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Laloo Prasad Yadav: A case study at Harvard,IIMA and sparks engrs. August 25, 2006

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Laloo, Indian Railways (world’s largest employer) Minister with no formal education (or did he get masters in political science) is going to be a case study at Harvard….nearly bankrupt railways is in profits now..what could be the “it” factor that made him to create a “financial” turnaround..may be the officials working with him are super smart or something wrong with him..though cricket and movies are huge in india..no one is worth a case study??..


“In 2005, dolls called ‘Laluji’, manufactured by Speedage Corp., had become a big hit among kids.” ..

wow..what is he upto.. did anyone think this could happen to India and Laloo..I didnt..i thought he’d make more and more money and die happily sometime..


1. sk - August 25, 2006

He may come across as a village idiot, but I’m sure he’s a very cunning, shrewd and resourceful fellow.

2. tismarkhan - August 25, 2006

on the contrary..way business and politics works in India, they are certainly worth a case study (no sarcasam intended). I know Nirma was a case study at harvard and I am sure there wud be more.., Nothing is as diverse and seemingly self-contradictory as dynamics of India..
“….factor that made him to create a “financial” turnaround…”
Btw, I thought raliways was always doing well..of course it had its bad times but I would put “bankrupt” under quotes than “financial”.

3. ramare - August 26, 2006

Not only Nirma…following india companies were case studies for success in trying markets!!

— Unilever (lifebouy!!)

— Jaipur artificial limbs company (I forgot the name)

— Aravind eye care (cataract model!!)

— Ranbaxy (low price medicines)

— Mahendra and mahendra (trackers!!)

there are quite a few more….but since most of the western world wants to do business in india…there are going to be lots more case studies….because india is all about developing markets at bottom of financial pyramid (in terms of per capita)!!!

4. sk - August 29, 2006

There was an article in NY Times a few months back, which said something like, “India is doing well, not because of its politicians, but inspite of its politicians.” Maybe the Railways turnaround had nothing to do with Laloo at all. Cricket is definitely not worth a case study. Indians love cricket and so cricketers and the board make money. As simple as that. The film industry is an interesting case study, IMO, considering how different it is from Hollywood and how haphazard it is.

5. ramare - August 29, 2006

It is transaction governance.for example say GE wants to do business in India.Tata wants to make a car in one lakh…that would mean lots of need for plastics…who better than GE!!!….but for GE to sell in india they have to go through the set of compliance permissions and pay hazaar fees (I dont remember wat they are called in India)…above all this…pay the govt. employees to process paper work faster….still there is profit margin worth tapping!!….its again based on profit due to volume of sales than profit margin per unit!! I mean if one lakh car does come out and is any where close to maruti 800 then it would push the boundaries of car market further down in the financial pyramid (again per capita)

6. sk - August 30, 2006

In case no one has noticed, this has become the most read post on this site. Sweet, huh? One post and he’s already more popular than the rest! 🙂

7. shravan - September 18, 2006
8. planetsk - September 18, 2006
9. tismarkhan - September 19, 2006

whats the deal with laloo going to iima..today over 100 people viewed this post!!
its been appearing on first 3 results on most of the related search terms..
great going..!!

10. AK - September 21, 2006

it shows that one is not always bad and education is not limited only in certificates and the big brand university class rooms he/she used during study…

I think we all have to re re and re-think are evaluation on the basis of university name, score and certificate well enough to evaluate??? or need break to achieve…. thinking munna bhai concept works somewhere…..

11. tismarkhan - September 21, 2006

“…I think we all have to re re and re-think are evaluation on the basis of university name, score and certificate well enough to evaluate…??? ”

Yes thats a quite good evaluation.

thinking munna bhai concept works somewhere…””

Munna bhai 1?? ..hell NO

Laloo going to IIMA to talk abt indian railways is not even close to munnabhai mbbs crap.

12. pnk guru - January 1, 2007

Nirma,Indian cricket, Lifebuoy,Aravind,Ujala,Indian cinema,Tasmac,Indian Railway all are successful ventures
of great magnitude.

Indian population is great and when turned towards a business, it brings great turnover and extraordinary profit.Where ever success is noticed, it is because of high turnover.In all the cases, no doubt,great Indian population is attracted and toed in line quite naturally and then automatically.

One who can make people fall in line towards a particular product or service, gets popularity.A German concept called EKS highlights all these things….highly suitable for India.

13. KGS - April 19, 2007

Lalu is a genius. A genius at manipulating numbers and presenting himself as the hero. He came to power as the chief minister of the state of Bihar (in India) where he masterfully the played the public’s perception of caste and religion to stay in power for more than fifteen year. In this period he essentially destroyed the state, taking it back to the dark ages all while funneling millions of dollars into his Swiss accounts. Harvard should do a case study on this.

14. Sumit Arora - July 10, 2007

This Laloo,

Why you people always use the name Laloo,Laloo,Laloo…

This has been done by the Railway department, usually the Advisors prepare the plan and higher officials need to approve that.

This time Laloo has approved that plane done nothing else, How everything is going on loss, its visible.

No security on railway station, everybody can cross the entrance gate, T.T.E are encouraging “without Ticket” passengers, what is happening, this is just a small example.

I have one on my acquaintance, who ever worked with CRIS( Center for Railway Information System), I discussed with him, how these railway officials still find out the way to disturbed the automatic system and some loophole to show the worng balance to railway high managment .

My Dear, This is time to reform to india, IT already helped a lot to india for finance, please wake up, and get up.

About the study on Laloo, IIMA are buisness graduates, and that is their right to study everyone, even IRMA studies on rural areas…

Youngstres get up–get up, ………………………..

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16. ASHISH KUMAR YADAV - September 19, 2007

My Dear n Near Leader LALOO
Ofcourse its a magic for indians but actually its a not the complete topic for saying anything about his success towards profit or unableness of providing fascility to people.
But beyond that its an implementing things rightly which is very uncommon in India.

17. bb - October 8, 2007

all are talking about lallu only .but there are many more factors which have played more important role in the upliftment of railway’s financial position. no one is giving credit to the efficient and experienced executives in the railways . all the credit goes to lallu only. he is a leader only but thre may be someone who is giving him the right advice and concepts. its not only lallu alon ,but we have to give credit to team of railway officials who have worked hard to make railway a profit maker asset from a non performing asset.

18. Jotesh H Basarikatti - October 10, 2007

NO proper solution for the above case study

19. abishek bachan - December 14, 2007

lallu is such a lallo….kutha hai kameena..sala…abishek bachan..is the best…lallu….balls…lick kartha hain…..uska neighbor ka …..chuday….lund….

20. abishek bachan - December 14, 2007

bachans rule……lallus drool…

21. abishek bachan - December 14, 2007

lallu ek kuthar basa

22. msaiprashanth - February 3, 2008

man can u plz tell me where i can get the complete case study of lalooo

23. sri - March 8, 2008

one should remember politics are played in the same way allover the world – weather its INDIA or US there is corruption and lobbying. Its still a reality that caste is dominating indian politics.

Its the cast which is creating hate at Laloo, one should not forget he is our national leader and those who comments ill should stand up on a issue and work for change. In my opinion most of the indian politician are corrupt – and one can’t survive in this rough politics in india only Laloo’s kinds can survive. Now he positioning hims self as a pride of India. People who are interested in these post are either hate him( because of his caste) or curious about his achievements .

most importantly he is secular, and a funny guy

24. Steve - March 17, 2008

Laloo, is a champion … in my view. To turn around a sick institution which is the largest in its kind in the world is a herculean task and one must be proud of him, however there are those then tend to focus on his negative side … just one question … which one of us does not have a negative side?
In Indian politics and the rest of the world or rather 95% of it politics is dirty and corrupt, why is it that Laloo should be different? I think he has done a magnificent job with the railways and that is what I will choose to remember him as…
Comments and different views will be appreciated

25. Aamir - March 18, 2008

one reason i heard why Laloo has been such a huge success in Indian Railways is because he employed very smart, talented and dedicated people to work under him.

26. Khushboo agarwal - March 24, 2008

lallo prasad yadav is realy a “new age management guru”…he has a money minting strategy along with creating a satisfaction among the peoples..

27. nawed imran - April 15, 2008

Laluji as we call him with respt and honour is a truely a people’s man. He has that charisma which few cntemproy leaders in India posses. All the hue and cry about Bihar being an abyssmally under developped state and bla bla is not fully true and why shuld the full honour be given to the Lalu regime .The media played a vital role in portraying Lalu’s regime as “jungle raj” and “kushasan” etc But during his regime the poor and downtroddens of Bihar got a voice .He did a lot to ameliorate the condition of poor in bihar the “ranbasera ” which you may find on roads of Patna is an example of what Laloo did for the poors in Bihar.And one thing else no one can rule in state for three cnsicutive terms without having public support.
Now what he did for railways does not need my advocasy it is for every one to see.The then RBI governor expectd the bankrupsy of railways in coming days.Why to blame him most of expert economist had that view before the turnaroun of railways in the last 4 years.
So,one can not turn his face away from the results of the efforts of a true leader and an able manager.

28. chandan kumar - July 10, 2008

this is the topic to think how can be done something which
is impossible for any one to step into the shoes of railway
u think ….
i will tell u what the reasons or factor that help him to get
the grand successs…
always ready to response on any topic

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30. Amit - September 17, 2008

gau ka gauwaar ban gayaa hero.. kyu ke harverd me shikshaa lenewaaley gorrey kei ghulaam bangayee .. akal in paddhey likho ka tab chaley jab tak goraa chaavi maarey .. jab chaavee goom, paddhey likhey logo ki band bajgayee … tab laloo jaisa gawhaar aagey aake yeh dikhaataa hai ke paddhnaa aur likhnneyy sei hi aadmii badaa nahi bantaa…

ak - January 3, 2018

गऊ का गवार नही होता गऊ का ग्वाला होता है। तुम्हारी सोच ने ही लालू को उभारा है। 1990 से पहले बिहार स्वर्ग था और 2004 के बाद फिर से स्वर्ग बन गया है। ये सब लोग जानते है।

31. anonymous - September 18, 2008

[I’m neither interested nor have time to read all postings here]

One of my new friend referred me to this site. We had discussion about this topic. He was in favor of this topic and supported that Laloo has turned around the loss in Railways to profit. And I am DEAD AGAINST the myth.

Here is little bit about me: I have worked in Railways for more than 12years.

Railways: It is a monopoly business in India. And the fundamental behind monopoly business is, the business never goes on loss. Therefore we see all this mergers. Mergers => monopoly => no competition => No loss.
Just a key difference between NJ Transit railway and Indian Railway is, Indian Railways holds both freight and passenger railway transport and NJ Transit has only passenger transport.

Laloo’s change: He has encouraged two things in Railways. 1) to reintroduce earthen port for tea cups, 2) khadi as the fabric for railways. Introduction means, replacement as well. Inother words, take out synthetic fabric and replace with khadi which is unnecessary spending. Earthen cup in my opinion is good.

What was the turn around: Indian railways has gone tremendous change during Janta Govt time. Long welded rails was introduced and all railway stations were revived, new construction was taken up. The long welded rails are key to success. They were more reliable and gave more speed.

As usual, babus in railways charge for 200 tons of freight and load up 500 tons instead. 200 tons is official load that certain freight can carry, but 300 tons is more than what is expected and not designed for the track. So there was imbalance in the equation. Engineering solved this issue, because they are person who are responsible for maintenance and their budget is going into this junk maintenance. Therefore the engineering head brought this up and somehow negotiation between engineering and business department resulted in more profit to railways. THIS IS NOT TURNING LOSS TO PROFIT. this is making more money.

What Laloo is best at: Laloo like America is best at marketing himself. I can say HE CAN BE BEST MARKETING GENIUS. He has done it through out his career. Giving away irrigation pumps from front dais and collecting from the back of stage. He is the person who has 11 kids (if I am correct) and talks about reducing population. Not to teach english in Bihar, but have his son in boarding school outside Bihar.

He has enough now. Rags to Riches. How much he has done for Bihar apart from keeping them illiterate so that he can cash on them.

In India, contry do not do anything for people, but the people do for themselves and directly or indirectly country gets benefited.

32. shashidhar kallur - December 31, 2008

hey dude i am agree with you.
But every person have both positive and negitive karma.

33. sam - June 29, 2009

first of all lalu is llb ….he got his formal education ….the manner he speaks is his style

34. Mrunal - November 3, 2009

This was a great insight on what is happening at the Indian Railways!
Thank you Mr Anonymous, anybody who is in the system can alone tell what happens inside the system. I appreciate that you have revealed the truth here. But I would like to say this[ do not mistaken me to be in favour of Laloo though] the plans which were implemented in Indian Railways under Laloo must have been suggested several time before, I am sure, but we cant deny that they were never accepted or implemented. Atleast Laloo has taken the trouble to accept and implement them, hasn’t he? Yes he did, he implemented these projects, which generated employment for people who are underpriveledged, the earthern pot has created employment, hasn’t Khadi? Yes it did, it might be costlier but if Railways are already adding much more money into the tresury what is the loss in giving away some to the needy in return to their services?

I am not with Laloo or on his side, but i certainly appreciate the efforts that he has put for the Indian Railways.

35. Amit - September 28, 2011

This guy Laloo has a degree in Political Science from Patna University. Though valid sources claim that he got it by showing the neck of the gun to the college chancellor then, one thing is clear: do not underestimate an Indian living in a village … just because he doesn’t have a formal education does not mean he is not smart. That is veritably one of the wonders in India. As they say in Hindi: “Bihaar mein har bacchaa Maa ke Pett se Raajniti seekh ke aatey hai” So making a ‘political’ turnaround or a brouhaha is no surprise …

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