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My last post October 8, 2007

Posted by sk in Apple, iPod, Microsoft, Zune.

After more than 12 months, I’ve decided to stop blogging. There are several reasons for this, one of them being that I don’t think WordPress is the right place for me to express my opinions.  That said, I don’t plan to blog elsewhere. I plan to spend less time on the internet and more time enjoying my Zune 80, which is on the top of my Christmas wishlist (yes, I’m one of the 7 people who wants one). So, to the two readers  who were reading my posts (and to the one who turned too snarky for his/her own good), goodbye! Enjoy your iPods while I enjoy (yes, enjoy) the Zune. I leave you with my reasons for liking the Zune:

  1. Supports Recorded media from Media Center.
  2. On screen resolution is 320×240 – but new Zunes will import  720×480 @30fps or 720×576 @25fps without transcoding.
  3. Wireless sync with PC.
  4. May support WebGuide in the future. I don’t know.
  5. I am hoping that by buying the Zune, Microsoft will reward my loyalty by giving me a job.

Ta ta then. Mail me at cspkcats@yahoo.com if you have any questions or comments.

UPDATE: If you want to get your daily Microsoft fix, here are a few sites that may be interesting (organized by tone):

1. I love Microsoft so much, I want to take it behind my middle school and have sex with it:

    • Can’t think of any at the moment.

2. I like Microsoft. It’s not bad:

3. Microsoft’s just another company:

4. Microsoft’s okay, but its competitors rock:

5. I hate Microsoft so much, I want to take it behind my middle school and shove a pole up its ass:

So, there ya go. Enjoy!

P.S.: An update to a post does not constitute a new post!

Microsoft sings new Zunes October 3, 2007

Posted by sk in Apple, iPod, Microsoft, Music, Zune.

OK, y’all* knew I was going to post about this, especially after writing an extensive article about the first Zune. Microsoft released details about the v2 Zunes yesterday. They’re not revolutionary, but I’m impressed nevertheless (you knew I’d say that too). The new Zunes basically come in 3 versions – 80 GB hard drive based and 4 and 8 GB flash based. The 80 Gig Zune (aka Zune 80) is available in black and is easily the most eye catching Zune in my opinion. The 4 Gig (Zune 4) and 8 Gig (Zune 8 ) models come in red, military green (which replaces brown as the new black), baby pink, and black.  See more images here. The old 30 GB model is not being discontinued. All new Zunes come with a squircle shaped click wheel known as “Zune Pad”, which is apparently easier to use. The Zune software has also been overhauled. Overall, there’s less to separate the Zunes form iPods this year (except for Touch) and I think Zune may do better than the 3% overall marketshare that it had last year. I don’t see it threatening iPod’s dominance any time soon, though.

Here’s a comparison of Zune 80 with iPod Classic.

*the two people who bother to read my posts. 🙂