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Sachin quits international cricket April 7, 2007

Posted by sk in 2007 World Cup, Cricket, cricket - क्रिकेट, Sachin Tendulkar, Satire, Sports.

Moments after the Indian cricket board decided to crack down on the senior Indian players, ace batsman, Sachin Tendulkar retired from International cricket to concentrate on his modeling career instead. “The three sponsor/ products rule is ridiculous,” Sachin said in a crowded press conference in Mumbai today, referring to the BCCI’s decision to restrict the number of products a player can endorse. “”The board doesn’t realize that great players like me are brand ambassadors of the sport and our endorsements are only one way of spreading the game.” When asked by a reporter if he would be as popular once he quit cricket, Sachin took the example of Anna Kournikova. “I don’t remember the last time she played tennis. Isn’t she still popular?” he asked. Former cricketers Sunil Gavaskar and Ajay Jadeja lauded Sachin’s move. “


After the press conference, Sachin and his new “bff” (best friend forever), Saurav Ganguly participated in an effigy burning of ex-coach, Greg Chappell, organized jointly by the Maharashtra  Sena and the Bengal Tigers.


Readers of this blog may be aware that the BCCI’s decision was in response to Sachin’s interview that was first posted on this blog.


<I never knew I’d be so interested in cricket. This rocks! I know I’ve been picking on Sachin Tendulkar a lot lately. It’s fun.>


1. Ruhi - April 7, 2007

Probably this blog is becoming an extension of “Sachin Sucks” blog. No? Your writing style is very similar to Sachin’s in the above mentioned blog.

Oh! He is even on your blogroll. 🙂

2. sarath - April 8, 2007

Is this the way you treat the seniors.I can say Sachin has one bad season and all you people have started commenting.Rememeber

when a country was completely deprived of economic, intellectual, natural and sporting wealth. And when half the gold of our country was given to the world bank for loan and when india was considered as a third world nation and when we indians lacked confidence even to keep our heads high. when the whole nation was craving for a reason to be proud of.. and when even a fourth position in olympics (PT usha) was considered as a great achievement and a thing to cherish.. a star arose.. a 15 year old kid made the indians proud…

Proved that world records can be created even by indians.. he not only changed the indian cricket single handedly.. he changed the outlook of indians single handedly..

Indians were no more losers.. they too can achieve.. he inspired a generation and many more generations to come..

The cricketers of the same team who are elder to him now (Rahul dravid) got inspired form that kid..

And that kid carried the burdens in his shoulders to make a millions to smile. So, He is the greatest sporting personality ever.(due to the context and the pressure he faces when he comes to bat).

I would say sachin will be there till 2007 world cup and he will be the star.

Is earning money wrong?. People pay for matches only to see sachin
bat.Please check out this site where quotes on him have been posted.This man will comeback for sure because he is not a talented player but a great human being.

3. sarath - April 8, 2007

The site for quotes on tendulkar are
-Show me any cricketer who has got so many quotes by such great players.

4. sk - April 9, 2007

Sachin also helped our economy by bringing in foreign investment (eg. the Ferrari and some of his endorsements). This was responsible for the economic boom in India.

By the way, I never claimed that Sachin is a bad player anywhere, did I? No. I think Sachin is the greatest One Day batsman India has produced. He’s still better than many other international cricketers. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun at his expense.

5. ish - April 9, 2007

Lol is this really true?

6. sk - April 9, 2007

Haha. No. The poor guy would never go to such extremes. On the topic of Sachin, has anyone seen this? It was on rediff.com yesterday. I can’t believe someone actually found this funny. The jokes are so bad, you’d almost think I wrote them.

7. Tismarkhan - April 10, 2007

“..The jokes are so bad, you’d almost think I wrote them…”
hmm..no most of them were not that bad….of course some of them were worse…hehe…

but i liked this one best…
“..After the press conference, Sachin and his new “bff” (best friend forever), Saurav Ganguly participated in an effigy burning of ex-coach, Greg Chappell, organized jointly by the Maharashtra Sena and the Bengal Tigers….”

8. Rami Khan - September 18, 2007


Damn Australias going to win the 20 20 world cup again. How boring.


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