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Microsoft is dying? – deleted April 9, 2007

Posted by sk in Apple, Google, Microsoft, Technology and Software, windows.

The intent of this post was to start a thoughtful discussion on the topic. Instead, it quickly degenerated into a name-calling session, which is why I have decided to delete it. I have provided a link for those of you who are interested in the topic.

<This is a pretty good read for those of you who are interested in the topic.>


1. sk - April 10, 2007

“So, you mean to say that only markets go through cycle and companies do NOT????!!!!!!”

No, I didn’t. I can’t teach you to read too. I’m sorry.

” It’s synonymous to saying that a person never gets old.”
Are you serious? All the best when you enter the real world.

General Electric is over 100 years old and had an annual revenue of $164 bn in 2006. It began as an electrical firm in the 1890s and now makes everything from Jet Engines to Medical Imaging Equipment. By your logic, considering how old the company is, shouldn’t it be struggling now. Now, if you join GE, are you going to tell them not to bother doing stuff because the company only has two years to “live” becase that’s what your management textbooks taught you?

” It’s sad that by the time they enter the market of a certain product, its competitors always move onto sth else! Example- ZUNE.”

You need to learn more about their business model before you comment. The Zune division is a very small one within Microsoft and doesn’t generate much value for the company.

2. sk - April 10, 2007

*Ad hominem alert*

“I don’t see the point of this post anyway. I wish I could give so much importance to one company so much so that I get *blinded* by it. Would be a totally different way of living my life!”

Then don’t comment. Simple. I can write what I want to here. Thank you very much.

By the way, interesting post .

3. sk - April 10, 2007

Where did Microsoft go for it to be back with a bang? It’s one of the most profitable companies in the world.

4. Tismarkhan - April 10, 2007

my take on microsoft,
their next product should be potato chips..
take the market and their competitors by surprise..!!
I say they will never die…

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