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Shah Rukh Khan:Rank 2 among heros who can dance?? September 16, 2006

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Shah Rukh Khan: Rank 2 among heros who can dance well..why?? why this topic..of course not to race with our MVP..but just a topic of entertainment..

I was watching AR.Rahman’s hits this afternoon and happened to watch songs of Dil Se..(esp.Chaiyya..Chaiyya) and Swades..hmm.. I never noticed it before but SRK dances pretty well (in my opinion).. not just these two movies..but other movies too..better than other Khans..he may not be Hrithik but he got natural grace when he dances..FYI, im not a die hard fan of SRK..just thought he got a good dancer in him..what u guys think??

His dances fit well with our mainstream hindi movies….where as i dont consider Salman a dancer at all..I never saw Aamir doing great with dances..Akshay Kumar does a pretty good job..Prabhu Deva is not a hero..he’s a choreographer first then a hero..hmm..Javed Jaffrey is great..but he’s not a big movie star..finally, Hrithik is the best among all the heros..so, SRK can be No.2..am i missing any great hero-dancers?? Oh yeah, our GOVINDA..hmm..where will he be?? A tie with SRK?? But he is no longer in movies..so, he’ll be out of contest..or is he still acting??

PS: This blog has nothing to do with the acting talents of any of the above mentioned stars.



1. sk - September 16, 2006

Yaaaaaay. We have a new MVP. Three cheers for planetsk!!!

Yeah, I agree with you. Shahrukh is a good dancer. But what about Sanju baba? BTW, my all-time favorite (not restricted to Hindi movies) is the great, the one and only, the charming, the talented, the graceful…


Yes, that Krishna – Mahesh Babu’s father.

P.S.: Took the liberty of putting the Chaiyya Chaiyya video in your post.

2. tismarkhan - September 16, 2006

Yeahh!..and this MVP is here to stay just as laloo..!!

hmm..after 3 successive post on vandemataram, we have 3 successive post on bollywood..!! (common, mine was bollywood too!)

btw, whats up with the only member who has not spoken yet on this blog?

anyway, I agree with in your analysis on srk dancing…,
what abt women?
Well all of them are hired only to dance and do item numbers in the movies, so its a tough call…but I think I like bips.

3. ruhi - September 17, 2006

Yes, I agree… SRK is a great dancer..though his acting sucks big time.. KANK will be a good proof of his recent ” Im the biggest star here” attitude… Nonetheless, I like the way he dances graciously..I think Hrithik overdoes it 😀

4. sk - September 17, 2006

Sunil Shetty!!!!

5. planetsk - September 17, 2006

Sunil Shetty ??????? Wow..there was this song on that Rahman’s hits where this Shetty guy dances like crazy..i dont remember the movie but this song was the same one from the Tamil movie “rhythm”..the song was much better in Tamil than in Hindi.


Yes, that Krishna – Mahesh Babu’s father.”

-Oh yeah..he’s the best aerobics teacher of all times..he has a brother in bollywood ..Mr.Jethendra.

6. ruhi - September 17, 2006

I liked the way he “danced” in that song “jhanjariya” with Karisma Kapoor..haha…amazing..now i know the reason behind his physique…keep exercising even while “dancing”…

7. planetsk - September 18, 2006

“I liked the way he “danced” in that song “jhanjariya” with Karisma Kapoor..haha…amazing..now i know the reason behind his physique…keep exercising even while “dancing”… ”

Hey, I guess you got a bit confused abt Krishna and the movie Krishna..The Krishna we were talking abt was a superstar (hehehe..) from South..

btw, I remember the song “jhanjariya” Sunil Shetty danced,danced and danced..remember Main Hoon Naa..he looks like a joker in it..

8. Hiren - September 21, 2006

Govinda was a superb dancer and played to the gallery with aplomb. I think that among Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh, shahrukh is the best.

9. Hiren - September 21, 2006

Sorry forgot to mention. excellent chaiya chaiya number

10. mehak - October 18, 2006

Hey sharukh is great……. but don’t leave aamir who has some special steps of his own. Those are better to watch. Sharukh in josh looks skinny

11. Rahul Sen - November 10, 2006

SRK best dancer:
1. As u can’t be a KISHOR KUMAR learning singing. Its natural u may become a good singer but KISHOR or LATA can’t be made, their naturally talented.
2. Like when SRK dance its like pleasure to watch because he does action or dance he has natural ability. If Hritikh does a stunt from 070 feet (KRRISH) SRK does it from 15000 feet (DON) he is the best.
3. If Hritikh and Akshay have break-dance and Martial art than SRK is equipped with gymnastic skills so he quite easily has the range to surpass anyone.
4. If u notice in stage shows Hritikh does same dance after sometimes but SRK has lot of variation his dance comes from naturally with him so its delightfull than anyone.
5. SRK dance is free Style and Hritikhs is Break dance, SRK is far more energetic and swift. CAN HRitikh ever dance CHAIYA CHAIYA, YESS BOSS SONGS, RAMJANE SONGS, DDLJ’s Rukh ja dil diwaney number.

Can Hritikh vault like SRK, perhaps he can but he has to be hospitalised soon, SRK is a strong PATHAN. SO this 5’10” pathan has no match to 5’11” Hritikh

12. Rahul Sen - November 10, 2006

SRK best dancer:

As u can’t be a KISHOR KUMAR learning singing. Its natural u may become a good singer but KISHOR or LATA can’t be made, their naturally talented. Like when SRK dance its like pleasure to watch because he does action or dance he has natural ability.

If Hritikh does a stunt from 070 feet (KRRISH) SRK does it from 15000 feet (DON) he is the best. If Hritikh and Akshay have break-dance and Martial art than SRK is equipped with gymnastic skills so he quite easily has the range to surpass anyone.

Can Hritikh ever dance CHAIYA CHAIYA, YES BOSS songs, RAM JANE, Rukh ja Dil Diwane in DDLJ, MAYA MEMSAB with energy??

Simply not SRK is far more energetic and fit and Hritikh.

He is a true Pathan. So 5’11’ Hritikh has no match with 5’10’’ naturally strong Pathan. SHAH is the best. he is a natural Gymnastic and a sportsman.

13. Rahul Sen - November 10, 2006

Can Hritikh show the gymnastic skills and vault like SRK as Shah did in yes boss and other songs????
Perhaps he can but he needed to hospitalised soon.

1. PATHAN’s are the strongest and handsomest people on earth.
2. HOW many of know SRK is genetically superior means his 80 year age will be similar to others 40 years age. Yes he is that rarest kind of people. his biological age is half of his chronical age.
3. PATHANs are storngest and much more engertic see all the fast bowlers, power hitters are muslims.
4. COMPARING SRK with Hritikh or others like COMPARING SUPERSONIC JET WITH Three wheeler.
5. SRK is superfast. i have seen Hritikh and shocked he is actually so lean looking.
6. Hritikhs forefarms are so thin that actually makes his biciepts look wider. SRK has naturally wide forearms, pathan big hands.
SRK neednot have shave chest, forearm like others he is naturally nonhairly.
SEE HRITIKH, salman All artificial shaved body, SALLLMANS transplanted hair, Hriitkh straingeted hair.


14. ish - December 15, 2006

SRK is good definately.Hrithik would’ve been number 1 I’m thinking.

The best dancer though is Sunny Deol 😀 😀

15. kassa - December 30, 2006

yes i totally agree srk is no1 dancer

16. kassa - December 30, 2006

i think his better than hrithik n i also think hrithik repeats srk no1

17. shahru manu - January 5, 2007

el corazon es la vida para mi el amor es un tornado es tal tormenta por amor algunas personas enloquesen

18. Shoumen - January 12, 2007

yes Kassa SRK is best, yes RAHUL u r right like if u r a Kishore Kumer does not need to learn classical singing. Like Manna Dey is a classical dancer but kishore doesn’t even a trained singer but when comes to entertainment value its Kishore Kumar is by far the best he entertains most becoz u can be a break dancer or trained singer by learning but natural is naturnal Kishore kumar can’t be made.

Like SRK is a natural dancer FARHA kHAN, Javeed Jaffry even says he is the best natural dancer. Thats why even after so much dancing Hritikh songs doesn’t appeal much where evey song of SRK is a chartbuster.

Becoz when song is hit people visulizases the actor and that why RADIO MIRCHI survey among poeple of 2006 founds “MITWA” from KANK no1 song even after so much dancing of Hritik in DHOOM it doesn’t in top 8 even.

CLearly SRK is the best. yes currently he is not dancing too much but he is definately the best.
Just notice KABHI HAAN KABHI NA songs, Yesboss, BADSHAH song “MAI TOO HOON PAGAL” songs he is a machine He jumps, runs, slides, vault puts so much lightning energy it rocks.

I also agree SHAH RUKH is Lord krishna he is the best.

19. Shoumen - January 12, 2007

yes i found in internet that research is going on that SHAH RUKH is the last incarnation of LORD KRISHNA.


20. Ramesh - January 15, 2007

BAlls to ur lord krishna

21. Alan - April 16, 2007

have you heard of GOVINDA?

22. kumar akshay - May 13, 2007

akshay much better dancer than shahrukh

23. SUNIL - July 25, 2007


24. SUNIL - July 25, 2007


25. SUNIL - July 25, 2007


26. SUNIL - July 25, 2007


27. Neha - September 4, 2007

SRK is best by far Salman is a monkey he doesnt even move hritikh dances same steps againagain SRK the king alwz

28. Neha - September 4, 2007

SRK is most goodlooking electric and superfast he will be the best alwz

29. zizmrbean - December 26, 2007

I have always believed that Govinda is the best when it comes to comedy in Indian Cinema. We shouldn’t forget that in 1990s when no one from bollywood was ready to do comedy onscreen it was our’s truly Govinda who not only did comedy but very much did justice to it as well.

His combo with David Dhawan was enough to sell movie tickets in advance. He made No.1 series famous and many of them were huge hits.

Now a days every actor seems to have gotten into comdey stuff but the question is are they capable enough to be called original? The answer is plain n simple No n Never. Even Akshay Kumar thinks himself as the comedy king of bollywood but he completely sucks. It took him more than 2 dozen films to be called n accepted as an actor. When he debuted in early 90s he was a flop actor with no skills other than martial arts and action stuff. He got lost into the likes of 3 KHANS. If there was somone who gave tough competition to KHANS it was GOVINDA only. We all know the rivalry between KHANS so they never came to terms with each other very much. Salman never went for Best Actor sort of things. Aamir hated awards and did very few films so he was out of equation too. Only Shahrukh was the only KHAN who remained at the top and made a strong impact. He made huge pair with KAJOL(An all time best pair). He gave bollywood a new direction to follow and etc. Whereas Govinda took the most advantage of KHANS rivary. He kept his cool and played the right cards when needed. It is not wrong to state that he even surpassed Shahrukh in some departments. Govinda was versatile whereas Shahrukh only could do Romantic roles. Shahrukh sucked in both Comedy n Action while Govinda did all of these with ease.

If anyone doesn’t believe me just search the history and 90s. Govinda ruled 90s not Shahrukh. I know Govinda didn’t get many awards since he was doing comedy onscreen and comedy actors are not supposed to win best actor. He gave many more hits in 90s than Shahrukh. ust scroll through the history pages and you’ll know. Both of them have given an (All Time Blockbuster). Govinda’s only All Time Blockbuster Aankhen AND Shahrukh’s only All Time Blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. Both of them gave many other blockbusters, superhits and hits. So if there was ever a superstar that gave Shahrukh arun for his money he was none other than Govinda.

30. zizmrbean - December 27, 2007
31. Sneha - January 4, 2008

U compring SRK with GOvinda God u need to checkup from a doc first and u compring AAmir khan as a dancer where du u find him as a dancer he does art films and he skipps awards not bcoz he hates bcoz he suffers from inferiority complex get a chekc up man

32. rehaan - March 4, 2008

Krazzy 4 has two of Bollywood’s superstars SRK and Hrithik doing item numbers.In aunique

experiment which is certainly one of it’s kind, two top actors would be dancing to the tunes

of the same song, though presented in different versions. The film in question is Krazzy 4

and the men who would be shaking their legs are Shahrukh Khan and Hritik Roshan.
Please visit For More Detail

33. Sunehriiii - March 5, 2008

SRK is the best thing ever!!!!!!!! but yeah no one can dance as good as hritik can 🙂

34. Sneha - July 3, 2008

in everydance shows there is a dancer like hritik but there is no one to match with SRK energy and grace SRK is the bestest

35. mink - July 6, 2008

no not at all,if kishore and lata ji are natural talented then they were presumed to hav that talent because they showed it through their performances the best. it’s not purely the ability but also the performance.same is with hritik my dear.he has shown the best of the steps in dance because he can identify doing them in himself .choegraphers are the true judgeof one’s capabilties that’z why they don’t give difficult steps to srk but give those only to hritik because he has only the ability to do it .none oher than hritik can handle those streamlined steps.I noticed the abilty of dance in srk long before through the same song.but can’t ignore the same and much more in hritik through evry song of his which shows he is the best and talented. As far as grace is concerned,the more fast the dance moves becomes the more grace is gone and it just becomes the matter of timing..right!!

36. mink - July 6, 2008

and if u compar srk kind of slow moves then none can beat govinda in that..hritik can’t be compared as he is not given that slow moves by choreogaphers

37. killer - July 6, 2008

any roadside tapori can dance like srk but a fact is a few hav in them to compete hritik

38. just - July 6, 2008

hritik>prabhu deva=govinda=srk>jaaved jaffery—-for dancing
and ..
bigb=dilip >srk=aamir>hritk>>>>govinda=sanjay=akhshay….for acting

39. hrushikesha - August 5, 2008

akshay kumer is good dancer then shahrukh

40. Pete - August 14, 2008

I agree, Akshay is the best, not sure why so many people think SRK is that good? He has the carisma yes but he can’t compete with Hrithik, Hrithik only dances the same moves on stage because that’s what the choreography is, in a freestyle competition there is no competition as Hrithik has the advantage of his style of dacing and he can match SRK, just look in KKKG when they both dance together in Leja Leja, Hrithik blows him away. As far as stunts are concerned Akshay leads in that department and a much better overall personality in comparison to SRK. SRK was the biggest mistake to be cast in DON, wasn’t bad but I don’t think he has the personality of a DON. He has definately always overacted in most of his films, not to mention the same type of acting. The one I liked a lot in recent has to be Chak De India, that was different. Otherwise there are far more talented actors then him, eg. Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Govinda, Hrithik and the list goes on and on.

41. Shamim - August 14, 2008

I agree, SRK is sooooooo much an overrated actor, look at his “Ap paasvi pass se tez hai” didn’t do well, the problem with him is that he gets to jealous very quickly of others doing better, that was the case with him and Mr. Bachchan and Hrithik, you can’t be better then everyone and in his case he is behind many others in acting and definately dancing.

42. ansuman kalidas - August 20, 2008

rahul….naam to suna hi hoga…

43. Subhadeep - August 22, 2008

I didn’t know idiots are so easy to find now-a-days. SRK with that puny body & ugly face the best thing ever? Even his non-hairyness is being glorified, which in fact proves that he is a eunuch.

The best dancer, in fact the best looker, the man with the best body etc. etc. is Mr. Salman Khan, the real king. He doesn’t need stupid tear-jerkers & NRI audience to be successful. The real mass-hero.

Re-incarnation of Lord Krishna??? Hahahahaha………….. The person who came up with this idea must be a bigger clown than SRK.

44. Subhadeep - August 22, 2008

And yeah, SRK is 5-10? Mr. Rahul Sen, you truly are a genius. He’s 5’8″ tops with puny chest & narrow shoulders. Probably you yourself look like him. A naturally strong pathan who doesn’t have any hair in his body!!!

45. Sneha - September 8, 2008

Non Hairyness proves enunch let me tell u What NOn Hairyness means

1. Non-hairiness means Superior and newest version
of Mankind. As primitive peoples and apes had Hair all over their body more and more mankind became civilized he/she got away their hairiness with smoother body.
2. So, Non-hairiness means Superior and newest version of Mankind.
3. Non hairiness means stronger, faster, sharper breed of human kind

Before heading to any argument just pick your ears tight and tell someone to kick your back and then have1000 sit-ups and write on your copy books that

Chinese are non-hairy people and they are superior in sports, athletics and just won maximum number of medals in 2008 Olympics.

So Write 1000 times

That NON-HAIRYNESS means Stronger, faster, Sharper and superior.

That NON-HAIRYNESS means Stronger, faster, Sharper and superior.

That NON-HAIRYNESS means Stronger, faster, Sharper and superior.

That NON-HAIRYNESS means Stronger, faster, Sharper and superior.

That NON-HAIRYNESS means Stronger, faster, Sharper and superior.

That NON-HAIRYNESS means Stronger, faster, Sharper and superior.


46. Camellia - March 8, 2009

Ha ha ha ha If Hritikh or any-other star would have danced 40% what SRK does they would have been hospitalized forever. In Hritik’s case he dances with the same old steps again and again without any variation and day by day it’s getting clearer that he lacks spontaneity and that zeal is missing in him even though he is trying hard

On the other hand SRK doesn’t need to rely on any specific type of dancing he is equipped with his natural super-energy, gymnast skill, spontaneity, balance, Rhythm. He has everything in his armory.

Moreover Hritikh dancing is based on few body movements and where as SRK’s dancing is more of athletic base, which is more of power dancing, which requires 10 times physically demanding than Hritikh-type dancing. And also SRK’s summersaults and gymnastic steps he covers much more ground than Hritikh, which is by far physically demanding job to do. Not to mention a break dancer is no match with a gymnast as gymnastic needs much more physically ability in terms of speed, flexibility and energy

And that why SRK is the best anyways he songs are more popular than anyone and thats says it alll

47. anuj - March 31, 2009

there is no comparison btw amir and srk coz if we talk about acting then shahrukh is not even near amir because amir khan puts himself in the character no matter what chafracter he plays now let me give you one example in main hoo na srk played a sipahi with long hair role now that is not a versality because fauji people dont keep long hair – and in the climax how can anyone chase a van with fucking rikshaw i think he was trying to become keanu reeves from matrix, he just knows one thing how to dance a sing around trees with girls in movies because thats what he has been doing for years, he needs some change now – he should do some different roles and on the other hand amir khan according to character chnages his hairstyles in almost evey movie. HE IS THE BEST “AMIR KHAN”..amir khan does not attend award functions therefore award automatically goes to srk’s way and even akshay said in his interview that he was asked by filmfair to perform in the filmfair
show and they will give him award…and naseerudin shah said that bollywood awardss are joke only amir is the person who has been to OSCARS…….AND HE WILL AGAIN…
1. 1947 The Earth was selected for OSCARS…
2. Laggan was selected for OSCARS…
3. Rang De Basanti was selected for OSCARS…
4. Taare Zameen Par was selected for OSCARS…
What else i can say for this….

48. anuj - March 31, 2009

i think aamir khan is the best in bollywood today, i do not know where to start and how to start because he is a versatile actor, see his performance in his movies, i dot not hate shahrukh but only thing which makes me uncomfortable every time when i see his movies that he just does love stories he needs some change now, he loves to sing a song with his heroin around the trees well come on yaar, he was good in darr and pardes and devdas because he did some different roles in those movies, right now he is 44 and he is getting old if he does not do different roles now it would not be possible for him to do the same love stories 4 years from now and then he would not be able to do chalanging roles and i realy like one thing about aamir that he changes himself according to the character, see his hairstayle which is diferent in every movie since sarfrosh and on other hand shahruch in main hoon na he played a major or sipahi role and he did not even cut his hair for that and on top of that he was trying to become keanu reaves from matrix in the climax of that movie well cut the crap yaar how can anyone chase a van with the bloody rikshaw, it should not be like this, being an actor you should be ready for everything for evey change, aamir and shahruch they both have the same sirnamem, same khan sirname wont make you good actor MR. KING KHAN {HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA}

49. Shalu - March 31, 2009

Yes I also agree Hritikh’s dancing is quite boring, same dancing all over again. If u say Prabhu Deva then it’s okay he is the best break-dancer. Hritikh is not even 1% of him. But, If it is freestyle dancing is concerned its Shahrukh. King Khan is the best.

And u funny man Anuj Who is competing SRK with Aamir?? Where does ur amir khan stands. here is discussing going on abut dancing skills He is nowhere. u just like Aamir khan’s a frustrated felow who only pulls leg of others. Still Hrithik and John are better dan Aamir atlst they don’t even throw potshots at others

Just say howmany times SRK mentioned aamir Khans name, he doesnot even think him as his competition its always Amir who mentions SRK’s name and passes comment it clear shows how much frustrated he is. 10000 Gazani won’t make him KING KHAN. SRK was is will always be the KING KHAN.

50. Shantanu - May 11, 2009

ha ha ha ha Forget SRK Hritikh even sourav ganguli is bettr dancer than that a mag was showing sourav as lagan pose but definately SOurav is better looking than aamir

i think aamir should get a kick from dada so that he can be a dancer ho ho ho ho

51. Shantanu - May 11, 2009

ha ha ha ha Forget SRK Hritikh even sourav ganguli is bettr dancer than that srwhead aamir that a mag was showing sourav as lagan pose but definately SOurav is better looking than aamir

i think aamir should get a kick from dada so that he can be a dancer ho ho ho ho

52. Rexon - September 5, 2009

Wat d hack Sourav Ganguli is the stupidest crickter india evr had he sud b kicked again and again BCCI did rigth by kicking him

53. viridiana - October 2, 2009

Hello I have been a bollywood fan for a few years. I am glad to read that there is someone who agrees with my (humble) opinion: your words are perfect SRK has a natural grace (which is evident in Chaiyya chaiyya). It’s a quid that one has or has not, no matter how much training you get. Hritik is very good too but I find him a bit too “athletic”. And tall people are in trouble with dancing more than short ones…

54. Leon - October 28, 2009

Yes, Vrindiana I also agree SRK is the best, there is no point in short or tall.

I think both shorter and taller people have problem in dancing its always people with the medium or perfect height are best dancers. Amir is short and Salman also wear padded shoes its SRK who has who has got just the right height and hritik is only a inch taller than SRK.

It’s SRK who is athletic not hritikh. Hritikh has bone disease called scoliosis and if u notice over the camera very cleverly his weakness has been captured, just remember all the actions done by him are cable oriented and see SRK movies like Dil Se, one 2 ka four, yesboss he has live action scenes. I think after SRK its Akshay who is athletic. And dancing i also agree wtih you it has be to Shahrukh, he is the best.

55. Rahul - April 25, 2015

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