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Would the United States be better off with only one time zone? November 1, 2006

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The clocks went back on Sunday, which meant an extra, delicious, guiltless hour in bed. Every year I dream of a world where the clocks go back every day. Of course, that would create trouble, notably that in two weeks’ time I’d be waking up after sunset. So, I toe the line and put the clocks back only once a year, and—sigh—put them forward again in the spring.

My annual inner monologue suggests two reasons to get up in the morning and go to bed at night: first, to enjoy the sunshine, and second, because that is what everybody else does. But what if the two imperatives collide? What matters more, waking up at the same time as everyone else or waking up with the sun? It might sound like a daft question, but not if you’re a Hong Kong-based journalist filing for a London-based newspaper or a financial analyst in Silicon Valley who needs to be awake when the market opens on Wall Street at 6.30 a.m. Pacific Time.


Interesting article!! What do you guys think? I’ve never had to wake up an hour earlier one summer day (to be at work at the same time as the previous day) yet, but I’m sure I will have to, in the future. Of course, this article looks at Daylight Savings from a  more global perspective, but what do you personally think? 


1. Cotton - November 1, 2006

I like the Daylight savings time change. Atleast, i was elated at 2am on 29th oct!! but, it would be nice if US had only one time zone. that’s not feasible though!

2. Parmanu - November 1, 2006

mountain time zone should be eliminated,
and even cotton with that.

3. planetsk - November 1, 2006

“Japan and India are the only major industrialized countries that do not observe some form of daylight saving.”
-Courtesy: http://webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/g.html

Yeah, MST should be eliminated..I donno what difference does it make if it falls under PST..I personally dont like the time change in MN (esp. in winters) as it gets dark at 4pm..which is depressing…and in summers its bright until 10pm…it seems MN is in the same latitude as southern Siberia :)..and for some reason people chose MN over Siberia to live..

Do Indiana and AZ change the zones not the time?? …

Btw, the time change on Oct 29th..made me to wake up at 3am (instead of 4am) to watch the stupid cricket match..After watching the match..i was very much into writing a blog on Indian Cricket..but my eyes were sore..and I couldnt make it….

4. shrav - November 1, 2006

MST doesn’t fall under PST. MST is one hour ahead of PST. AZ doesn’t follow daylight savings so it follows MST in winter and PST in summer. Some parts of Indiana didn’t follow daylight savings, while others did. This caused a lot of confusion obviously, so, the entire state has started following daylight savings now and IN follows EST throughout the year.

So, why did you want MST eliminated, parmanu? And why cotton?? To make sure we’re on the same page here, cotton as in rui or cotton as in ruhi?

I think daylight savings would cause a lot of confusion in a country like India. 🙂

Regarding MN, that’s the power of the USA.

5. Parmanu - November 2, 2006

“So, why did you want MST eliminated, parmanu”
3 time zones are enough to have a smooth transition across the country. I would think just two time zones would meet the requirement of the nation, if eastern time moves back by 30 minutes and pacific time moves ahead by 30 minutes, and you eliminate centeral time as well, dividing the nation somewhere around kansas, i think it wud be fair enough distribution of time. Just two hours difference between between EST and PST.
only problem is when you drive through kansas, all of a sudden you would be pushed back or go ahead by 2 hours instead of usual one hour transition and that would be odd. and i think thats why they have this 3rd zone. But beats me why the fourth one and 3 more on the islands.

regarding day light saving, if it does save money, its a good idea,
but i think now they maintain it more for historical reasons too. I mean the idea was to save light bills and use sunlight instead. And today, however early you start, offices wont use sunlight!! they would anyway turn on their own power supplies..!!

“And why cotton?? To make sure we’re on the same page here, cotton as in rui or cotton as in ruhi?”
None. I actually mean cotton as in ruhi.

6. planetsk - November 2, 2006

One more thing about Time Zones..I am not sure whether Assam and those North-Eastern states of India have a time zone?? B’coz Bangladesh is half hr ahead of India I guess..but not Assam, Mizoram etc..why is this?? just to have IST and BST independent.?? not geographically zoned?? Correct me if I am missing something completely..

7. Cotton - November 2, 2006

we could do without those three more on the islands!!!! who cares anyway?

oh btw, this is my last comment in this blog! (atleast regarding anything parmanu has to say).


india has only one time zone. doesn’t make sense to me. this proves that politics preceds geography when it comes to making important decisions.

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