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My Unpublished and Incomplete Posts October 12, 2006

Posted by PagMax in Just Posts, Miscellaneous.

 I just checked that google has released ‘Google Documents’ . It was was not
there last time I played with Google Spreadsheets. My guess is this is part of
Google’s attempt to create a ‘web-based office’. I do not know how long it has
been up there, but I decided to give it a shot. Since I use google as my home page,
it always keeps me signed in, and hence using this feature is relatively
comfortable for me.  I am not reviewing this software as I am not good at
it and I am not very opinionated about any software company in general. I am
just testing how its ‘publish to blog’ feature is. (That would probably  be  the
only feature I would ever use)

 To test this, I need to blog about something. So what do I blog about? Lets
try this.

 I have been inactive as a blogger in a while.  Although every weekend, I did
start writing on something (new) but could never complete it enough to publish it. Now
the list I have on my saved draft is so big, that it could be an article itself in itself..

 So here is what I have to write as per the title of this article

1. Spoketh the Pope

 On Popes ‘insulting’ comments on Mohammed. Outdated, so probably, it wont
see the light of web.

2. Thing called ‘Terrorism’

Just an attempt to define the word ‘Terrorist’. Central idea being, one man’s
terrorist is other man’s freedom fighter. Trying to visit the ideologies of some
recent and past ‘terrorists’ and ‘freedom fighters’.

3.  Oscar for Lage Raho Munna Bhai..

I finally watched the movie and I have hell of an opinion about it. Title is
as sarcastic as it can get.

4.  To Nuke or Not to Nuke

Always a topic of international debate. Recently Iran and North Korea have
ignored US and UN’s warnings against nuclear program. In past, India and
Pakistan did and we know what were the consequences. Nothing. How important are
these warnings and how important is being nuclear power.

5. To Hang or Not to Hang

This gives me an idea to start a To —- or Not To — Series. This one based
on India’s Supreme court decision to hang Mohammed Afzhal for his involvement in
December 2001 parliament attack and has been topic of debate recently.

6. India’s Race to Space

Started with idea of detailing India’s past and present space program to have
a good database for my own reference, but it needs lot of work to make it worth.

Then just some of my opinion on how justified and how important is our space
and nuclear program, when people in our country are dying because there is not
enough food.

7. LaTeX

This is as close as I could get to software review but not all the way. After
using LaTeX, for about an year, I use it for all my documenting needs, be it
reports, letters, presentations, or resume. I have also fumbled with Indic
languages on LaTeX, like Devanagri and Sanskrit. So I thought I should share
some of my experience, counter some common myths associated to TeX because of
which people do not want to go for it.

8. My Yahoo 360 Posts.

This one will not be single post, but just a project I have in mind. I have
always wanted to move my yahoo 360 posts here but with some editing and I have been really lazy about that.  Ruhi has been kind enough to comment on some of those and I promised I will respond to those comments when I import it here, so that its better organized. Surely this one is NOT the last in my priority. The order I have here is quite random.

So this was my preview of what I have been trying to write. I make no claims
that all of them would be published, but I would love to hear your opinion
whatever you have on the whole or any topic in particular. It might just help me
to reorganize the priorities.


 Oh I need a picture for this blog too to test how it handles figures. Let me
see what I have on my computer which is TOTALLY related to all the topics I have up there…



Yes thats right, NAGMA! 

How is she related..??? well just connect the dots..I have no idea which ones. But if Chaos Theory is true, and a butterfly in China could indeed cause a tornado in North America, then I am sure Nagma can do much better!

Thinking about it, this article resembles awfully to one of my earlier ones as
in, trying a blog writer, talking about my upcoming post and putting a
completely unrelated picture. I did not copy my own idea. It just happened!

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1. Tismar Khan - October 12, 2006

Totally sucks,

google docs would not let me publish to sparksengr blog, and would publish it to only my other blog which resembles my login name.
I tried like 10 times and it just published only there even though I tried to change the settings many times.

So I had to publish this though mozilla performanicing.

Every blog writer I saw before, asks for the blog url to configure, so there is no confusion. This one, just asks for blog title, instead of url.
and even that is optional. it says if there is no blog title they will publish on first thing they find. (based on given username pwd and sever).

I specifally gave the blog title as ‘sparks team blog’, and possible combinations which would point to this one, but it could still not find it and continued publishing there.

what a bummer..! I almost loved it.

2. ruhi - October 12, 2006

Points 6,7 and 8 are interesting..would like it if you write up some stuff on that…

How good/bad is performancing Firefox? How would you rate it against WLR? Have you tried any other blogging software?

3. Tismar Khan - October 12, 2006

Thanks for the feedback ruhi,

regarding performancing, its convinient in a way that you do not have to download any additional software. It configures and works well, and everything you can expect from a blog writer.
I use IE often, but if you use mozzila often, having ur blogs and drafts at the hit of F8 would be really convinient.
Writing a ‘new post’ is bit tricky though. It opens only the last saved post, and from as much as I can see, only way of writing a new post is pasting ur new content over the old one and make sure to give a different title so it saves as a different file. (I am sure there is a better way, but i cudnt find it)

WLR works well to, but editing the title from WLR gets really messy.
Though its very pretty, and then you can use it even offline, download ur theme and all that. So its surely more elegant.

As for me, with abundance of internet connection, I prefer webbased applications sometimes. If ur computer crashes, you know its stored on web. (I do not know how performancing would handle this feature, but google does it pretty well).

On the whole, I think for now I will prefer perfomanicing over WLR only because its web-based and requires less time to launch. I can compromise on elegance.

I wud have used google often had it not been for the problem i mentioned.

4. shrav - October 12, 2006

“Then just some of my opinion on how justified and how important is our space and nuclear program, when people in our country are dying because there is not enough food.”

Hmmmm. That has something to do with Nagma, doesn’t it? I’m still trying to work up a connecton here… hmmmm… space, nuclear program, food, Nagma… are you trying to say that we have no food because Nagma eats all of it? Aaaaarghh can’t see why Nagma is here.

5. Tismar Khan - October 12, 2006

“Aaaaarghh can’t see why Nagma is here..”

Oh, her, well..she is directly related to all the topics I have up there..,

It all started when Nagma called POPE a TERRORIST and threatened that if LRMB is not nominated for oscar she will drop a NUKE during execution of MOHAMMAD AFZHAL. She wrote all this in document preapred in LATEX and posted it on my YAH00 360.

and as you said she is eating all our food and now our SPACE PROGRAM is effected because of that.

such a simple logic, i thought u wud connect the dots…dont u do something like that for living!!

6. shrav - October 12, 2006

Of course I make a living by connecting dots. Have you heard of hangman??? I play that for a living.

7. ruhi - October 13, 2006

“On the whole, I think for now I will prefer perfomanicing over WLR only because its web-based and requires less time to launch. I can compromise on elegance.”

Hmmm….so performancing’s being web-based is more important than it being able to be easy to work with while writing new posts? I should probably try it out 🙂

8. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

well what I meant is
since its web-based, its easy to work with. Its just not ‘elegant’ enough in comparison to WLR.
actually, if you do not have more than one blog associated with ur login and pwd, u cud as well try google docs.
It gave me a problem only because its identifying only one of the two blogs i have, associated with same id.
Google is surely neater than performancing., but you wud have to associate it to a google account, whereas performancing does not require any login to blog.
I would guess even IE would have its own writer sometime soon 

9. shashi - October 13, 2006

Can anybody explain me what is performancing and what is WLR??

10. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

performancing is a firefox plugin which would allow you to write in your browser and directly publish to your blog.

WLR is similar product by microsoft but instead of ur browser, u download this software and can publish ur blogs from there.


11. ruhi - October 13, 2006

I had a look at Google docs yesterday..it sure is simple to use..but I think Google really doesnt have much to offer except for the search engine. I dont really like any of their other products..they are pretty half-baked. You will always find a replacement thats much better! Anyway..thats just my $.02

I like their calendar though..but again, i will want to use the calendar provided by outlook/exchange because of the simple reason that I dont need to open another window..its all there along with me email…

12. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

“.. I dont really like any of their other products..they are pretty half-baked…”
I have similar opinon on most of the google products, they do come up with creative ideas but forget some important functionalities or complicates the simple ones. (happens with picasa, sketchup, desktop, gtalk, spreadsheets, etc..)

I never used calendar, its too much for unorganized person like me.

however, my association to google comes only because of gmail and that too bcos of its pop forwarding ability. (web version of gmail is pretty annoying) and then personalized version of google home page which is pretty neat in organizing feeds and news. (though tabs are limited to 6 unlike live.com)

this makes me always signed in google and try all the gadgets, some of them are useful some not..but nothing without which u cannot live as u said.

13. shrav - October 13, 2006

“I am not reviewing this software as I am not good at
it and I am not very opinionated about any software company in general. ”

Funny… and I was of the opinion that to do a good review one needs to be objective.

opinionated ==> good review or
objective ==> good review???

I’ll leave it to you to decide that.

14. ruhi - October 13, 2006

did u like the new reader? I actually find that video to be annoying. Why cant we disable it??!!I heard it was Scoble’s idea. He is anyway going ga-ga over it. So you can figure out the rest….

btw, I try to use a calendar, but always fail miserably!! (dont have much work to fill those spaces with..you know?)..hehe.

And, thank you for the link to my blog 🙂

15. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

which part of
“..I am not good at it..”, u did not understand?.., u just had to prove it again that I am not good at it.
ok, bad joke.

From my experience, u need to be objective abt the product,
but if the company which made the product is BIG like ms, google, mac, etc…, reviewers opinions on the company are somehow visible on the review..and i guess people like it that way..

a microsoft fan’s most ‘objective review’ on a microsoft product will have the touch of his personal like\dislike on microsoft. same for google and mac, especially if the product is in competetion (ipod, zune, vista, linux, etc)..and from wha i see, they are all considered as “good reviewers”

I just wanted to avoid any impression suggesting that i think its good or bad, because its made by google.

u r welcome, what is this new reader? i guess u r talking abt some new wordpress feature, i will check it.

16. ruhi - October 13, 2006


Sorry- should have been more precise. I am talking about the Google Reader (its new when you consider that silly video upfront). But whats new about this feed reader??? Keep guessing! (Let me know if you find out)…lol.

17. shrav - October 13, 2006

“shrav, which part of ‘..I am not good at it..’, u did not understand?..,”

Let’s talk about the semantics for a bit.

If A (and) B ==> C, it means both A and B need to be true for C to be true. This refers to the intersection of two sets. Now, if you use “(or)” instead, either A or B would have to be true for C to be true.


A = “I am not good at it.”
B = “I am not opinionated about any company”
C= “I don’t do reviews”

B ==> C doesn’t make sense to me even now, by the way.


18. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

right…except that i never used “or”. I used “and” (and i did not edit that part of the article)

19. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

@ ruhi..
ahh google reader..i never liked it, so i am not following updates on that..but i will check this thing too
I never appreciated the concept of ‘readers’ anyways, be it google or anything else.., but I am not a software person..may be I dont know what I missing!!

btw, looks like google docs is not that old.., scoble linked to a video just about the same time I had this post which i didnt realize while posting


20. shrav - October 13, 2006

Exactly, it means, both statements, A and B need to be true for C to be true. So, you’re saying you can’t do a good review because:

A) You are not good at it
B) You’re not opinionated about the company

Statement A is okay. Why B? It’s good that you’re not opinionated about the company. That’ll mean you’ll be better at doing an objective and unbiased review. I think the two statements should be:

A) You are not good at it
B) You are not opinionated about the PRODUCT.

Then C would make sense.

21. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

“..both statements, A and B need to be true for C..”
No. It ONLY means if A and B are true, C is surely true. Other conditions (D,E,F..) could also make C true. In other words, its only sufficient condition, not the necessary one.

irrespective of all that, ur point remains the same and is well taken

Not being opinionated abt the company is more good than bad for a software review..I agree.

My point is just that I do not want to get associated or branded as google\ms\mac fan (or hater) and thats easy to happen if u r doing software reviews on their products…! if u like their 3 ms products in row, u r ms fan.., so unless and until u review another product which does not belong to ms, or u say something anti-ms, that image lives with u.., so u need to have a fair bit of opinion abt each company..

and i am not getting into that..

22. planetsk - October 13, 2006

“But if Chaos Theory is true, and a butterfly in China could indeed cause a tornado in North America, then I am sure Nagma can do much better!”

-Watch The Butterfly Effect..I liked it a lot and also made a DVD. It has nothing to do with Nagma though..probably she can go back to her past and never acted in movies.

“2. Thing called ‘Terrorism’”
-Terrorists: People who can optimally make use of existing Science and Technology ( Aviation,Biochemistry,Computers and Nuclear Physics)
-Freedom Fighters: Are they still existing??

“3.Oscar for Lage Raho Munna Bhai..”
-Awful..Let Nagma act in Korean movies and drop as many Nukes as she can.

“6. India’s Race to Space”
-Tismarkhan, you should definitely write a blog on this..successful rocket launches will not stop people dying for food…assasinating a few politicians can stop, making good use of BCCI’s earnings can stop and transfering funds from SRK’s and Amitabh’s bank accounts can also stop. 🙂 Anyway,check this:

“7. LaTeX”
-I liked and used LaTeX two years ago. I dont know how well people use it in corporations. It was pretty useful for Technical Writing.( Btw,I recently watched “Corporate”..damn..how many times does Bipasha repeat the word “Corporate” in the movie..some kind of obsession..)

23. Tismar Khan - October 13, 2006

“..Watch The Butterfly Effect..”
hmm..I know I have heard abt the movie. I will sometime.

“-Freedom Fighters: Are they still existing??..”
Are we all free yet? Depends on whom u ask. right? How many people are aksing for ‘freedom’ in our own country, for that matter in our ‘own state’.

“making good use of BCCI’s earnings can stop and transfering funds from SRK’s and Amitabh’s bank accounts can also stop..”
You sound like a communist. are u? btw, if u want to attack someone’s bank account, why amitabh and srk, are they richest in india?
and yes, i am following china’s space program too and the link doesnt talk much abt manned mission which they have shceduled for 2018 (just before NASA’S return to moon). I can forsee another space race of 60s!!.

“I liked and used LaTeX two years ago. I dont know how well people use it in corporations. ”
u ‘liked and used’ or ‘used and liked’.., ok joking, but yes, i wouldnt think its used highly in corporations, but it can lot of amazing things other than technical reports.., ask nagma

24. shashi - October 14, 2006

btw why we need to write blog post in performancing and WRl when we can easily post with wordpress? I am not techno guy ….can anybody update my knowledge?

25. Tismar Khan - October 14, 2006

“..why we need to..”
we dont NEED to.

“..we can easily post with wordpress..”
EASILY is the keyword here.

By far, from my experience, wordpress has the worst editor, with lot of confusing buttons and most of the time they load very slowly or do not work at all.

Even otherwise, all these third party writers, give good and fast editing, saving draft and directly publishing to blog options. Just try one of them and u will feel the difference.

One feature which is missing in wordpress(i think) and is present in blogger is, u can configure ur email as writer. which means u can just send an email to ur blog and it wud be published. Its a cool feature if u r using email client like outlook, live desktop or thunderbird.
I personally like my thunderbird editor over any blog editor and would have loved blog from within my email.

26. shrav - October 14, 2006

So, you can’t use LaTex for posting to your blog?? Just kidding!

IMHO, in terms of extensibility, WLW is the best. I especially like the “Add Video” extension, which adds either a google video or youtube or msn soapbox video to your blog and the “Add Flickr photo”, which does what its name suggests. Of course, these can be done using other editors too, incl. WP’s own, but WLW is simpler.

For a list of WLW plugins, visit:

I think all plugins contained in links 1 and 3 are present in link 2.

FWIW, I tried e-mail publishing with blogger and live spaces and wasn’t very impressed.

27. becs - October 14, 2006

Google Docs is very new – like as new as last week.
They bought http://www.writely.com which was another online document sharing/creating website. Up until last week, writely was at http://www.writely.com now it goes to google docs.

28. Tismar Khan - October 14, 2006

Yes I later realized it, it was one of those rare ocassions when I knew about the existence of a software before 75% of this world’s population.

29. Phoenix - October 18, 2006

Ewwww..whatz with the pic… please remove it..

30. Tismar Khan - October 18, 2006

whats so ‘ewwww’ abt nagma?
moreover official policy of this blog prohibits removing any published picture especially if that picture belongs to flop bollywood actresses.

31. Huan - December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas 🙂

32. Zune - December 31, 2006

I got this zune download that is a blast. i am glad microsoft is catching up. I know they get a lot of flack but i like them

33. julodsaew - July 14, 2007

http://link.wieza.net/alltags/tyhuan bollywood hot video for mobile

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