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Crapware and Windows September 8, 2007

Posted by sk in Microsoft, windows.

If crapware is ruining your Windows Vista experience, is Microsoft to blame? Well, I guess, sort of. After all, the operating system is the most noticeable part of your computing experience. Cheap parts, bad drivers, PCs loaded with crapware – nothing matters. If there’s a problem, it must be with Vista. I was reading a post where the writer talked about Microsoft advertising free games on the computer. The only problem — it’s not Microsoft that’s doing it but the PC manufacturer. Of course, you or I would know that but there are some ignorant people out there who don’t realize or understand it (such as the writer of that blog post). And again, I really don’t blame them. Is there no way to change things? Well, fortunately or unfortunately, Microsoft can no longer pressurize OEMs ever since the monopoly ruling. PC manufacturers, therefore, in an effort to save costs, fill up their computers with free trial versions of software.

One way out is to use a tool called PC decrapifier, which removes some of this crapware, but not all of it. Some OEMs are beginning to work on this and Dell recently introduced a line of crapware free computers (Vostro). My friend also got his XPS laptop without any of this crapware and he’s very happy with Vista Business. Most others haven’t caught up yet. Hopefully, as Apple’s marketshare continues to rise, more and more PC manufacturers will fall in line.

The other option is of course, is to switch – either to a Mac or to Linux.  Ubuntu Linux is a pretty good distro and offers some of the cool 3d animations and effects found in Vista and OS X. Moreover, it’s free and ad-free. With Macs, since Apple controls the hardware too, they load only trial versions of their own software. However, if you want a computer at bargain basement prices, like the blog author did, you have to live with crapware.

I’m not saying Vista is perfect. Like any new software, it has its share of problems. It’s still slower than XP (in my opinion) on equivalent hardware. Moreover, the wireless networking problems haven’t been fixed yet.  However, six months after I switched, I haven’t seen any reason to go back to XP. My experience with Vista has been pretty good so far. Hopefully SP1, which is due out in early 2008 will fix some of the problems.

OK. End of rant.


1. tismarkhan - September 9, 2007

“..OK. End of rant. ..”
I wont bet on it…

why do I feel that I am not the intended reader for last few posts…

but again..I do feel strange things all the time…

I am not expert on platforms, but I agree with one thing vista is way more cooler than than previous versions….

Ubuntu can make big..only if HIS HOLINESS (Himesh Reshammaiyya)
makes a remix song on it…

2. The Tao of Steve « Sparks Team Blog - September 22, 2007

[…] I think I should make it clear here that I don’t think Microsoft is perfect. The company makes a lot of mistakes and it’s not a “convicted monopolist” for no reason. I also think Apple makes some really good products. The iPhone (whether I think I need it or not) is revolutionary in my opinion. What I can’t stand is the attitude of these Mac fanatics. I know it doesn’t justify my vitriolic in my previous blog post, but my intention was to show what happens if one lets emotions get in the way of objectivity. It’s not pretty. I mentioned this even in my Windows and crapware post. […]

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