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Cricket machine masters bowling October 6, 2006

Posted by sk in Blogroll, Cricket, cricket - क्रिकेट, Technology and Software.


Interesting article in BBC:

A machine that can replicate the spin and swing of bowlers has been developed at a UK university.

The robotic bowler has been created at Loughborough University as part of a virtual reality project to improve match training for cricket.

Link to article

This is pretty useful for batsmen from teams like Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe that find it difficult against quality bowlers. Come to think of it, this’ll benefit India a lot too. Even our so-called technically sound batsmen struggle against the likes of Brett Lee, McGrath, and [add a bowler] (I haven’t been following cricket lately, so pardon me if our team has managed to tame these bowlers).


1. ruhi - October 6, 2006

“This is pretty useful for batsmen..”

What about the bowlers and fielders???!! Why only the batsmen? hehe…everybody can do with some training 😉

2. Tismar Khan - October 6, 2006

ruhi..we finally see ur pic..wow..u r beautiful..!!

hmm..yea interesting article.., i wud think it wud be useful for our players..but again..machines are just machines…

3. ish - October 7, 2006

Bangladeshi batsmen are doing better than ours these days.

This machine can be very useful.And as far as the third bowler is concerned,you can put any tall medium or fast pacer there cause the Indian batsmen are totally stuck when they have to face bouncers and yorkers.It’s funny the way the best three batsmen i.e. Sachin,Dravid and Sehwag crumble under pace bowling.It’s the new ones like Yuvraj and Suresh Raina that can manage to play some of it.Seems like we are basically spin batsmen so this machine could very well help us prepare for the next world cup which we are to host too if BCCI renews it’s contract with ICC.Right now,the government is too busy fighting Dengue.

“What about the bowlers and fielders???!! Why only the batsmen? hehe…everybody can do with some training ;)”

Exactly Ruhi,they do need some training too.Next thing they would probably make a batting machine which would jointly help the bowlers and the fielders but one day this technology might lead to a match of Man VS. Machines.Uhh sounds so much like Terminator.And I’m sure we’ll lose that match if it ever happens..unless we don’t end up doing some reprogramming 😉

4. shashi - October 7, 2006

I would suggest this university to create machine for ‘Umpires’ ….that would be more beneficial

5. ruhi - October 7, 2006

yes you are right shashi! I feel so too..you have captured the entire essence of the post beautifully….

6. ish - October 7, 2006

Why make practice machines for umpires?

Why not just make machines that can serve as umpires.I’m sure the technology is advanced enough to do that.That’d minimise the error.It will lead to some unemploymen though.

7. sk - October 7, 2006

I love the way the Indian greats play swing bowling. Even a medium pacer leaves them clueless. All 3 batsmen in the pics above got out to swing/ pace bowling and it’s a pretty common occurrence.

8. planetsk - October 7, 2006

“I would suggest this university to create machine for ‘Umpires’ ”

-Yeah,I agree..I suspect whether Steve Bucknor and Dave Shepherd (no longer an umpire) have 20/20 vision..Steve Bucknor shud have retired by now..is he still umpiring?? Poor decisions in many matches actually changed the results..

But this machine is a cool thing..esp.that the machine could replicate Shane Warne’s magic ball..thats awesome..tennis and baseball have pitching machines..atleast for some practice..for cricket, some bowler has to bowl to batsmen in the nets..which is painful..I would say… not just Kenya,Bang.,UAE teams shud use it..even Indian batsmen for eg. Veeru shud definitely use it….it will be great if fielders can use this machine too..Kumble needs it if he continues to play cricket…

Did anyone see Roddick’s American Express commercial where he plays with PONG.?

PS: This is my comment after a brief hiatus..

9. sk - October 7, 2006

“Did anyone see Roddick’s American Express commercial where he plays with PONG.?”

I did. PONG plays like Federer!!! 🙂

10. planetsk - October 7, 2006

Roddick cheats PONG to win a point.:)

11. sk - October 7, 2006

See, Pong plays like Federer! 🙂

12. ish - October 8, 2006

Haha that’s all Roddick can do to win a point 😀


I think Steve Bucknor is still pretty good.He still has a reasonabely good vision.But you’re right..there’s always scope of error.

13. Parag - October 22, 2006

send me dd1 national scheduls of icc chmpions trophy 2006

14. Tismar Khan - October 22, 2006

just for the records, above comment is not from me.

15. shrav - October 22, 2006

Why would I think it was from you? “Parag” doesn’t sound one bit like “tismar”.

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