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Silence of the SPARKS January 19, 2007

Posted by planetsk in Bollywood, Sports, Technology and Software.

Don’t let the heat go off the SPARKS

Ok, I will try my best to write this miscellaneous post.

Nothing new is happening in the new year except Abhishek Bachchan’s exceptional performance in GURU and his engagement with Ash. I watched the movie last week after a lot of struggle to get tickets. To my wonder, even in 0°F and snow, tickets were sold out for three consecutive shows or two days. I was surprised to see AB has got such a big following in US or in MN. May be Mani Rathnam and Ash were another factors. Anyway, I would recommend this movie if you really want to see some fine acting by Abhishek, great songs (yeah, they are really good when you watch them) and Abhishek again.

In sports related news, Sania crashed out of the Aus-Open. Will she ever enter atleast Quarter Finals in a Grand Slam ? Final showdown in NFL, I am guessing Pats Vs. Bears Super Bowl?? (of course will be knowing it by Sunday). David Beckham will be bending it in LA for $250M . Thats news to me. Soccer in US and that too in LA. Finally Cricket, India got another chance to get back to some kinda form before they go for world cup. Playing in India,Ganguly and Sachin may come as openers, changes in the team from last year..can these bring good things for India??

After lot of rumors, Apple iPhone will be arriving pretty soon and it’s already controversial as Cisco filed a lawsuit against Apple on using its trademark. It seems LG is also planning to come up with something similar to iPhone. MS Vista will be available worldwide by Jan30th. Thats good news for Zune and MS. The technologies and features in Vista appear to be solid especially Windows DVD Maker, ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive. Will wait to see them in application very soon.


1. parmanu - January 20, 2007

we so needed a new post…good job updating it…
abhi and ash are beginning to annoy me now, their engagement news has become a national event, their wedding cud be national holiday now..

will sania ever get any better? i dont think so.
but regarding cricket, i think we have good days ahead…

abt apple iphone, from japan’s point of view, that phone is already ancient…, people can do lot more things with phones very ordinarily sold over there…,
oanother problem with such cool phones are they become not-so-cool very soon. Just like motorolla razr..no one cares abt it anymore..

2. TeleRavi - January 20, 2007

Another annoying news that fills every little space of news from India is of racism on reality TV. And television is making more money by covering the real-time public sentiment to its own contrivances! Sheesh!

3. parmanu - January 20, 2007

oh yes i agree with dat, but people are aslo to be blamed for that..
i saw some footings where some group in india was burning effigies of some english serial makers for mistreating shilpa shetty on the sets of “big brother”

they really need a life

4. ruhi - January 20, 2007

frankly speaking, i dont even think that it is racism…i was watching some stuff on youtube yesterday..i felt that shilpa is actually bullying others and being the kid out there..crying at the drop of the hat!!

5. SK - January 20, 2007

I really want to watch Guru. It’s received pretty good reviews and everyone who’s watched it has told me it’s a very nice movie.

6. ruhi - January 20, 2007

oh i saw Guru..the movie sucks big time!!!! All that I could see what abhishek bachchan giving father of india kind of dialogues w/o even attending his office even once…and ash smiling coyly by his side.

oh, and the songs just appear out of nowhere in the entire movie…ridiculous!! thought that mani ratnam would do sth sensible…very very disappointing.

7. planetsk - January 20, 2007

Yeah, Japan is always ahead of others when it comes to electronics. Japan, which was devastated during WW-II is now a leading country in electronics and automotive industries. Thats a huge growth for any nation.

Btw, what is this Big Brother??

8. parmanu - January 21, 2007

i am not sure what exactly is big brother but from what i understand it is some kind of reality show where few girls are put together..(my guess)
ruhi’s latest blog has some youtube videos from the sets of big brother…

9. sk - January 21, 2007

“Japan, which was devastated during WW-II is now a leading country in electronics and automotive industries.”

Automotive industry, yes. Electronics – Apple and Samsung are the new leaders.

I watched Khosla ka ghosla last night. Nice movie! Also, something tells me I’ll like Guru.

10. ish - January 23, 2007

That was quite a silence okay.

Everyone’s been saying Abhi is great in Guru,I’ve yet to see that.I’ve already done a post about the engagement.Btw Shahrukh is now doing Kaun Banega Crorepati,it looks good so you guys might wanna watch it.

Sania’s out of the Aussie Open.Her crashing out of tourney’s and slipping in ranks is all we’ve been hearing for a long while now.Btw,it seems Ganguly can be a good opener.He scored 97 in the first and even after a huge total,India won by just 14 runs.I just hope they show it on T.V. because right now they’re busy debating whether the match will be shown on Doordarshan or not.

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