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Notification about change of ‘Display Name’ October 24, 2006

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I surely do not need a post for this, but then what the hell..!  

I have long association to the profile ID ‘TISMARKHAN’.  It used to be my alternate yahoo profile for playing online games. (Don’t go too far, you pervs, I am just talking about chess and wordracer).  Also, I have usually found it available during registration on any email or blog server. This made it easier in terms of consistency and stretching my creativity. So was the case in wordpress (and also because I did not realize for a long time that I could have non-unique display name!)

Now I thought may be I should have a display name which is close to my real name but not too close. So people who know me could identify its me but not search for me. Keeping this under consideration, my new display name(for now) would be

30 kill mine (and after I kill someone who thinks I look like a skeleton, it will 31kill mine).

As bad as it is, its just a joke. (not the killing part). My new display name would be ‘Parmanu’. It has equal parts of my first and last name in order, its short and it actually means something, Nuclear.

I swear on Holy Quran, I did not copy this name changing idea from our cyber neighbor Cotton f.k.a Ruhi. It was in my mind much before that. Of course,  the idea for literally translating tismar khan to 30kill mine was inspired from her Ruhi to Cotton transition and she did almost convince me to officially adapt it, but I guess, I will let that number go further up before using it.



Now, Upon searching for Paramanu, I found that RajComics in India has this cartoon character, of wonderman Paramnu.

I swear on Holy Bible, I did not copy this name from them. Even this was in my mind much before.

Anyway, this dude, who is “Inspector Vijay” when he is not being Parmanu, looks like this when he is and he is being Parmanu:

I swear on Holy Bhagvad, I usually do not pose for pictures when I am wearing blue underwear and yellow body paint.

IE7 and FF2 comparison October 22, 2006

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I love Firefox 2.0, but this is just insane. I have 2 tabs (the same sites) open in both. WTF????? (I’ve opened the same pdf document in both IE and FF in one of the tabs and the sparks blog page in the second.

Scoble has a different experience. I don’t know what is wrong. I opened 12 tabs on each and closed 10 of them. I still feel Firefox is a better browser, by the way. It’s definitely faster.

By the way, I should point out that I’m not using a single Firefox extension or plugin. Also, for those who’re still using IE6, please do visit this page and download IE7 ASAP. It’s highly recommended. :-). In fact, I’ve found the final version of IE7 to be far superior in performance to RC1. They seemed to have fixed many of the annoying bugs. While there are a lot of people who have had issues with it, so far, I’ve found it to be a great browser.

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Pics of some of my favorite places October 19, 2006

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 **********For the record, this is our fiftieth post**********
I originally wanted to write a post on Google and I had an idea for the post too, but I think there’s been an overdose of software related posts on the Sparks!! blog. So, I’m going to do something different instead. Here are some pics that I found on my desktop. Not all these pics were taken by me. In fact, I think except for the images from Hyd and the one with dark clouds over the evil empire, I don’t think I took any.

The first two were taken in San Diego. The first one was taken at the Zoo, while the second at Point Loma. I don’t have any better iamges of San Diego. I really wish I did. It was a fun place.

Gartner says Apple should quit hardware business October 18, 2006

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From Yahoo:

Increasing component costs and pressure to cut its prices mean Apple’s best bet for long-term success is to quit the hardware business and license the Mac to Dell, analyst firm Gartner claimed on Tuesday.
In a surprisingly ambitious report, called Apple Should License the Mac to Dell, Gartner says Apple should concentrate on what it does best–create software–and make use of Dell’s production and distribution infrastructure.
Gartner claims that with the right partners, distribution channels and a more affordable price, computers running the Mac OS could eventually account for 20 percent of the total PC market.

Hah! That’s pretty funny. You know what, I think Gartner should quit the market analysis business. Apple’s business model has been extremely successful and I see absolutely no reason why they should change it.

Source: Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus

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India in 1700s October 18, 2006

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The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/shepherd/india_shepherd_1923.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The History “community” of orkut, of which I am a member, had this up for discussion. I just thought I would share it with wider public.
Its quite amusing to see the states and boundries with less known names. Its funny how spellings change with time; Nagpore, sikanderabad, Cutch, Carnatic, etc. and its also interesting how some spelling do not change with time; Madras, Calicut, Delhi, Indore, Jhansi, etc.!. My birth place Ujjain is mysteriously missing from the map. I would think being one of the oldest cities and first capital (I think, need reference) of India, its important enough to be included in there.  Region around Gujarat, ‘cutch’.  is also pretty interesting.

I will either update this post with more of my comments on the map or let that happen in the discussion section if there is indeed a ‘wider audience’ for this.

(Oh since there were couple of posts on firefox within our blogroll,
and people seem to be in love with FF, here is another reason for you
to love. If you are viewing a page in FF2.0 and use performancing for
blogging, then , you have “blog this page” option. This sure made it
easy as I didnt have to struggle with the downloading and uploading the
picture. )

Update: Picture did not make it well. So I had to manually link it to the source page. I do not know if there is a better way to do it. Its bit annoying that the picture is either too small in default or magnifies too large if we click on it.


Firefox 2.0 is blazing fast October 17, 2006

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I switched from Firefox 1.5 to IE7 a few months ago because I loved some of the new features in IE7, especially how the tab feature was implemented. I also found IE7 to perform better. Yesterday, I decided to finally try Firefox 2.0 and I’m amazed at how fast it is. It’s amazingly fast and I haven’t run into any issues so far. It doesn’t feel like a pre-release software. Of course, I’ve been using it only for a day now and my opinion may change in future. But as of now, FF 2.0 is a clear winner in my book. Here’s a list of features that I like in IE and FF. IE7:

  1. It works without needing any plugins
  2. The UI is very cool and thoughtful
  3. The Quick tabs feature is awesome, especially if you have multiple tabs open
  4. A link to open a new tab is provided right next to the last opened tab.

Firefox 2.0:

  1. It’s fast – blazing fast
  2. It has a spell-checker (though I don’t see any need for it)*
  3. It’s highly customizable
  4. Performance is better than IE7’s

So, if you haven’t downloaded FF 2.0 yet, RC3 is available here. *UPDATE: The spell-checker is useful while commenting or posting directly to a blog from WP’s web interface. It does get annoying in the sense that it doesn’t recognize internet slangs.


Windows Live Product Suite October 14, 2006

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Over the last few months, I’ve beta tested several Windows Live Applications. While some of them have managed to stay on my system after they passed the beta phase, I’ve uninstalled a few others because I didn’t find the need for them (or they were just too buggy). I’m listing some of the applications that I have used and the things that I like and dislike about each of them.

  1. Windows Live Messenger: I love this application, especially the concept of sharing folders. I’ve also used the live calling feature to call India and the voice quality is pretty good. This messenger allows one to chat with Y! Messenger users, but it’s at a pretty basic level now. I look forward to seeing more functionality with respect to that. The look and performance is decent too. I have had a few issues with connectivity though. In addition, The “turn on what I’m listening to” feature doesn’t seem to work for me. Overall, I would have been happier had this still retained the “beta” tag. More info at: messengersays.spaces.live.com
  2. Windows Live Mail: Overall, I think this is the best product among the Live Suite so far and the most fun to use mail client that I’ve used so far. It has a very simple, yet cool UI and the latest release, M8 has only taken it a step higher. I love the “Send E-mail from” feature where you can send an e-mail using any other e-mail address. I hate the ads, though. They’re extremely intrusive. Also, it’s still a little slow. Moreover, while all features work with IE6, IE7, and FF1.5, in Opera only the basic functionality (classic view) is available. More info at: mailcall.spaces.live.com
  3. Windows Live Mail Desktop: The UI is awesome. There’s not much more, though. While the latest release does seem to have tackled some performance issues and have cleaned up the UI, I’m still not happy with the fact that one can’t group two or e-mail accounts together into one folder. The feed reader is neat and the new version has an “Update Feeds” button. More info at: morethanmail.spaces.live.com
  4. Windows Live Spaces: Much better than MSN Spaces, but the header ads are annoying.  Also, why can’t one customize the header??? The statistics provided are not sufficient either. One more thing I’ve seen is that blogs on Live Spaces are not very visible on Google. Correct me if I’m wrong!
  5. Windows Live Local: Great quality maps, amazing satellite views and the bird’s eye view is breathtaking. I hate the directions though. I wish they’d provide images. Also, when they ask you to bear right onto the ramp for I-805, do they mean 805 South or 805 North?? This is especially confusing when the ramp to both directions is on the same side of the road. Way to go!! Available at:local.live.com
  6. Windows Live: Looks good and all that but this is just not ready for prime-time. I’ve decided to switch to bloglines for now. Maybe I’ll get back when things improve.
  7. Windows Live Safety Scanner: A very good free online safety scanner. It scans for viruses, removes temporary files, cleans the registry, etc. Pretty decent. It’s available at safety.live.com
  8. Windows Live One Care: Similar to Live Safety Scanner, but this one rests on your desktop. Moreover it’s not free. I think three licenses cost $49.95 for a year (or less on Amazon). Of course, you can try the product for free for three months at onecare.live.com
  9. Windows Live Search: Finally Microsoft has released a search client that matches Google. But why would one want to switch now? I haven’t. Try it out at: search.live.com
  10. Live toolbar: Very useful if you use any other Live products like Windows Live Writer, which I haven’t talked about in this post (but Tismar takes care of that). Available at: toolbar.live.com

More information about these products is available at liveside, in case any of you is interested. Also, a list of beta and released Live products is available at Windows Live Ideas.

P.S. I hate to add images to my posts and I know that makes it even more boring. In case anyone on the Sparks team wants to add images, feel free to do so. Just make sure they’re relevant. So… no Nagma! 🙂

My Unpublished and Incomplete Posts October 12, 2006

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 I just checked that google has released ‘Google Documents’ . It was was not
there last time I played with Google Spreadsheets. My guess is this is part of
Google’s attempt to create a ‘web-based office’. I do not know how long it has
been up there, but I decided to give it a shot. Since I use google as my home page,
it always keeps me signed in, and hence using this feature is relatively
comfortable for me.  I am not reviewing this software as I am not good at
it and I am not very opinionated about any software company in general. I am
just testing how its ‘publish to blog’ feature is. (That would probably  be  the
only feature I would ever use)

 To test this, I need to blog about something. So what do I blog about? Lets
try this.

 I have been inactive as a blogger in a while.  Although every weekend, I did
start writing on something (new) but could never complete it enough to publish it. Now
the list I have on my saved draft is so big, that it could be an article itself in itself..

 So here is what I have to write as per the title of this article


Wish you were here October 12, 2006

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Amazing song. This was performed by Pink Floyd during the PULSE tour by David Gilmour. Sadly, the song’s lyricist, Roger Waters had left the band by then. The song was written as a tribute to a former member, Syd Barrett.

Love me or hate me October 10, 2006

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Many of you may have already seen the famous “Eef you come today” video. If not, don’t worry, you can watch it here.

Well, here’s another great song sung by the Late Kannada Superstar, Dr. Rajkumar himself. Good stuff!!! :p

Now you know why Veerappan kidnapped him!