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Google Home Page Themes March 30, 2007

Posted by PagMax in Google.

I never intend to write about software or any software company.  This one may seem like one but only thing I am really trying to show is that google has new customized themes for personalized homepages. May be I am little late in making this discovery and everyone else knows about it Anyway, one of these themes looks like these pictures I have here and I thought its worth sharing it. Interesting thing and I am sure which does not need lot of “technology” is that this theme would ask for my zip code and then change its colors and settings as per the time of the day.

Since I use google as my home page and for all my blog feeds I see these six (or may be more) settings through out the day. Pretty interesting, at least I find so.  I took screenshot of some of the settings I saw in last 24 hours. It would be good if it changes by season as well. May be it would. I do not know yet.

Also note how cleverly I arrange my feeds in these tabs!




1. sk - March 30, 2007

I use Google Reader. It’s pretty good.

2. Tismarkhan - March 30, 2007

i tried that just once never really liked it or i just didnt get it

3. Ruhi - March 30, 2007

AWww..So cute! It looks a little girly for your taste, Tismar? Anyway, metrosexuals, I guess! I am impressed.

“i tried that just once never really liked it or i just didnt get it”

I second that. I still find Bloglines to be the best.

4. sk - March 30, 2007

Once you get used to it, Google Reader is amazing. 🙂 I kid you not!

5. Tismarkhan - March 30, 2007


u sure make it sound girlish now….i had to change the theme..
only other non girlish non gayish theme i found was one with changes according to local weather conditions! letz how ‘cool’ is dat.

i had to google metrosexual to understand what it means..
oh and yes, as u noticed, back to tismar again for sometime!

never used bloglines either..!!

6. Ruhi - March 30, 2007

Haha…good to know that you took that comment seriously!

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