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IE7 and FF2 comparison October 22, 2006

Posted by sk in Microsoft, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, windows.

I love Firefox 2.0, but this is just insane. I have 2 tabs (the same sites) open in both. WTF????? (I’ve opened the same pdf document in both IE and FF in one of the tabs and the sparks blog page in the second.

Scoble has a different experience. I don’t know what is wrong. I opened 12 tabs on each and closed 10 of them. I still feel Firefox is a better browser, by the way. It’s definitely faster.

By the way, I should point out that I’m not using a single Firefox extension or plugin. Also, for those who’re still using IE6, please do visit this page and download IE7 ASAP. It’s highly recommended. :-). In fact, I’ve found the final version of IE7 to be far superior in performance to RC1. They seemed to have fixed many of the annoying bugs. While there are a lot of people who have had issues with it, so far, I’ve found it to be a great browser.

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1. Tismar Khan - October 22, 2006

hmm..yea I agree firefox is bit faster,
but things which I like abt ie7 is home page opens up in a new tab, whereas firefox opens a blank page.
also in ie, u can have more than one home pages and all of them would open in as tab sets, which i find very useful.

I am sure u cud do these in ff2 as well, i just could not figure it out how.

2. Cotton - October 22, 2006

“..whereas firefox opens a blank page..”

You can easily change that from Tools->Options.

But i agree, it does help when we can set up more than one home page. I would love to do that in ff 2.0.


I remember you mentioning somewhere that the files are always saved on the desktop when we use ff 2.0. I discovered that you can change the setting here. Go to Tools->Options->(Downloads)->(Select) Always ask me where to save files. 🙂

3. Tismar Khan - October 22, 2006

huh..i still could not find it. I am not talking abt the home page when I launch ff. That i can easily set .
How do I set a page for a new tab…? I did not find it in tool\options .
my new tabs are always blank.

4. Cotton - October 22, 2006

Thirtykill mines,

This should solve your problem :


Its only 6 KB..shouldnt matter. But yes, it is an add-on.

5. shrav - October 22, 2006

Hmmm. Firefox is already consuming twice the amount of memory that IE7 is consuming on my comp (and IE7 final version is better). I wonder why.

By the way, I’m starting to like that spell checker thing. It’s pretty useful while writing e-mails etc.

Also, if you’re using IE, this is a very useful extension.

For the record, I still use IE7 on my laptop and have switched to FF2.0 only on my desktop. Why, you ask??? Because, my desktop has enough memory for FF, while on my laptop, I can do with all the memory I get. I found Opera 9 to be the best in terms of memory consumption, but there are several webpages that don’t render well on it, so, IE it is.

6. ish - October 23, 2006

I’m using FF 2.0 too.You’re right Shrav,it does use more memory than IE but still,I just can’t seem to switch over.Firefox is much more convenient than IE7 is.I still can’t understand much of the hype about it.

The Spell Checker is good.Can we add common hindi words to the dictionary so that I don’t have to see annoying red lines when I’m writing names of people while posting comments.It’s okay but still,could be better.FF it is.

7. shrav - October 24, 2006

Apparently several extensions and plugins don’t work with Firefox 2.0. There’s at least one person who thinks Firefox 1.5 is better (Paul Thurrott). He’s going to do a review on it and I’ll put up the link when he does. IE apparently is better in terms of security too (surprise, surprise). But… but, I haven’t had any problems with Firefox, except for the fact that the “blog with Writer” plugin doesn’t work with it. I don’t use any other extensions or plugins anyway. The only problem with this is that I have to keep switching between browsers. There are some pages that don’t render well in FF so I have to use IE7 for those.

Also, for those who want a spell checker (why?) or a Firefox type inline search for IE, there’s a list of recommended addons for IE available here . And, of course, you can find Firefox addons here . 🙂

8. shrav - October 24, 2006

ish, regarding your question about adding words to the dictionary, you can do it. Simply right-click on the word that Firefox’s spell checker has a problem with and click on “Add to dictionary”.

9. Tismar Khan - October 24, 2006

“..Apparently several extensions and plugins don’t work with Firefox 2.0…”

Yes that true. Yesterday I was trying to download all the possible plug-ins, to see whats the best ff can do and MOST of the time AFTER I download it, it says sorry its not for 2.00. You need 1.5.
I cudnt figure out why would they do that unless ff2.0 already has in-built functionality of those which is not true for all the cases. Also, why couldnt they just separate all the ff2.0 plug-ins on a separate page. I had to wait till i reach the end of installation to know if this would work or not.

I read a cmment somewhere that IE7 would work better (faster) without third-part tool bars, like google and yahoo. I find most of these toolbars useless anyways, but I didnt try and see if thats true.

and honestly, i think its oversaturated debate on blogs. It beats me why. Its just a browser, one might give u bit of a comfort above other, but then wat the hell, just pick one and live with it, or just pick both. It doesnt drastically effect your web browsing effeciency in general. (I think)

10. Cotton - October 24, 2006


When you click on the name of the plug- in, it takes you to another page where the link for installing it has been provided. From what I can see, it’s mentioned right below the install link that the particular plug-in works with 1.5/xyz. I tried some now..and I saw that most of them mention it.

Btw, are you using any specific software to comment? I’m asking you this because your comments are not showing up in my Bloglines feedreader or in the coComments reader! Everybody else’s is.

11. Parmanu - October 24, 2006

Bloglines sucks.

12. Parmanu - October 24, 2006

Ok, previous comment was just a quick attempt to see if i am able to comment. Before that I tried to insert comment twice on this post and it just wouldnt appear. so something indeed mysterious.
I am just too hot to handle i guess.
btw, i am not using any software to comment. Did you try on google\live\yahoo readers?
May be its just updating it slow, which my google usually does for comments. If not that, its really weired, cos i cud see it on feeds!

13. Cotton - October 24, 2006

“I am just too hot to handle i guess.”

Come again??! What’s the temperature of this room?

“Did you try on google\live\yahoo readers?”

No, I didn’t and I never will!! Not a big fan of Google/live/yahoo.(Google Reader start up introductory video was Scoble’s idea by the way).

“which my Google usually does for comments.”

Hmm..all the more reason to switch to Bloglines.

By the way, right after I asked you that question, Bloglines got updated. It doesn’t suck! Try it out sometime 🙂

14. Don’t read this post if you are already tired of Firefox/IE talks! « Time and Again - October 25, 2006

[…] By the way, why don’t you just go tomy cyber neighbor’s blog if you want more technology news? Saves me a lot of time and effort. While you are there, also take a look at Parmanu.. He wears a blue underwear and has yellow paint on his body. Who is Parmanu? Wikipedia provides us with a brief introduction: […]

15. Parmanu - October 25, 2006

“..No, I didn’t and I never will!! Not a big fan of Google/live/yahoo.(Google Reader start up introductory video was Scoble’s idea by the way)…”
I never used google reader. I use google personalized home page for my feeds. I find that more flexible and neat compared to reader. I agree its at times slow on updating comments. But who is in a hurry!

16. Beck - October 25, 2006

As a long time hater of firefox and lover of Opera I have to make an admission that I am now using firefox as default. The new Firefox 2 beta is a much better browser than I have ever used and I am really happy with it. Opera is too greedy – it wants to be default for everything and I hate it now.
IE7 is just crapola.

17. shrav - October 25, 2006

“The new Firefox 2 beta is a much better browser than I have ever used and I am really happy with it.”

I agree. It’s a very good browser. I’ve reverted to the old FF 1.5 look, though. I dislike the new icons.

“IE7 is just crapola.”
Hmmmmm. I actually like the new UI. The old one looked like something straight out of a Toys ‘R Us store. The new one is a lot more professional. In fact, I’d say it’s better than the Firefox UI, but I hate fact that toolbars in IE7 can’t be rearranged. I can see why some people would hate it.

18. Cotton - October 25, 2006

I think IE7 is crappy too. Infact, the UI of IE 6 was “better” if I may call it that. IE7 looks like a toy from Toys R Us. My laptop hangs everytime i try to use it. Same goes with the “new improved” live messenger.

Firefox 2.0 wins hands down as far as the speed goes. And I really don’t get it when people say that the UI is not good. Why, what exactly is wrong with the UI? I find it to be much better than IE’s. Who cares if more RAM is being used??? Atleast it doesn’t freeze!


where is the live skeleton? damn..this one is scarier.

19. Cotton - October 25, 2006

Please ignore the above comment!

20. Parmanu - October 25, 2006

ignore which part cotton? and how can one ignore once its published
its like saying ‘dont read this’

havent u heard..

rahiman jihwa bawri kaha gai sarag patal
aapto to kahe bhitar gayi jooti khat kapal.

i bet u didnt.

anyway, now that u said that this version of me is even scarier, then trust me u r going to be scared lot more now.

21. Cotton - October 25, 2006

“…I bet you dint..”

Ofcourse I did..unfortunately I have read his dohe..

Take this:

Rahiman Manhi Lagayke,
Dekhi Lahu Kin Koye |
Nar Ko Bas Karbo Kaha,
Narayan Bas Hoye

22. shrav - October 25, 2006

“Why, what exactly is wrong with the UI? I find it to be much better than IE’s.”
OK. I don’t like it, though. You like it. I don’t. 🙂
I’m not saying IE7 is better than Firefox 2.0. I’m just saying that I personally don’t think it’s crappy. In fact, I think it’s better than FF1.5. FF2.0 is definitely faster than IE7 that’s why I’ve switched to FF full time on my desktop.

“Who cares if more RAM is being used???”
I do. My laptop doesn’t have enough RAM. 😦

23. Parmanu - October 26, 2006

“..unfortunately I have read his dohe….”

Ok, u made ur point. I was wrong and highly underestimated u.
but why unfotunately??
dont u feel good abt it or u were just being plain sarcastic?

and all this is related to ff and ie7 because….rahim would have preferred firefox.., and kabir ie7.

k, for a change i will comment on the topic.
Even I like IE7 UI better. Tabbed browsing is surely neater in IE7.
But I also agree FF is faster, but I havent really encountered extreme speed issues with ie7 either, its just few seconds we are talking abt. At least on my computer, ie7 has behaved well and never hung up on me, (unless I run huge matlab codes which hangs everything).

24. Cotton - October 26, 2006

“..but why unfotunately??
dont u feel good abt it or u were just being plain sarcastic?..”

Sorry, I should have phrased it like this:

Unfortunately (for you and whatever you are betting upon), I have read his dohe. So what were you betting on?

I hope you know the meaning of the doha I cited.

“..….rahim would have preferred firefox.., and kabir ie7…”

Sure!! They told you everything before dying!! How old does that make you now?

25. Parmanu - October 26, 2006

“.So what were you betting on? ..”
I was betting on ur life. Now that I lost the bet, I have to kill u.

“I hope you know the meaning of the doha I cited.”
I didnt. I looked up on net, and it gave very consice meaning, “only clean minded people can see the truth”. I did not get word by word translation, which would have been interesting. So if you know, share it with us.
btw, while looking up for dohe, i came across many which i remember learning in school! so it was fun. I love some of them.

“..“..….rahim would have preferred firefox.., and kabir ie7…”

Sure!! They told you everything before dying!!..”

No they didnt tell ME. they told everyone. Its all in their dohes and left. Havent u read da vinci code. Just like that, its all in there, u just have to read ‘through’ it!
for example, kabir said

Jako Rakhe Suksham Naram, Mar sake na koye,
Bala Na baka kari saki, Jab Antarjal Anveshak sath hoye,

(Transaltion: If you are protected by microsft, no one can beat you. As long as you are with internet explorer, even single hair on ur head wont be twisted)
Clearly, he is referring to security features of ie7.

and rahim said,

Rahiman antarjal dekhne, bhool na dije AagSiyar,
ka karegi talwar, jab chahe raftar.

(translation: rahim says, when browsing internet, dont forget firefox.
what will sword do, if you need high speed)

clearly he is referring to high speed features of firefox and at the same time criticizing ie for ignoring speed issues and concentrating only on security)

26. shrav - October 26, 2006


That was hilarious. Good job with the translations. I can finally claim to know the meaning of some of the dohas now.

27. shrav - October 26, 2006

By the way, “Antarjal Anveshak saat”

28. Parmanu - October 26, 2006

oh ya
Antarjal Anveshak saat
Aag Siyar Do.

29. Cotton - October 26, 2006

““.So what were you betting on? ..”
I was betting on ur life. Now that I lost the bet, I have to kill u.”

You can’t bet on things that don’t belong to you. Looks like you have forgotten the basics of betting. I’m sure that you meant that you were betting on your life. Since you have lost the bet, I should kill you!


how can i even kill a “live” skeleton..you are dead anyway 😉

30. Cotton - October 26, 2006

btw, those translations were neat!! pretty good job.

31. planetsk - October 27, 2006

Funny Translations parmanu..

“Clearly, he is referring to security features of ie7”

-Very Clear..:)..where do you get these Dohe..do you have a 7th or 8th grade Hindi text..or are u using ur Antarjal on AagSiyar?? Good job..keep it up…

32. shrav - October 27, 2006

“Funny Translations parmanu..”

They’re hilarious. By the way, Kabir is right. Antarjal Anveshak saat is definitely useful. 🙂

33. Parmanu - October 27, 2006

“..where do you get these Dohe..”

havent u read “Da Kabir Code” by Dan Bhoora..?

“..By the way, Kabir is right. Antarjal Anveshak saat is definitely useful. ..”
Yea, thats why Kabir always had a higher marketshare than Rahim. Rahim still being quite popular.

34. shrav - October 28, 2006

You know what? You should convert that comment of yours into a full fledged post.

35. planetsk - October 28, 2006

“Da Kabir Code” by Dan Bhoora..?”
-Hahahahahahaa..it would be awesome if you can get hindi translation of “Brown”..or how abt Da Kabir Code by Dan Kaala (close to brown)..but Dan Bhoora works fine too..Do you guys remember the names of those character names in Lagaan??..one of them was Bhoora..I remember a few others..Kachra,Laaka,Bagha,Goli..:) very funny names..

36. Parmanu - October 28, 2006

well as far as my knowldge, brown in hindi is bhoora..!!
Thats why i had it there, and

“dan” is to be pronounced with more of inidan accent, like when hindi translation of “donate”

oh i only remember Elizabeth from lagan…!!

37. planetsk - October 28, 2006

Oh..I didnt know that Bhoora is Brown..thanks for updating my hindi translation database (if I have any)

38. shrav - October 28, 2006

“Yea, thats why Kabir always had a higher marketshare than Rahim. Rahim still being quite popular.”

That’s why I’m saying: Kaan me rui daal ke mat baitho. Kabir ka kehno maano aur apne desh ki pragati ke liye Suksham Naram Khidkiyaan Antarjal Anveshak saat ka upyog karo. (grammar correct?)

Someone care to translate that? Cotton?

39. Cotton - October 29, 2006



Don’t block your ears with “cotton”. Listen to what Kabir has to say and for the “progress” of your country, use IE7???!

40. Parmanu - October 29, 2006

u forgot ‘microsoft windows’ cotton

“You should convert that comment of yours into a full fledged post.”

yes as soon as I decode tulsidas as well, and all of their opinion on apple, riya sen, anu mallick, and russia-georgia.

41. planetsk - October 29, 2006

parmanu..now you are invading Tulsidas’ territory…good luck with it….clarify me..who was blind? Tulsidas or Surdas?? damn..there are too many das’s..

Shrav..good quote..parmanu’s translated dohe are contagious..or atleast i am trying to go back to my school days to recollect names of those poets..do we call’em poets or is there any different name??

42. Parmanu - October 29, 2006

surdas was blind…tulsidas wrote ramcharitmanas (mukesh sung it!!) ..and yes we did call them poets (kavi), another das was Kalidasa, u wudnt have read his poems in schools unless u took sanskrit . (i did in +2)

interesting point abt going back to school days..
as funny as it sounds, i actually checked out complete works of kabir from our library. (with hindi-english dictionary!).

wow….Shrav sure didnt see comments coming to this when writing a post on web browsers..

43. Parmanu - November 12, 2006

Here are some dumb issues i have with firefox, i dont know if any plugin would change this but just when i started using firefox little more it reminded me why i abondoned it once before

1. At times if when i close the the ff browser and then open a new one, it gives error saying that a ff application is already open. (duhh..?). I have to go to processes and terminate the ff.exe. Happens to me lot of times, i dont know how rare it is.

2. Hindi fonts. I dont know if i need any font translator or something but all the hindi spellings appear weired.. (not conspicuously,but when u read stuff in detail, u know something is missing).
For example read this page in both ie and ff


Other than the fonts crawling over the images (unlike IE), u will see grossly misspelled words only in ff. Its not just bbc, i have this problem with all hindi pages including google hindi.

If anyone knows a way around it, let me know. FF does load stuff, images and links faster and without error otherwise for which ie struggles. so its a good browswer to be default one..if i cud get rid of these issues.

44. Parmanu - November 12, 2006

oh and i hate wordpress new dashboard. Its so confusing with comments, posts and activities all under one heading.
To add to it, it even shows me activities from my other wordpress blogs into the same dashboard…(then why the hell do i have another blog..!!)
i am thinking of switching to a new one with new account, or possibly to a different sever if they have good blog stats features as wordpress.

(p.s: Next comment would make this post highest commented one.!! not a big number but apparently big enough for us!)

45. adult chat network - September 22, 2007

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IE7 and FF2 comparison

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