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Vote for your favorite header September 27, 2006

Posted by sk in Miscellaneous, Technology and Software.

Which one do you prefer?


Maybe now I can get back to working on my thesis etc., eh? By the way, both were done in Photo Filtre and Paint.Net (layers for the first photo and some designs for the second). Each took 10-15 minutes to make. The fourth one is older than the other three.

Credits: Photo Filtre software was suggested by phoenix. In fact, the photo on the “About” page was a direct copy of one on phoenix’s other blog.

The theme was suggested by Ruhi!


1. tismarkhan - September 27, 2006

top one….!

cutline has two issues..it doesnt number the comments, and it does not give feed url for the comments..

2. planetsk - September 27, 2006

good work..I kinda like the third one..as the other two are too professional..the background images and the text are in good contrast in the third one…

can you make sparks coming out of “sparks”..?? just kidding…

3. ruhi - September 27, 2006

I’ll go with the third one !

Tismar, I think the comments are numbered (below the name of the post). Isnt the comment feed url https://sparksengr.wordpress.com/comments/feed/ this?

4. Tismar - September 27, 2006

i meant numbering of each comments..i know total number of comments are numbered..
i dont see any pic up there now, may be my internet has issues. when i voted there were only 2..! so i will vote later..

and yes, ruhi, thanks for the help on comment feeds..! i dont know what was i doing!

5. tismarkhan - September 27, 2006

aah tehre are 4 now.., i can see all 4.., yes 3rd one is good…., may be this one with team pics in negative.., (the original pic could be in the about page..!)
naah..this is ok too..!

6. Phoenix - September 28, 2006

4 is good!

7. shashi - September 28, 2006

I vote for third…
I love the ‘Cutline’ …I love ‘connection’ and ‘pool’ themes. My podcast has ‘Pool’ …however for personal blogs I prefer ‘cutline’ or ‘pressrow’. They have larger font size and very clean themes.
My blog has cutline. There are some issues over cutline…like images are always moves toward right. so you can;t put images on left or middle. Also, comments dosen’t have numbers (as tismarkhan said) and post dosen;t dipict comments clearly (as compare to presrow).
Presrow has unnessesarily larger header image ..also post headings are also in larger fonts.

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