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I hate you, Bungie. I really do. Truly. Madly. Deeply. September 24, 2007

Posted by sk in Halo 3, Microsoft, XBox 360.

Thank you SO much for hurting my intelligence.




UNTIL YOUR HANDS START BLEEDING. Please stop questioning our intelligence by dishing out such hogwash and then acting as if you have developed the BIGGEST EPIC in the history of gaming!!!!

All you guys who liked Halo 3- Congratulations!!! GOD BLESS YOU! I’m not ready to read any shit they dish out here. And all those of you who want to tell me to stop ranting – the plot has holes bigger than the grand canyon.

I was going to buy that legendary version from Amazon. You know? Just to keep a neat copy to pass it down my family tree. It would become an antique heirloom kind of thing. It sounds corny, but I mean it. I have no kids now. damn, not even married. But I was really serious.

Okay, I know this reeks of plagiarism. Can’t help it. I wanted to write a post on all the hype surrounding Halo 3 for XBox 360, but I have no idea about the game. All I know is there is a character known as Master Chief, who is out to save the world. I’m actually ashamed to admit it. In fact, I don’t know much about two of the biggest releases this year – Harry Potter and Halo 3. I look forward to the Halo movie trilogy, though –mainly because of Peter Jackson.

I apologize to anyone who gets offended. It’s only a joke. Sorry! 😐

Oh, and happy birthday, Tismar. Hundreds of thousands of gamers will be on the streets tonight celebrating it.


1. ruhi - September 25, 2007

sk, you are actually my biggest fan, I think. 🙂 Never knew that you even read my blog posts on topics that don’t even interest you. So many posts dedicated to me. I’m really flattered. And this one is word-to-word.

2. sk - September 25, 2007

Hehe, yes, I sure am. Imitation is the best form of flattery, as they say. Damn! I had a tough time editing out some of the profanities in that post of yours.

3. tismarkhan - September 26, 2007

“..Oh, and happy birthday, Tismar. Hundreds of thousands of gamers will be on the streets tonight celebrating it…

why thank you sk!. I dont care about rest, I am glad you and ruhi were among the ones who were on the streets.
That made my day!

4. Evolutionary Meme « Time and Again - October 28, 2007

[…] got LOTS of hits. And when I say lots, I mean 94, 369 hits in a single week. You should check out sk’s post on Halo-3, which is a spoof on my Harry Potter post. I find this imitation to be quite flattering, […]

5. boboramafromhannaspannawana lanaaanananalollolololooollooolololololololololol - June 6, 2008


6. bob - March 2, 2009

i hate bungie because halo 3 i hooked up my xbox up to my brothers room and he has live and i started playing and i got armor and stuff so then i player my xbox and i didnt have the armor it stupid retarded

7. Fucking bungie - January 26, 2011

fucking bungie have banned me for doing nothing they must hav mistaken me for some1 else those cunts. i cant earn credits for a week! i hope they go straight to hell those wankers.

8. RobertForrester8614 - August 13, 2011

It’s well known that Bungie are very controversial, as are many of the “staff” of Microsoft too; people such as Jeremiah on the Reach forums, the entire Bungie support staff and also MrPointyHead, SuperKaylo, Acey Bongos and Major Nelson all hate disabled war veterans and cripples, by their own admission too.

There are posts on the Bungie site and also other sites, in one case, a person who was disabled as a result of serving his country had his rank reset, and also someone I know, who wishes to remain anonymous, who has also been in the armed forces, had their rank reset because they had Narcoleptic attacks and just passed out whilst playing Firefights on Matchmaking.

I’ve seen the emails this person has sent, and they’ve not even had the decency to respond, Bungie or the tossers who are the spokes-twats for Xbox Live such as Major Asshole, Acey Drongos, MrPointyPrick or SuperGaylo, (those 2 are so badly fag for each other).

Now this either shows that Bungie and Microsoft don’t give a smeg about customer service, or that they support discriminating against disabled people, which is against the law.

Their slogan should be: Bungie – We Hate Cripples.

9. brenton - August 18, 2012

so true my friend i hate bungie so much i wont to punch them all.
i mean keeping the flaming helmet for them only. you have to have Xbox live to get more than 3 elite armor sets(yes im the only person in the world who douse not have Xbox live :(). and on halo reach oh man im 3M CR away from the hornted helmet. i just hate them so much.

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