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Happy Birth Day Sparks Team Blog August 14, 2007

Posted by PagMax in Blogroll.

As we celebrate the 60th Independence day of India, there is another reason to celebrate; 1st anniversary of Sparks Team Blog. 

 Most of the year has been a wonderful blogging experience until we all went into hibernation few months back. 

While I cannot sideline the importance of all the bloggers and contributors to this blog, I cannot thank enough to Moonmoon Sen, for giving birth to a wonderful daughter who grew up to give us our blog post of the year. (I do not even want to link it anymore, it has got its fair share of track backs and comments).

And thus, MMS (well I mean MoonMoon Sen in this case, but you thought right too) has helped us sail past 100,000 hits.

Some of the other highlights of the past year were planetsk’s take on laloo prasad’s Harvard lecture, sk’s  wide and versatile thoughts on every topic from coverage on abhi-ash wedding to intellectual reviews on some of the coolest gadgets out in the market to Sania Mirza’s sporting career.

And of course comments from our hip and happening cyber neighbor attracted lot of attention too…!!!

I hope to bring back some activity with this little refreshing post.



1. planetsk - August 15, 2007

First of all, good to know that we ‘SPARKS’ completed one year of blogging (though I did not blog a lot :)) Congrats !!!. Second of all, I’ll try to start writing a post or atleast commenting again. Was in the sleep mode for a long long time.

Tismar, you are right about Riya Sen and the MMS post. People still try for the clip and are directed to our blog somehow. Btw, look at the top 3 posts, Vandemataram seems to be out of place.

Happy Independence Day and Congratulations to our Indian Cricket Team.

2. planetsk - August 15, 2007

–“Btw, look at the top 3 posts, Vandemataram seems to be out of place.”

Err.. Laloo took the 3rd spot a few minutes ago..so ignore the above comment. I was refering to ‘MMS’ and ‘Let’s blog about…’ posts among the top 3.

3. sk - August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day, y’all. Also, happy sparks day? I didn’t even know the blog was alive. :-). We killed it but forgot to bury it. Well, hopefully your post has revived it. Let’s see.

BTW, did anyone get the Jesus… err… iPhone? Also, while I don’t blog about it much, I still have a lot of fights about Microsoft :).

Oh, and anyone know the latest on Harry Popper? Read a lot of “I hate you, J.K.Rowling” posts.

4. tismarkhan - August 15, 2007

glad to see some old faces back…may be we can see some more postings too…
planetsk ..ya laloo still rocks,

sk..i dont have the jesus…!! still a hindu…actually agnostic.

5. sk - August 17, 2007

And now it’s back to the comments on the MMS article.

6. sk - August 18, 2007

Damn! Does this look familiar? Now?

7. tismarkhan - August 18, 2007

sk, that IS familar. how did you come up with that??
and oh yea, I disabled comments on MMS Post.. Guess why!

8. ish - August 21, 2007

Belated congratulations for the D-Day guys.

Now that you’ve woken up from Standby mode, I guess it’s time for us comment makers to come out of hibernation and start spamming the blog which made MMS’ daughter more known than she actually deserves to be!

9. tismarkhan - August 22, 2007

Thanks Ish..!!
we look forward to your ‘spam’!!
and i guess it wasnt D-day, it was B-day!!

10. Ruhi - August 24, 2007

Just saw this post..congratulations on completing a year…even though the second half of the year was quite inactive.

11. tismarkhan - August 27, 2007

why thank you ruhi!
yea we believe in 6 month hibernation. its good for health.

12. Obituary of SPARKS Blogs « Sparks Team Blog - February 17, 2008

[…] by tismarkhan in Blogroll. trackback Long time back, when I attempted to revive sparks with my comeback post, SK had famously noted “We killed it but forgot to bury it”. The blog revived and died […]

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