a hi-tech industry (hi-tech?? )…I being a lazy, TV maniacal person, enjoys playing tennis and cricket.  A huge fan of Tennis (whenever I win a point on my forehand…for a nanosecond…I think I can be Federer..just kidding..) Wanted to work for Discovery or NGC…someone find me a job…Coming to my technological interests, I being an engineer, (btw, my 4th grade teacher, 18 years ago, looked at my palm and predicted that I would become a lawyer) try to understand as much as I can about electronics (the work I do is making me to think this way).. I mean the stuff that makes devices work, such as the materials and physics.. and always day-dream about inventing something….sounds like a nerdish talk…I like to spend long weekends traveling, visited most of the desi-destinations in US and planning to get out of US.….have a great passion for cars..esp. BMW…try to be in touch with the advanced technology in cars…I always fear about my laziness..it dominates most of the time I try to do something great…(hahahhaha….something great..)…things I hate the most are: cutting onions, waiting in the public restrooms , people who pretend to be very busy and people who make baseless comments about India (such as yeh desh ka kuch hone vala nahin…)…things that make me laugh the most: Bart and Homer Simpson, all the four South Park dudes.. and comments in sparks blog……Finally, after surviving as low as -30F in winter..I feel that I can make trips to
Antarctica  and North Pole some time and return safe.


1. shravan - September 20, 2006

And how do you decide who gets what? I don’t want the credit card info…

2. planetsk - September 20, 2006

“If you are a girl, leave your phone number.”

-Also a picture id for security reasons.

3. tismarkhan - September 20, 2006

“…And how do you decide who gets what? ..”
I believe in communism . but the ‘kind’ part of donation might be difficult to handle the communist wa. Okay. Area code!! who ever is closest gets that.

“..-Also a picture id for security reasons. ”
I really laughed loudly on that. Thats a wonderful idea. After all we really need security.

4. shravan - September 20, 2006

“-Also a picture id for security reasons. ”


“Okay. Area code!! who ever is closest gets that.”
So, I get everyone west of Texas? Wow! Thanks guys. 🙂

5. ruhi - September 20, 2006

“..-Also a picture id for security reasons. ”

You guys are assuming too much here 😛 Firstly, the girl should be interested enough to leave one 😉

Dont you even want the SSN to see if she has a criminal record of stealing hearts or something?? hehehe

6. shravan - September 21, 2006

“Firstly, the girl should be interested enough to leave one”
Why do you think we’ve put up the photo of the guy in orange sunglasses??

I want only a photo and the number – not asking for too much. The other guys can take the credit card number and ssn, considering that I get everyone west of Texas.

7. Phoenix - September 21, 2006

I can provide my phone number only to the guy in orange sunglasses. Others ‘Shoo!’ :p

Did I mention the “about” page is extremely inadequate!!!??

8. tismarkhan - September 21, 2006

“..I can provide my phone number only to the guy in orange sunglasses…”

I hereby declare Mr. Orange sunglasses as MVP of this blog….
sharvan, planetsk and tismarkhan: Next time u run for a title like this, make sure u at least have the right shades on.

“..Did I mention the “about” page is extremely inadequate!!!?? …”

Did I mention that page is under construction. I generally spend friday night writing a detailed post. So may be sometime this weekend u would see something more adequate..!

9. tismarkhan - September 21, 2006

“..So, I get everyone west of Texas? Wow! Thanks guys… ”

but again..who lives west of texas.??? a married woman whose husband is working in san xyz for some xyzsoft company ??? look at east..u r going to be sorry u ever lived in west.

10. planetsk - September 21, 2006

“but again..who lives west of texas.??? a married woman whose husband is working in san xyz for some xyzsoft company ??? look at east..u r going to be sorry u ever lived in west.”

So,I should get the most under “MVP living area terms and conditions”.. as our newly formed MVP,the one with orange glasses..lives in Midwest unless he’s acting in some telugu movies.


11. shravan - September 21, 2006

Everyone seems to be interested only in Brahmanandam (with orange glasses) so lets fill this page with information about him. Where he lives, what he eats, what he drinks, etc. What say?

P.S. The poor guy will be so embarrassed when he sees what we’ve been saying about him behind his back!!! :p

Sorry, brahma, it was these guys. I had nothing to do with it. I swear!

12. shravan - September 23, 2006

Until now I had no idea where you got the word Sparks from.
BTW, what is that crap you’ve written about me, Mr. tismarkhan? I’m not going to post on this site ever again. I’m going to open a new rival blog on WINDOWS LIVE SPACES and use Microsoft’s superior products to destroy yours.

13. ruhi - September 23, 2006

That is quite an introduction, I must say..hahah. Shravan seems to be the biggest enthusiast around here,.. I wonder how do you manage to squeeze out time to do all this amidst the clutter created by the world of Ph.D..lol.

Hearing what 6. “?????????” has to say will be interesting though!

14. tismarkhan - September 23, 2006

“…Until now I had no idea where you got the word Sparks from..”

really?? funny. btw, I did not create this, brahmanandam did.

“..BTW, what is that crap you’ve written about me, Mr. tismarkhan? ..”

what ‘crap’? I did not write anything specific to anyone and yes..as I said everyone is free to edit it.

“…I’m not going to post on this site ever again. …”

“… I’m going to open a new rival blog on WINDOWS LIVE SPACES and use Microsoft’s superior products to destroy yours. …”
Looking fwd to that.

15. tismarkhan - September 23, 2006

@ ruhi
“..That is quite an introduction, I must say..hahah. ..”

Are you laughing at us or or at my humor?

16. ruhi - September 23, 2006


“I enjoy bungee jumping, para gliding, and skydiving because I have never done any of those. Most I have done is swim across the swimming pool and pant for next 10 minutes.”

Im laughing at your (and shravan’s) humor! Bungee jumping is fun…esp. since you keep screaming and you know that you will make it (but your mind says that you wont- intermixed with all kinds of 4 letter words).

17. shravan - September 23, 2006

My humor?? I just wanted to write my own bio before tismar could. I wanted to portray myself in good light and I think I’ve succeeded in doing that. 🙂
By the way, anybody… how do you like the new custom header? Did that in gimp.

18. tismarkhan - September 23, 2006

shravan, customer header looks good. I was thinking that was part of the theme itself..
pretty good idea.
ruhi, thanks..! looks like you r experienced bungee jumper., oh and did you see you are on our blogroll now.!!

19. ruhi - September 23, 2006

Yes I’m experienced in bungee jumping (only in my sleep and sweet imagination)..the extent of my “bungee jumping” is the Superman ride (The free-fall-tall-tower ride at Six Flags..I think 250 feet or something).

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll 🙂 Thats very sweet of your guys. Btw, FYI if you dont know, I subscribe to your feeds via Bloglines..lol. Thats how I get to know if something new has been posted!


I like the look of your blog..esp. those orange sun glasses in the pic..would look nice if the others wore blue-green-yellow-pink glasses 😉

20. Phoenix - September 23, 2006

Hilarious… guys you’re outdoing yourselves! rofl..hellllppp!! *wipes a tear*

21. tismarkhan - September 24, 2006

I use google homepage for all my feeds…its superior to live.com and shravan cannot throw the cocunut acrosss the country.

“..Hilarious… guys you’re outdoing yourselves! rofl..hellllppp!! *wipes a tear* ..”
Thanks again phoneix. U r in our blogroll too!!

22. Phoenix - September 24, 2006

@ Tismy

Thanks .. 🙂

By the way, this is the second time you are spelling Phoenix wrong!! :p

23. tismarkhan - September 24, 2006

Tismy?? hehe
I apologize… Phony!!

24. ruhi - September 24, 2006


I have never heard of live.com 😛 I use bloglines..let’s see if shravan is getting ready to throw coconuts…lol

25. shravan - September 24, 2006

Mr.Tismy: Yes Google is better than live… so?? Big deal. I’m not much into Web 2.0 anyway. The best feed reader I’ve seen so far is a desktop software (Microsoft Max). It’s based on the new .Net 3.0 Framework and looks beautiful. It’s pretty slow, though – so I’m not recommending it to anyone. They should remove the photo sharing crap and make it an rss reader. (I got to know about this software through an employee of Microsoft.)
Maybe I’ll do a review of it here or on for phoenix’s tech site (arbitweb.wordpress.com) soon.
Ms.Ruhi: Now you have!!! Which was my goal the first place.
Ms. phoenix: Thank you! BTW, that reminds me – Phoenix sucks!!! The city, that is.

26. planetsk - September 24, 2006


I put my bios but forgot to change the font..I apologize for it..please change it for me if you can..as I am off the net for a while..

27. tismarkhan - September 24, 2006

@planetsk..done..thanks for updating!!

“..Yes Google is better than live… so?? Big deal. I’m not much into Web 2.0 anyway..”
as usual we are off topic..but my comment was only to make you throw that cocunut.
now since we r talking abt it, i assume u are implying that u dont like to read feeds through a webpage but through a specialized program like max.
hmm…I like webpage feeds, bcos u open ur browser anyways for lot of reason throughout the day, so its good to have feeds on one of the tabs.
my understanding is web 2.0 means lot of other things as well, i do not know if u meant abt some of those when u said u r not too much into it!.

28. shravan - September 24, 2006

Very nice bio, planetsk!!
Mr.tismy: One advantage of downloading stuff to my computer is that I can work on it even when I’m offline. For example, I can download feeds and read them later – same as with e-mails. I am not a big fan of some Web 2.0 technologies as in, I’d rather create a spreadsheet/ doc on the comp than on the internet. I also love to download and install programs on my comp. It’s weird that Microsoft and Apple keep putting more and more apps into their Operating Systems while Google is trying to make the OS irrelevant. In this sense, I belong to the previous generation. As of now, I prefer MS’s delivery model, but I know that in future everything will be delivered over the internet and the desktop OS won’t be as relevant, probably signalling the end of MS’s dominance on the tech industry.
BTW, if you’re interested in Web 2.0 technologies etc., you should read Phoenix’s other blog, especially this article. The posts are very well written and easy to understand.

Regarding Max, I’ve decided not to do a review, but here’s somthing that you can look at if anyone is interested.

29. tismarkhan - September 25, 2006

what happened to ur leaving san dieogo post? i saw it last nite!! its gone today..

and something with sachin’s comments..
i get an email abt it but when i check here there r gone!!

30. shravan - September 25, 2006

Yikes! Must have deleted the comment accidentally. Regarding the san diego post, it was too sentimental and sentiment has no place on this site! 🙂

31. Phoenix - September 26, 2006

When will Noah’s “ARK” arrive?

Nice to know you Planetsk.. someday I want to visit Pingu, maybe you can join me in the journey to the South Pole!

If you dont know Pingu.. he is here:

32. ruhi - September 26, 2006


Thats a nice intro 🙂


Lil birdy informed me that its your Bday! So Many happy returns of the day! 🙂

33. tismarkhan - September 26, 2006

“..When will Noah’s “ARK” arrive?..”
When there will be another flood drowning the Earth.

“..So Many happy returns of the day!..”
why, thank you Ms. Ruhi…!
Lil birdy has a big mouth…! (I assume you are referring to our Mr. Zune.)

34. ruhi - September 26, 2006

You are most welcome 🙂 I hope you had a nice day!!

35. shravan - September 26, 2006

“I assume you are referring to OUR Mr. Zune.”

You have 2 then? Gross. Yuck!!

36. tismarkhan - September 26, 2006

I do not think I got that one..but considering ur reaction, may be I do not need to.
btw, i changed the theme for time being bcos the previous theme gets screwed real bad up on the wide screen.
i am just trying all the themes, so change it if u find a better one.!

37. shravan - September 26, 2006

Naah, just playing with you. I don’t like the themes on WordPress. You can’t customize anything much. By the way, I have a widescreen laptop too and I didn’t have problems. Are you Linux by any chance??!!! :p

I’ve used both Firefox and IE7 and haven’t had problems.

38. tismarkhan - September 26, 2006

yes I know that sucks abt wordpress. but u can always buy $15 credit and write your own style sheets!! free ones are still better than blogger i think.

no not so fast on linux…I was using flatscreen on my office computer, and the themes blow up. this one is fine. why did u take the picture out!! if not anyone, at least keep orange sunglasses..!

39. shravan - September 26, 2006

I didn’t take the pic out. I don’t know what has happened. I’ll try to put it back up.

40. shravan - September 26, 2006

Done!! How many of you noticed a change in the header pic?

41. tismarkhan - September 26, 2006

hehe..earlier s.p.a.r.k.s was in a cw rotational order from a particular starting point..i like even this…brahma promoted to top.

42. planetsk - September 26, 2006

Thanks folks.. for spending a couple of minutes to read my bio..

Orange glasses guy has become “Brahma” officially??

I guess Ruhi and Phoenix can have their bios too in the blog…ARK may need some more time to know about themselves..

43. shravan - September 26, 2006

hehe… didn’t realize it. Anyway the first s and the last s appear in a different order in the about page so it shouldn’t matter much. Either way, brahma is the star of this group and should be promoted as much as possible! :p

44. ruhi - September 26, 2006

The orange glasses guy is the leader for sure..remove every other pic..but please let that one remain 😛


I do have a “bio”.. I think you are looking for more of demographic and psychographic information 🙂 unfortunately, I dont know how to write funny stuff like you guys do! So it might not be interesting..hahaa

45. tismarkhan - September 27, 2006

yea i like brahma as official name for orange sunglasses, btw,
zuney, pic is quite impressive..represnting general blog ideas..good for even as a header pic and the current header pic movin to this post..of course, brahma can stay on both….

u r funny..!

46. shravan - September 27, 2006

u r funny..!”

Yes, you’re a joker, if that’s what makes you happy!

47. ruhi - September 27, 2006

Nice nice!! Pull my leg 🙂

48. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

I hereby declare Mr. Zune as superior to Orange Sunglasses and as the unbeatably handsome hunk of the Sparks Team Blog.

*Please keep my ip private even if you find out who I am.. hehehe! :p

49. tismarkhan - September 27, 2006

“..I hereby declare Mr. Zune as superior to Orange Sunglasses and as the unbeatably handsome hunk of the Sparks Team Blog…”

anon, I agree with u…, he just needs to buy pink sunglasses and take a pic.

50. shravan - September 27, 2006

anon, I too agree with you. Give me pink Prada glasses with diamonds on the sides – I’ll wear it, get a pic taken and sell it. Happy?

By the way, who handles images on this site? He’s done an amazing job with the header and the pic in the About page. Great job!!!

51. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

“Yes yes…. the header rocks!” says shameless anonymous supporter of S.

52. tismarkhan - September 27, 2006

“..By the way, who handles images on this site? He’s done an amazing job with the header and the pic in the About page. Great job!!! ..”

Now thats narcisim.., u r already being credited for all the design work..what next..write a poetry….may be anon can do that..

btw, the pic on this post with some tweaking..would have suited more for the header near the team pic..just a thought..

53. shravan - September 27, 2006

Haha I didn’t realize I did all that. Wow!!! :p
Anyway, I’ll try to work on the header (probably when we get new photos from planetsk, dilletante, and brahma. I’ve been playing around with paint.net and photofiltre for a couple of days, trying to learn stuff. Gimp is pretty confusing.

54. ruhi - September 27, 2006

I think someone must have told someone to change the theme to “Cutline” 😛 Someone has done a good job! The blog looks more professional now 🙂

Btw, I still vote for pink-yellow-blue-whatever glasses!

55. ruhi - September 27, 2006

OH btw, did u mention that you will replace brahma’s old pic in which he is wearing those orange glasses? Dont do that…nobody will visit this blog if that pic is not there!!!

56. planetsk - September 27, 2006

“…nobody will visit this blog if that pic is not there!!! ”

-Hahahaha..u are very funny Ruhi..:)

Hey, U know what we should do..if pics appear to be more attractive with colored glasses on..then we can make a Rainbow of pics with colored glasses..

Orange is already taken..so, Mr.Zune will get Red as Pink is pretty much close to Red..we are left with V,I,B,G and Y.. so, in the weekend lets take pics with colored glasses..what think u?? Mr.MVP can have bi-colored one..

57. Anon Poet - September 28, 2006

If Sparks blog is the caravan
The camel is Shravan
In the month of June
Under the moon
I read his Zune
And fell in a swoon..
Anu Mallick with four fingers
In my heart lingers
Orange sunglasses
Attracts the masses
Hail Shravan king of headers
Inspiring bad poetry in readers!

58. Phoenix - September 28, 2006

My poem has been edited. *shame shame puppy shame*

59. Tismar - September 28, 2006

now thats a totally tampered poem..
anon poet’s copyrights are breached..
i have the original version in my email…
I will not revert back for now..but may be sometime i will.., if this tampering continues

60. sk - September 28, 2006


61. ruhi - September 28, 2006

Perfect example of “utla chor kotwal ko daante”…hahaaha

62. Phoenix - September 28, 2006

Sk gets the academy award for best supporting actor!!

63. ruhi - September 28, 2006

why supporting? I think he should win the award of “Best Actor”. Even his namesake SRK will be surprised at his skills 🙂

64. Phoenix - September 29, 2006

I request you all to think what name rhymes most with caravan.. esp. with reference to the SPARKS blog..

then read the poem again!

Hint: June rhymes with Zune

65. Anonymous - September 29, 2006

Wah wah Tismy ji! Thanks for saving my literary life! :p *snigger* (a-la-ernie-from-sesame-street)

66. sk - September 29, 2006

Much ado about nothing! anon/phoenix/anon-poet, thanks a ton for the poem and kind words. That was very kind of you!

67. shashi - September 29, 2006

Sorry guys to interrupt you …but Your blog is nice and nice header also…
I am waiting to celebrate 100 posts on ‘About sparks’ page…Keep going guys (and one girl) 🙂

68. Tismar - September 29, 2006

shashi, u r not interrupting, please feel free to comment..but on the pic up there, can u just point me to the ‘girl’ amongst us..??

69. ruhi - September 29, 2006

*rofl* *rofl* *rofl* *rofl* ( to the infinity)

70. sk - September 29, 2006


71. Phoenix a.k.a anon - September 29, 2006

Thank you Shravan ji. You’re most kind!

72. ruhi - October 3, 2006

Wanted to let you guys know that your blog is currently at no. 34 of the growing blogs list 🙂 Congratulations!

73. Tismar Khan - October 3, 2006

really? let me check..thanks for updating us on that ruhi..
and thanks for being our regular visitor..
it really kept us going..

74. ruhi - October 4, 2006

yeah..it was zune who pointed out first that its at no. 87 or something..but you have climbed up 🙂 Btw, shashi is at no. 21 also 🙂
It’s always a pleasure reading your blog!

I should thank you guys also for being pretty frequent in your visits 🙂 It really helps me too.

75. ruhi - October 4, 2006

sorry update:

You guys are now in the top blogs list..at no. 100, and i come in at no. 94 😛

76. Tismar Khan - October 4, 2006

damn..I take back all my thanks..
Fatwa against ruhi

77. ruhi - October 4, 2006

but i did find out about the top blogs stuff..hehee.

78. shashi - October 4, 2006

Latest news…you are at No. 83 in ‘WP Top blogs’ (and 43rd fastes growing blog)..
That’s why I have added you in my blog roll….:-)

79. Tismar Khan - October 4, 2006

Thanks shahshi, I have added even u on our blog roll

80. sk - October 4, 2006

shashi, what’s a whistling pappi? Seriously!

81. shashi - October 4, 2006

Its a cute whistling wood…Don’t you feel to kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss it?

82. Tismar Khan - October 5, 2006

@sparks team
just a temporary change in theme (reverting back to old one).., i just felt it was bit decent but it sucks that it does not customizes entire header..
change it if u do not like it.

83. ish - October 6, 2006

This layout is cool too.It’s pretty neat and the colours are nice.It would be cool if you could get the header to work.Otherwise you could go back to the old one.

84. sk - October 6, 2006

Problems with current theme:

1. Custom header gone
2. Clustermap gone
3. Sitemeter gone
4. Customization gone


85. Tismar Khan - October 6, 2006

yea that sucks, there is not even a single theme which has complete custom header, all the sidebar widgets, and which does not screw up the view on flatscreen desktop and give all the author names near the post..
I think they want people to end up paying them at least $15, for style sheets….

86. ish - October 7, 2006

You’re right.I tried all the themes too..something is missing in all of them.Either they don’t support links or they don’t support headers and if they do,it’s ugly.That’s the only part where blogger does better than WordPress.

87. shashi - October 7, 2006

Why did you change ‘Connection’?

88. sk - October 7, 2006

‘Connection’ had some problems rendering on widescreen monitors.

89. sk - October 7, 2006

Made changes to the theme – updated header and added all the sidebar widgets (including the hits one which shows that we’re not getting any lately :p)! Don’t you think we need another MMS story?

90. Tismar Khan - October 7, 2006

yea this theme looks good and we surely need more mms stories…
i am waiting for karan johar to comment on our blog first.

91. ish - October 8, 2006

Lol you might have to wait for Karan’s comment cause he’s probably holidaying to forget the disaster called Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.

You’re MMS thingy’s giving me an idea..I saw this Shahid-Kareena smooch thingy which created a roar when it came out.Someone shot them doing with with a phone camera :D.I might put that up in a post and then maybe I’ll finally get my name in the top blogs list too.I don’t know what people see in Scobleizer and Anousheh Ansari’s space blog..they’re pretty boring at times.Scobleizer has reviewed Flock now..I did that a week earlier and my post got hardly any views and Scobleizer’s post is already in the top posts list 😐

92. Tismar Khan - October 8, 2006

i liked the theme which was on yesterday.., this one has the same issue..no author names

well name sells…, (other than sex)
as such there was nothing heroic abt anousheh ansari and i even commented that in her blog,
her fame was not because what she did, but what she was..woman, from iran and above all she has a blog!

93. planetsk - October 8, 2006

That Riya Sen MMS blog is still rocking..look at the number of hits..way to go SPARKS..one more blog with some steamy-hot -pseudo clip will make us No.1..:)

hmmm…Lalooji is still hanging in the search list…but its good to see a diversity in the blogs…..nice team effort..btw, whats the age of our blog?? just refresh me..

94. ish - October 10, 2006


Haha you’re exactly right.

95. Parmanu - October 24, 2006

I am temporarily changing the theme to make edit on pages. I dont see edit button on pages with this theme! how convinient.

96. munnacircuit - November 20, 2006

Come on guys…you can’t leave this page as such. Only four comments and its allll……….

97. Ruhi - March 27, 2007

why do posts keep vanishing from this blog after I post a comment? this is esp. true when I post a comment on a post regarding microsoft and I don’t agree with the author’s viewpoints!

Parmanu, you should look into this!

98. sk - March 27, 2007

Pah, shut up. I didn’t like two of my posts so I deleted them.

“Parmanu, you should look into this!”
What are you, a second grader, to complain like this?

“esp. true when I post a comment on a post regarding microsoft and I don’t agree with the author’s viewpoints!”

Oh yeah? give me another example. Don’t give yourself too much credit. This has nothing to do with you. I’ve had so many arguments with tismar on this blog over MS. I haven’t deleted any of those posts.

99. tismarkhan - March 27, 2007

ooooh…quite an argument there…

ruhi, as offended as u r with posts with ur comment vanishing, rnt u happy that it is MS which is vanishing from this blog!

ok, doesnt make any sense, just wanted to leave a smart comment

100. Ruhi - March 27, 2007

“Pah, shut up. I didn’t like two of my posts so I deleted them.”

So, why did you ask me to read them?

“What are you, a second grader, to complain like this?”

Yes, very much so! I thought that Parmanu is almost a PhD; so, he has ultimate authority over kids’ complaints.

“Oh yeah? give me another example. Don’t give yourself too much credit. This has nothing to do with you. I’ve had so many arguments with tismar on this blog over MS. I haven’t deleted any of those posts.”

Actually, I will. My comments instigated you to delete your post! Lest, you start looking stupid and Tismar starts supporting my viewpoints!


“uhi, as offended as u r with posts with ur comment vanishing, rnt u happy that it is MS which is vanishing from this blog!”

Yes, extremely happy! 🙂 Msft will soon disappear from the Tech. Industry too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

101. sk - March 27, 2007

This is getting too childish. I’m not getting drawn into a pointless argument. I had decided to delete the post yesterday itself. Today, I went ahead with it even though you had commented only to avoid this very situation. I’m outta here, kids.

102. sk - March 27, 2007

Just so you know, I also deleted the post containing a video of Tom Delay on Hardline and one of my Google posts.

Jesus Christ! Why do I need to explain things to anyone? My post – I deleted it. Grow up, kid.

103. gagandeep singh - April 25, 2007

thats veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrry bad.

104. Amyth - October 14, 2007

Woops… Meant the comment on “The Bloggers” page to actually come in here… Anyway, Killer Blog (again!).. 😉

105. D.Majumder - December 10, 2008

Please send Riya’s MMS

106. tobin - June 28, 2009

what is this

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