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List of searches August 25, 2006

Posted by sk in Miscellaneous, Uncategorized.

Wanted to put this up as a list, but the formatting sucked so I had to blog. So much for my resolution. Here’s a list of searches that have led to this page. The number at the end of each item indicates the number of times someone has clicked on this site’s url.

windows live writer rave reviews 3
Pluto 2
fanaa songs list 1
flipped/ sparks note 1
current favorite songs 1
list of pakistani matrimonial sites 1
expanding solar system 1
omkara song order 1
sandwiches from indian websites 1
“picasa 2.5” 8
“indian guys” 1
Fidel Adidas 1
“Fidel Castro” and Adidas 1
sparks team 1
bored 1
“castro in adidas” 1
fidel castro, adidas 1
“google talk” calendar 1
“live spaces” 2
cooking range sparks 1
Picasa 2.5 1

UPDATE:  A newspaper article that links to the blog on 9 pizzas (each with 8 slices) that one of the authors’ mother served him can be found here.


1. tismarkhan - August 25, 2006

dude who searched for fidel castro in adidas must be real pissed..unless they were just looking for the pic..!

2. planetsk - August 25, 2006

and also “list of pakistani matrimonial sites” looking for paki babes…:)

3. tismarkhan - August 28, 2006

on my other blog where I just post same stuff, one of the search term is

“pick up girls on orkut”

Thats my favorite so far.whatever this guy was looking for, I hope I helped him..!

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