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It’s India vs. Pakistan!!! September 22, 2007

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Now for a diversion following my rants about the “blogger formerly known as cotton*”.

I’m not a big fan of Twenty20 and find some of the rules absurd but even I am interested in this one. In what promises to be one of the biggest cricket matches ever, India will play Pakistan in the final of the inaugural ICC Twenty20 World Cup at Johannesburg in South Africa. After the debacle that was the One Day World Cup held earlier this year, this is a huge blessing for the ICC**. India and Pakistan were both knocked out in the first stage and the rest of the World Cup plunged into boredom as Australia easily pummeled rivals to win it. In fact, the World Cup will probably be remembered more for Bob Woolmer’s death than for cricket. So, this couldn’t have come at a better time for the ICC. India v. Pakistan – it doesn’t get bigger than this. For those who don’t follow cricket, it’s the equivalent of the Pats facing the Colts at the Super Bowl (which, I know will never happen). Yup, it’s that big.

Pakistan thrashed New Zealand by 6 wickets while India managed to get past Australia by 15 runs in the semi finals. When the World Cup began, Sri Lanka and Australia (bboth finalists at the 2007 One Day World Cup) were heralded as favorites. No one gave India (without three of its superstars) or Pakistan a chance.

India and Pakistan have met thrice four (1992, 1996, 1999, and 2003) times in One Day International World Cups and once in a Twenty20 World Cup, with India having won all their past encounters. This, however will be the first time that they meet in a final, which means that past statistics don’t matter. Will India make it five six in a row or will Pakistan find a way to beat India in their most important meeting in a World Cup? We’ll know on the 24th.

*No relation to the Artist formerly known as Prince … I think. 

**Which makes me wonder if this was fixed. 🙂


1. tismarkhan - September 22, 2007

“India and Pakistan have met thrice in One Day International World Cups ”

i think its more like 4,

92, 96, 99 and 2003

but i dont like 20-20 much either, especially the five shot tie-breaker like soccer is really funny….!!

2. sk - September 22, 2007

“i think its more like 4”


yeah,the tie breaker is pretty funny.

3. ish - September 25, 2007

So we did win then, yay!

4. Kartik - April 18, 2008

India V/s Pakistan is always a thriller whether its an ODI, Test, or Twenty-Twenty. It is always exciting and we all know the result which made it all the more exciting! India Won the 20-20 world cup beating Pakistan in a thriller of a match that ought to have been one of the best I saw.

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