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Gartner says Apple should quit hardware business October 18, 2006

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From Yahoo:

Increasing component costs and pressure to cut its prices mean Apple’s best bet for long-term success is to quit the hardware business and license the Mac to Dell, analyst firm Gartner claimed on Tuesday.
In a surprisingly ambitious report, called Apple Should License the Mac to Dell, Gartner says Apple should concentrate on what it does best–create software–and make use of Dell’s production and distribution infrastructure.
Gartner claims that with the right partners, distribution channels and a more affordable price, computers running the Mac OS could eventually account for 20 percent of the total PC market.

Hah! That’s pretty funny. You know what, I think Gartner should quit the market analysis business. Apple’s business model has been extremely successful and I see absolutely no reason why they should change it.

Source: Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus

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1. Tismar Khan - October 18, 2006

“..I think Gartner should quit the market analysis business…”

I think so too. I have no knowledge on what are the factors they weighed in, true or false, but its pretty rude of them to directly say something like “they shud quite their business and join some one else”

Normally, one would have, especially if they r business analyst, phrased it very differently.

2. planetsk - October 19, 2006

“..Mac to Dell…”

-HAHAHAAA….what the heck..that will be the end of Apple…recent earnings report from Apple showed that their PC business grew along with iPod sales (thanks to to their switch to Intel microprocessors..)…when did this Gartner dude make these comments ..after Apple released their reports..?? And on the other hand which is irrelevant here but, Dell made a huge move a few months ago to switch to AMD for its’s PC’s and servers..

3. swamyz - October 19, 2006

Gartner must have been paid by Dell to stir this… after all they are ‘middlemen’

What is important in business is bottomline and margins… topline dosent matter…

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