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August Blog Stats September 1, 2006

Posted by PagMax in Blogroll, Miscellaneous.

Just extending the idea of sk on having a post on blog stats. (number below each title is the number of hits for that post). Here is the deal for August. We have a clear winner..

Almost all the search terms in past few days are only abt Laloo. He sure is popular. And of course, cheers to the author, planetsk, for stepping up the hit-counter of this blog with his first and only post so far.

Note that planetsk is not a planet named after sk (not even the dwarf planet). They both are two different bloggers of this team and they appearing next to each other on that pic up there is just a coincidence!


1. -sk- - September 2, 2006

To the one person who read the article, “Open Source for Windows,” didn’t you have anything better to do?

2. sk - September 7, 2006

The Vande Mataram article is definitely popular. Over 100 views in 1 day (Sept 7th, 2006). That’s not a bad achievement. Most searches that lead to this site are about Vande Mataram.

3. tismarkhan - September 7, 2006

well its 7th september..but Sania article I thought by far enjoyed fastest rate of success..!!
anyways, I think its just they key words rather than the article which attracts people here. If you write about something happening, you are bound to get some attention..!!

vm was all over the news and so we got atleast 5 visitors commenting on it..!!

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