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Hey Ram… September 19, 2007

Posted by PagMax in Hindu, India, Politics, Ramayana, religion, sethusamudram project.

Note: Post slightly outdated, I wrote it last week but could not find time to post it.

When it comes to protecting our protector, GOD, India has always been a step ahead. And as long as RSS and VHP are around, Lord Sree Rama has nothing to fear. Didn’t they prove it once on December 6th 1992?

Last year around this time, Indian politicians were awfully conscious about 100th Anniversary of Vande Mataram. This year, their memory seems to be little rusty on 101th Anniversary. However, they have a bigger history to protect this year. Rama Sethu (Adams Bridge) of Ramayana which Rama used to crossover to Sri Lanka!


As a part of Sethusamudram Canal Project, When ASI (Archeological Survey of India), a government of India organization, filed an affidavit to the supreme court on the behalf of the government, concluding that the existence  of Sree Rama or any events of Ramayana cannot be proved by historical evidences, little did they know that they are providing bone to a hungry dog.  As any ideal opposition party, BJP jumped on this opportunity to OPPOSE and declared that the claim is offensive to all the Hindus. Narendra’s Modi heart is still burning. (Yes I was surprised too but he does have a heart). And we all know when Hindus or Muslims are offended in India, you do not want to be around. Neither do congress, and they had to take back their words. Well too late…, No dog is going to give up a bone in his mouth. Why would BJP?  and why would their buddies, RSS/VHP?

One positive thing about it is, at least there is something which our politicians agree: “Doubting existence of Rama is offensive to Hindus and against the Indian values”. Wait a second, “INDIAN” values?  Oh right, I forgot. Its America which believe in separation of church and state. Not India.

Even the Union Law Minister (Yes..LAW minister) found the claim made by ASI extremely offensive. After all Sree Rama does not need any proof of existence? does He?

Leaving all the sarcasm and attempted humor aside, my reaction is I DO NOT GET IT!

I am not concerned about the religious views of individuals working for the government, but when the government of secular and multi religion country, as a whole, blatantly embraces a religious figure as a matter of ‘HISTORICAL FACT’ then I surely see a problem. 

Irrespective of how strongly you feel about your religion, the fact remains exactly what said by ASI; Nothing can be proved (or disproved) about Ramayana from the historical evidences we have.  It is after all a matter of faith. All ASI claimed that existence of Rama cannot be proved, does not mean that they disproved it. And why do a non-religious organization such as ASI has to bother about what religious books say?? Or while I was sleeping last night, did Ramayana found a place in history books?  

Is Government of India ready to give same historical acceptance to ISLAM and Christianity? They are also citizens of this country. So are we ready to accept Allah and Jesus as historical figures ? Or is it just the SREE RAMA which every Indian should be shoved with irrespective of their religious faith.

Am I the only proud HINDU who does not find anything offensive about the claims made by ASI??


1. tismarkhan - September 19, 2007

Ruhi’s comment which was accidentlay deleted

“include me too. In fact, I don’t accept my religion without questioning it. The politicians just need something to have a field day. This seems to be a classic example!”

2. quantumfoam - September 19, 2007

yes , it is a fact that politics does not follow any religion it follows the vote , it need any topic to make it a issue to take advantage.I am a hindu and i do not need any further explanation or proof ,to consider my religious belief and i would follow my religion , it does not matter that there is any historical figure to prove it or not.Because religion is faith not a blind belief.

3. XXXXXXXskXXXXXXX - September 19, 2007

“Ruhi’s comment which was accidentlay deleted”

I had nothing to do with it.

“Am I the only proud HINDU who does not find anything offensive about the claims made by ASI??”

It does look like that, no? 🙂 Actually, I do agree with you, but politics is a bitch. Nothing can be done.

By the way, where’s bachodi? I’m sure he’ll feel at home with the one whose name is missing from the commenters’ list – both are opinionated and wrong. :p

4. ruhi - September 20, 2007

someone is taking too many pot shots at me. First Harry Popper and now this.

5. tismarkhan - September 20, 2007

@ruhi, I agree.

@quant. I agree with u 2 and even I do not need any proof but again its just because of my faith. my post is only abt the fact that how as-a-matter-of-factly Rama is made a historical figure instead of mythological one.

“Ruhi’s comment which was accidentlay deleted”
“I had nothing to do with it.”

I really laughed at that one. anyhow I am looking fwd to hear from our friend bachodi too.

“someone is taking too many pot shots at me. First Harry Popper and now this.”
I have nothing to do with it.

6. quantumfoam - September 20, 2007

yes , u r write.

iam bit confused about ruhi and xxxskxxx , and what is going on there.

7. XXXXXXXskXXXXXXX - September 21, 2007

@thee person who shall remain anonymous,
It’s not Harry Pooper anymore. It’s now known as Spider Pig .

@quantumfoam, the person who shall remain anonymous is referring to comments on other posts. They were actually directed towards a person who shall not be named, however. There’s a difference.

Get it?

On topic – I have nothing to say. Hey Ram, I don’t remember what we were talking about.

8. quantumfoam - September 21, 2007

ha ha ?

9. ish - September 21, 2007

You’re right. Even I don’t think the ASI was wrong in their claims. Hell even I don’t believe in half of the things they say in our religion. There’s one which my grandmother often narrates to me. Actually it’s meant to be a taunt but some people like me are utterly shameless and don’t take it so. She says that God made even a dumb(as in the one who can’t speak) person read the Ramayana, then why don’t you? I don’t find any logic in that. I’m not dumb am I?

And well, I believe the Congress should have thought twice before speaking. This country is called “HINDU”stan. And hence, that was meant to cause a controversy wasn’t it?

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