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Bluetooth August 19, 2006

Posted by sk in Computers & Internet.

If you’ve ever used Infrared on your laptop, you’ll know how irritating it is. The two devices have to be within 7 feet of each other and aligned towards each other. And, the bandwidth is too low for data transfers. Then came Bluetooth and it was touted to take the world by storm. Turns out, it was a failure too. For one, bluetooth is not easy to use. If you’ve ever used 802.11, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 802.11 is a wireless internet protocol that allows one to connect to any access point. In bluetooth, one needs to pair devices first and I may be wrong, but one can pair a device only with one other device. To pair it with another, unpair the first. Also, I’ve found it to be extremely unreliable. I’ve tried pairing my computer with my cell phone and sometimes it works, while on other occassions, it doesn’t. Also, once again, data transfers are painfully slow. Wireless USB is all set to appear in Vista SP1 in November 2007 (I think) and I hope it’s simpler to use and provides the means to transfer data from one computer to another wirelessly (I don’t think it’s intended for that, though). Or at least, I hope it allows one to effortlessly switch from listening to music over WUSB headphones to synchronizing Outlook contacts on a Smartphone.


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