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The i Word August 19, 2007

Posted by sk in Apple, Computers & Internet, iPhone, Microsoft.

The word being iPhone (well, not a word but…). It’s been nothing short of a success so far for Apple and AT&T. Apple has probably sold a million of them already or at least close to a million. The lack of applications (that’s a feature rather than a weakness), the initial bug reports (hey, bugs are for Microsoft; with Apple, they’re called eccentricities), lack of GPS support (it has Google Maps, that’s more than enough), 3G,… hasn’t stopped people from buying it in hordes. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve checked out the device a couple of times at the local Apple store and it really is impressive – not something that I would personally pay $600 for but that’s another issue.

Frankly, I think this is a device that is capable of revolutionizing the cell phone industry. Microsoft, Nokia, Sony Ericsson all have something to learn from this. Don’t throw in hundreds of applications into the phone if you don’t provide users with an easy way to get to them. With the iPhone, the applications that you see in the main menu are all that you get and it looks . Like every other device designed by them, the first iteration is simple and lacks features. With subsequent iterations of the device, Apple will add more and more complexity without losing focus on their main goal – keeping the UI as simple and uncluttered as possible. I’m pretty sure the iPhone will cause Microsoft to either come up with a better design for Windows 7 or a new OS for casual users.

By the way, it looks like AT&T too is milking the device for all its worth. Blackberry Cool reports that AT&T has locked down “the GPS functionality in their upcoming BlackBerry 8820 so that the only functioning 3rd party software will be TeleNav.” Blorge also talks about a rumor that “the device’s WiFi will only be usable if you purchase an EDGE data plan to go along with it that was reported on Engadget.” Wow!

I’ve been enjoying playing around with my new Media Center PC. It features XP Media Center 2005. I will probably upgrade it to Vista Ultimate in a few months   – after SP1 comes out. I wonder why Microsoft never really advertised Media Center. Their stupid Vista ads focused on Flip3d. Who the fuck cares about an application switcher? Media Center has an amazing UI and has tons of features. It’s not only the Tivo like functionality where you can record, pause, and rewind live TV. You can also listen to FM radio and play songs, videos, photo slideshows on your hard drive. It also has an online spotlight which features material from MTV, NPR, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. Everything accessed with one remote control. Microsoft should change its marketing agency – really. They’re idiots.


1. tismarkhan - August 19, 2007

It would be really very interesting to see GPS being locked out of blackberry.
I am no expert but from what I understand GPS was THE selling point of blackberry. Are the AT&T guys out there SO dumb or someone needs to get paid?

2. ish - August 21, 2007

They did advertise the Media Center PC in here actually. My friend has one and it is indeed very impressive. I wish I had one so I could have the T.V. in my room as well as the computer. Of course that would mean I won’t study and would probably open a Juice bar with all the money that my parents have been saving for my “higher education”.

I don’t fancy Vista a lot still. I don’t know what the hype is all about. Agreed it looks good and all but it’s not something really extraordinary as far as I’m concerned. It’s way too paranoid with it’s features actually.

iPhone is some device, I must agree. I really like the way they’ve designed the keyboard for messaging etc. Once you get the feel of the features, it’s really smooth. I guess they have been smuggled into Palika Bazaar, Delhi from Singapore or something. But anyway, I don’t have the kind of money to buy it. A friend was considering buying it but that would be only after it officially arrives in India.

3. planetsk - August 22, 2007

“..lack of GPS support (it has Google Maps, that’s more than enough)..”
– I had pretty bad experience using Google Maps. I kinda like maps.live.com.

I agree with sk on that companies such as MS, Nokia, Moto, Sony Eric. should learn ( a lot ) from Apple. Especially, Motorola, which makes most of its revenues from cell phones, seems to run out of gas since the introduction of RAZR.

Yeah, iPhone is a cool gadget. Its sales are going beyond expectations. It looks neat, of course with a bunch of bugs. Has anyone thought Apple, a PC maker, could be so successful in consumer electronics? IMO, Apple is striking the right cords at right time since 2001. It has gained some market share in PC market also with its new iMacs and Macbooks.

iMacs (PC)->iPod (Music)->iPhone (Communication), it’s a good example of how diverse a company could become and still be successful. People are even ready to buy tissue papers and diapers, if Apple sells them. Just kidding…

Btw, whats the price tag of iPhone in India..any wild guess? Rs.30000?

4. ish - August 22, 2007

Nay, it’s less than 30,000 I think. But that’s the smuggled stuff. It’s around 26,000 I think.

5. tismarkhan - August 23, 2007

how abt that..!!

check out the video on the last page…(#5)

(I thought i posted this comment earlier, but didnt see it, so reposting it)

6. sk - August 23, 2007

“I don’t fancy Vista a lot still. I don’t know what the hype is all about. Agreed it looks good and all but it’s not something really extraordinary as far as I’m concerned. It’s way too paranoid with it’s features actually.”

I’m a little frustrated with it too, but I guess that’s what comes from being an early adopter. Hopefully SP1 should fix that. Let’s see.

7. sk - August 23, 2007

Interestingly, AT&T has already created a nice divide between the haves (owners of Jesus phone) and the have nots. Also, Apple will apparently release new Video Nanos and an iPod Touch (which is nothing but an iPhone without the phone), which runs an embedded version of OS X. Smart!

8. tismarkhan - August 24, 2007

nobody is perfect…including JESUS

9. planetsk - August 24, 2007

Yeah, I just read the article on Yahoo!. After all, it’s a human who created iPhone and another human hacked it :). It’s interesting that the hacker wants to major in neuroscience.

Back in India, there are many hackers who unlock GSM phones. I think they use some kind of software to do that. It seems this iPhone hacker used both software and material science.

10. sk - August 24, 2007

And then you have this. I know I’m a little biased. I’m not really interested in the iPhone. I find it cool and all that but frankly, whose photos will I look at on the phone? Yes the iPod is amazing, but then I’d rather get an iPod Touch for maybe $200 less. Web? Ehhh. I have internet at home and at work. I probably need GPS some times in my car but the iPhone doesn’t come have GPS anyway. Also, I don’t really care for touchscreens. Yes, I’ve used the iPhone’s touchscreen and while it’s better than some others, it’s still not as good as a number pad. In my opinion, the iPhone is equivalent to 13″ subwoofers in a car, spinning chrome wheels, tees with the designer’s label prominently displayed, among other things. They’re all great for showing off.

11. keshuvko - August 26, 2007

iPod a luxury or a need?
Coz of the dilemma I havent bought one yet.

12. sk - August 26, 2007

“iPod a luxury or a need?
Coz of the dilemma I havent bought one yet.”

Me neither. 🙂

13. ish - August 26, 2007

Me neither either 😛

14. tismarkhan - August 27, 2007

“iPod a luxury or a need?”

and THATS why I didnt buy it.

15. planetsk - August 27, 2007

Why should I buy iPod ?

16. sk - August 27, 2007

“Why should I buy iPod ?”

Because the Jesus of Cupertino says so.

XI Commandment:

“Thou shalt get an iPod.”


I know that’s blasphemy. Just kidding!

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