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Upcoming Posts, BlogDesk and Fidel Castro August 20, 2006

Posted by PagMax in Blogroll, Miscellaneous, National, Political.

This post is to serve two purposes. First to give a preview of two of my upcoming posts which I have been working on for a while but could not complete because of my other commitments. (If I still do not sound like a smug bollywood movie-maker with no intellectual capacity beyond such publicity stunts for upcoming piece of junk, I promise I will eventually) Other purpose is to test this BlogDesk blog editor which I just downloaded and configured (And it failed, so this is from WL!).

Upcoming Blogs

Introduction of SPARKS team: Since we launched this team blog called sparksengr on wordpress, I thought it would be a good idea to speak about who’s who in the team. May be some day there would be a bug in the wordpress system and our blog might appear in ‘Blog of Note’  or just might attract lot of search engine traffic and if that ever happens, may be some random Joe, Kate, Raj, Nita on the net, stranger to us and tossed on our blog, could use this introduction.

If you have not guessed so far, I am a very pessimist writer and just enjoy criticizing with passion everyone and everything I write about. (Yes, I know I will make a good politician and do not count me out yet). So without any surprises, even this blog would not flatter anyone on the team and that’s just an understatement. In fact, I am expecting few defamation law suits against me and I am working for back-up even on that.

Highlights of Indian Space Program:  I am not sure if I would title it that but this one would be one of serious blogs. Purpose of this will not be to criticize anyone but just to provide Information. Nothing from top-secret files but just compiling from the net. Unfortunately, Indian Space and Research Organization’s website (www.isro.org) do not provide important details about the past and present missions and has not organized the information it has in a very readable way. (Yes I remember what I said about not criticizing). As a matter of fact, one might get more information about India’s past mission from NASA’s universal catalog and few articles on Wiki. So just out of my own interest, I have been compiling stuff and now I might just convert in a blog. I cannot claim it would be any better but I would give it a shot. Since its a big project, I cannot give an expected launch date (Did I say something about lousy bollywood movie-maker?)  but I promise it would be before China sends a man to moon,i.e. 2017.

That’s about it. Please do not copy my ideas and wait anxiously for these posts. Stay alive until then.

As for blog pic, a completely unrelated image of Fidel Castro in Adidas jersey flaunting an evil smile in hospital on those disappointed Americans who celebrated his ‘imminent’ death. I cropped, paper-tore, flipped freely and turned off colors on this image all in BlogDesk editor itself. So it works but the configuration does not! (not for me!)


fidel adidas

In conclusion, I  will stick to windows live-editor and no more testing of other editors.


1. Pradeep - August 21, 2006

I am also interested in India’s space programme and we are doing something as an organisation called SEDS(Students for the Exploration and Development of Space). About, India’s space programme, I agree that very little exists on isro.org but Bharat Rakshak has a pretty exhaustive coverage of it. Have you checked it out??

2. tismarkhan - August 21, 2006

I used to check BR a while back for India’s defense power, but a high ranking official in Indian Army hinted me that this website is not in any way endorsed by army or government and information may not be accurate and indeed I did see some conflicting info.
Nonetheless, I agree they are doing a great job..I just do not take anything for granted from there. However, I will check out their space section.

Tell me more about SEDS (incidentally, it also stands for one of the US satellite mission, ‘small expendable deployer system!’)

3. Pradeep - August 21, 2006

We’re still a fledling organisation in India. They’re pretty active in the US and Uk. The main SEDS website is at http://www.seds.org. Take a look.

There are also some websites on Geocities which are pretty good sources of information as well. However, they are not frequently updated. I had bookmarked those sites but lost most of the info to a crash.

Will let you know when I find them. I have written an article on Ancient Indian Astronomers which I will publish to my blog soon.

4. Shravan - August 21, 2006

“I thought it would be a good idea to speak about who’s who in the team. ”

I think it’d be better if the people on the team introduced themselves if they want to. If I’m not wrong, that’s how it’s usually done.

5. tismarkhan - August 21, 2006

well I was not intending on a formal introductions. just one of those ‘trying to be funny’ introductions which may not turn out to be that funny. something like my opinion on each member of the team.

plus if everyone introduces themselves (if they want to), it will be scattered all over the place. Generally all the introductions(even the serious ones) I have seen on a website of any team or members of a company, its written by third party at one place. self thing works only when u r in face to face meeting. but may be I am wrong.

However, I will just hold on to it for now…may be its indeed not a good idea after all..

6. Shravan - August 21, 2006

“However, I will just hold on to it for now…may be its indeed not a good idea after all.. ”

No. Go ahead. I have no problems with it. I was just wondering about it.

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