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Sachin: I’ll continue to play till we win a World Cup March 24, 2007

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Prem Pareshankar of G-Cricket, a new cricketing magazine was able to get an exclusive interview with Sachin Tendulkar.


Prem (P): Hi Sachin. How are you?

Sachin (S): Hi. I’m doing well. I heard you wanted me to endorse you.

P: Uhhh… I wanted an interview with you actually.

S: *Muttering under his breath* Damn!

P: Excuse me?

S: Uhh… nothing.

P: So, let me introduce myself again – I’m Prem Pareshankar from G-Cricket Magazine (a new magazine about cricket), here to interview you.

S: Are you sure you don’t want me to endorse you? I mean, that’ll boost your magazine’s sales.

P: Not right now. We don’t have the budget. So, what are your thoughts about your defeat against Sri Lanka and where do you plan to go from here?

S: As you know, we’ve lost to Sri Lanka and are almost out of the 2007 World Cup. But the good news is that I’ve decided to play cricket as long as it takes for us to win a World Cup.

P: Don’t you think you’ll be too old? There is a section of people who think you should have retired long ago.

S: I’m not answerable to anyone but the companies that endorse me. As long as they feel that I’m good, I’ll continue to play. Actually, I can give you a 50% discount if you want me to endorse you.

P: Oh, thanks. I’ll talk to the publishers about that. Who do you think was responsible for India’s exit?

S: Bangladesh!

P: Care to elaborate?

S: Sure. Bangladesh was responsible for our exit. If Bangladesh hadn’t beaten us, we would have surely made it to the next round.

P: No. I mean, why did India lose?

S: Oh, I would say it was because of the tremendous pressure on our team from fans back home. They had unrealistic expectations from us.

P: But isn’t it also because of the fans that you have so many endorsements? No other country’s players have this kind of endorsements.

S: The two are unrelated. Look at my fine fifty against Bermuda. Doesn’t that justify all the endorsements?

P: Are you disappointed with the outcome?

S: Of course, look at the amount of money we’ve lost in terms of endorsements.

P: That’s all I have for you, Sachin. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

S: No problem… and don’t forget my offer.


None of the other players were available for interviews as they were busy shooting advertisements.


1. Sparsh - March 24, 2007

lol .. man he is not the only one at fault.. others failed too… why just give him all the blame ???

i run a blog on similar lines.. maybe you wanna check it out and link back.. http://caribbeanworldcup.blogspot.com

2. tismarkhan - March 24, 2007

haha that was funny..

but seriously i wont blame only players for endorsements…
they get endorsements bcos people treat them like God..(same ones who burn effigy when they loose)

if i get a million dollar for putting my smiling mug on a toothpaste, i will do that too….
and if u buy that toothpaste, then we r in business…screw game!!

3. sk - March 24, 2007

Yeah, I know Sachin wasn’t the only one to blame, but the fact is that (at least in my opinion) Sachin symbolizes the Indian team, which is why I’ve made him my scapegoat here.

I agree that the Indian fans are extremely fickle minded. One loss against Bangladesh and they attacked Dhoni’s house. They probably helped repair the damage after India’s victory against Bermuda and attacked it again after India crashed out.

Endorsements are not wrong as long as the players are focused on winning.

4. ramare - March 29, 2007

I would blame Hanuman and Indira Gandhi for our world cup debacle!!

5. ramare - March 29, 2007

Indira Gandhi for creating Bangladesh….and
Hanuman for not completely destroying sri lanka

6. tismarkhan - March 30, 2007

and i blame jinnah for bob woolmers death

7. sk - March 30, 2007

If Azhar was still playing or was India’s coach, B’desh would’ve lost to Bermuda.

8. Tismarkhan - March 30, 2007

dats quite an accusation if i understand it right

9. Sachin quits international cricket « Sparks Team Blog - April 7, 2007

[…] Readers of this blog may be aware that the BCCI’s decision was in response to Sachin’s interview that was first posted on this blog. […]

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