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More Google units opt in for "opt out" March 18, 2007

Posted by sk in Google, Satire, Technology and Software.

After successfully implementing the “opt out” policy in the Google Book Search program – where Google copied every book irrespective of its copyright status , giving publishers who didn’t want to be part of the program a chance to opt out – and using a similar policy in YouTube –  where video clips are removed only when the copyright owner complains – Google decided to implement a similar policy in some of it other business units. I’m providing two examples here but there are more:

  • Since Google has been growing at a phenomenal rate with 50-100 new employees joining every week, there’s been a shortage of office space. Someone at Google used his 20% personal research time to come up with a brilliant plan to occupy empty offices in Mountain View, CA and stay there until the building owners kicked them out.  When asked why this would work, Google’s response was, “We give them free WI-FI, no?”
  • Another example is the personal records and information of users. Google recently decided to that it would sell this personal information to third parties unless the individual decided to op out, in which case it will purge all identifying information from its servers after 18 to 24 months.

A spokesperson for Google described “opt-out” as the new way of doing business at Google. The company has also decided to modify its unofficial motto to “Don’t be evil. Don’t opt out.”

Meanwhile, Google recently recognized its partners who brought in most advertising revenues. The top three didn’t turn up for the funtion – they were busy typo-squatting some more websites.


1. Ruhi - March 18, 2007

This reminds of Bharti’s Airtel, Hutch etc. in India. They would automatically provide me with every service that they introduced and I would have to call up and “opt out”, else they would charge me for it. Most of the times, they would send an SMS letting me know about the new service that they have added (or so they claimed). It’s another story that I never received these so-called SMSes.

Great going Google..I will wait for the day when its shares will sell for $28-$30.

2. sk - March 19, 2007

Strangely, Cingular did something similar. They signed me up for some feature that lets you download your entire bill to your mobile device. The fee – $10 per month! I’m sure I never signed up for it because I hadn’t spoken to a Cingular/ AT&T agent in months until I called to talk to them about it nor had I gone online because my billing was automatic.

I hope they don’t send all of their customers an iPhone in June and charge them for it.

3. sk - March 20, 2007

This is interesting. The article really doesn’t name Google AdSense, but if you read the actual research paper, they do.

Tens of thousands of junk Web pages, created only to lure search-engine users to advertisements, are proliferating like billboards strung along freeways. Now Microsoft researchers say they have traced the companies and techniques behind them.

Using questionable or illegal techniques to improve the ranking of a Web site in query results is known as search-engine spamming. The practice has proved to be a vexing problem for the major search companies, which struggle to prevent both spammers and companies specializing in improving legitimate clients’ Web traffic — a field known as search-engine optimization — from undermining their page-ranking systems.

For example, the researchers noted that such pages were far more prevalent in Google’s blogspot.com service than in other hosting domains.

4. sk - March 20, 2007
5. tismarkhan - March 21, 2007

i love google too..i hope they start building space shuttles and hire me..

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