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1st gen. Zune didn’t impress me a lot.. November 20, 2006

Posted by planetsk in Apple, Blogroll, iPod, Microsoft, Music, Zune.

Brown Microsoft Zune


Went to an electronic store in the weekend to kill some time and found this..Zune wasn’t the buzz..Zune is no eye-catcher..may have good features..but cosmetically ( I usually dont go just by looks for electronic gadgets but..), iPod is much better..by looking at Zune physically..I forced myself to compare it with iPod..iPod’s wheel is way better than the click thing (whatever MS calls it). Except larger display( it may matter to some) and wireless connectivity..Zune could boast of a very few things to draw attention of the consumers..Did MS make a mistake by spending time and money on this?? I don’t know and it’s too early to say..Brown color and plastic (didn’t reduce its mass a lot) looked sloppy…though Zune seems promising it looked more conservative..Does Zune work with Windows Vista?? If not, there’s a problem..Also heard Zune Marketplace wasn’t that great.. Another problem to Zune’s future is the mixed reviews..but these were expected..My so-called expectations about Zune( its sales, looks, features etc., ) weren’t met in full..Hopefully, marketing helps MS during Christmas holidays..but Zune is competing against the titanic of MP3 players..I also hope that this product gets better with time and consumer will get the best..however, Zune 2.0 might compete against iPod 6.0 PS: I have no plans to buy a MP3 player for now..pretty happy listening to songs on web..just blogged about what i felt..


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1. sk - November 20, 2006

“Hopefully, marketing helps MS during Christmas holidays..but Zune is competing against the titanic of MP3 players…”

The Titanic eventually sank, you know? :p

I agree that it’s not a revolutionary product. The main advantage, though is the integration with XBox360. You have to remember that this is a very important part of the equation. Micorosft will definitely benefit from this. Marketing so far has been luke warm, but I think MS wants to wait for more products to come out before launching a marketing blitzkreig. Anyway, iPod will still be dominant in 2008 and even 2009. No doubt about that. The real battle of 2007 will be XBox 360 vs. PS3 and that’ll be an interesting battle to watch.

Oh and by the way, the Zune is part of their long term strategy for complete home entertainment. Zune + XBox + Media Center PC offers a lot more than iPod + iTV + Mac. The iTV will sell simply because it has the Apple logo, but considering that the XBox already does everything that iTV does and more, I don’t see any reason to get it.

2. planetsk - November 20, 2006

Yeah Xbox 360 Vs. PS3 will be interesting and Apple may also come up with iPod based cell phone unlike the flop model Moto Rokr.

Off-topic comment:
Yahoo is planning to integrate messenger (or is it already) in the e-mail..similar to google chat.. and AOL has started videos.aol.com. whats next for google to make others thinking??

3. sk - November 20, 2006

Nice article

It’s too early to write Zune’s epitaph. I don’t think Microsoft didn’t anticipate bad reviews or poor initial sales because of those reviews. Let’s see how things turn out. People either love Zune’s looks or hate them. I haven’t seen one to comment on it.

4. sk - November 20, 2006

I went to Target to check out the Zune. There were two pieces over there, one brown and the other black. Here are my impressions about it:
Zune looks pretty good actually – much better than it does in pics. I loved the brown one. The UI and usability are awesome. I was able to easily navigate around without any help. The 3″ screen rocks. It’s bright and it’s big. It didn’t look bulky but that was because it was encased in a case and I couldn’t pick it up anyway. It was out of stock at the store – not that I was planning to buy one. Also, no one really showed any interest in it. People were instead checking out XBox and PS3. OVerall, I think it’s a good start by Microsoft and I’m sure it’s going to get better with time.
ramare commented earlier that the marketing for Zune is underwhelming. I think the reason for that is that Zune, unlike other Microsoft products didn’t go through extensive beta testing before release so Microsoft had a lukewarm advertising campaign, hoping to attract a few buyers. These buyers are basically playing the role of beta testers and their feedback is going to be used to update the Zune player firmware as well as the desktop software. I’m sure we’re going to see a bigger push from Microsoft during the holiday season. I think Microsoft wanted low sales initially so that when they did launch their main campaign, they’d have a good product on their hands.

Finally, this is especially for our MVP, parmanu, who’s been called a Microsoft fan and an Anu Malik fan on numerous occassions. Nice post. I agree with the author and with parmanu. People love to hate Mr. Softy and trash whatever he does.

5. ramare - November 21, 2006

I really dont know how integration with Xbox360 will help Zune. What will gain by integrating mp3 player with game console??? I mean I understand u can play mp3s and videos using Xbox. but can you play games on Zune??

I did not understand use of integration…..its not sarcasm its ignorance…..wat is exactly will anyone stand to gain by this integration???

6. sk - November 21, 2006

Well, while the original XBox was primarily a game console, XBox360 is an attempt to bring the computer to the living room. Usually, people who have XBox 360s connect it to the biggest TV and best music system in the house, right? The XBox 360 acts as a wireless Media Center Extender so that content on your Windows XP MCE PC is accessed wirelesly by the XBox. Similarly content on your Zune is also accessible through the XBox (not wirelessly at this point, I think). This is good because you can now use one device for playing videos, music, games etc. Isn’t that a cool scenario?

Now Apple is trying to do the same with iTV. iTV is to Mac what Xbox is to a PC in terms of connectivity.

Also, I think the way Zune has been designed, Microsoft has plans to develop games for it. At least, that’s what I feel from looking at the placement of the keys.

7. planetsk - November 21, 2006

I think MS has an edge when this Media Integration takes place..I think consumers prefer (Windows+Zune) to (Mac+iPod). But the question is will MS make Zune Mac compatible in future? What if a Mac user wants to buy Zune?

I guess if Zune is Vista compatible, campaigning for Vista may help boost Zune’s sales. I see people waiting on its launch in Jan may go for Zune too. I think PC sales are directly related to Vista’s launch and in turn may help Zune to pick up.

8. Macs have no viruses « Sparks Team Blog - November 23, 2006

[…] In other tech news, Sidebar Geek, Brandon LeBlanc has a nice video of the Zune. By the way, our team is divided over the Zune, in case you haven’t already noticed it. planetsk didn’t like it. I did. ramare is too busy wondering why the product wasn’t marketed well to care about it. parmanu is not interested in it simply because he won’t be able to install LaTex on it. […]

9. planetsk - December 21, 2006

Good news for Zune..it’s now compatible with MS Vista..


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