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Obituary of SPARKS Blogs February 17, 2008

Posted by PagMax in Blogroll.

Long time back, when I attempted to revive sparks with my comeback post, SK had famously noted “We killed it but forgot to bury it”. The blog revived and died again with SK’s Last Post and once again we forgot to bury it. Now I come back here to complete what we always forget.

Today with tears flooding out of my eyes and pain oozing out of my heart, I lay the blog in rest for ever.

SPARKS was a revolutionary blog in the world of blogging with about 10000 regular readers and more than 200000000000 visits (only a fraction of which are recorded and displayed due to modesty of  its members).

This blog was a result of five extremely dedicated and talented writers. It had covered every topic from creation of universe to growth of riya sen’s  career graph.

Today let us all pray that this blog rest in peace and continue to inspire us from within the grave.

P.S: I will start blogging on my other blog after sometime and let it have a shot at life before burying even that.


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