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Late to the party November 2, 2006

Posted by sk in Blogroll, Linux, Linux(ubuntu), Microsoft, windows.

I know I’m late to the party – we reached this “milestone” a few days ago. We finally got our 10,000th hit. While other blogs have raced past us during the last few days, thanks to Riya Sen, we finally got to the 10,000 hit milestone it a couple of days back. So, after 50+ posts and 10,000+ hits, do we finally have a consensus on what we want to blog about? No. We’ve all decided instead to blog about our individual interests. Most of parmanu’s (formerly tismar khan) posts have been about India or space, with one interesting post about a superhero known as… parmanu. I blog mainly about Microsoft (and other companies’) technologies, with a few random posts that have no reason to be on this site. Planetsk has been the most random blogger on this site with four posts on four different topics. Dilletante had a single post about the Vande Mataram controversy.

Menu d'accueil de l'installation


I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that I will no longer be blogging about Microsoft or its products. Windows has been crashing on my laptop more often than not, so, with the help of my office mate who is a huge Linux fan, I installed Ubuntu Linux successfully on it and will be using it henceforth as my primary Operating System. So, i can finally say, “Goodbye spyware. Goodbye malware. Goodbye viruses!!!!” For the rest of you, have fun with your anti-virus and anti-spyware subscriptions, registry cleaners, and your $299 OS. Ubuntu is FREE!


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1. Parmanu - November 2, 2006

i was abt to comment somewhere that even I ordered ubuntu CDs last month and they have arrived. so I might just try sometime.

interestingly enough, i have 10 of those now!, I just ordered maximum they would ship…after all its free .!!

on a different note, even if ms crashes on u, u shud blog abt it…!

2. shrav - November 2, 2006

“on a different note, even if ms crashes on u, u shud blog abt it…!”

I just did. I have stopped using Windows on the laptop anyway. As far as Windows goes, I used to like XP once upon a time. But if people like me start switching to Linux, I don’t think Windows’s future is very bright. I had to run the registry cleaner on a daily basis. My computer was infested with spyware. Also, the anti-virus slowed down the system tremendously. I guess these are the reasons the OS kept crashing.

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