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Expanding Solar System August 18, 2006

Posted by PagMax in Blogroll, space.

Astronomers around the world are surely divided on fate of the number of planets in the solar system and so is the public reaction. It wont be easy for everyone to change the notion of  ‘ Nine planets’.  Is it necessary to bring these changes or astronomers are just bored is a debatable question.

The resolution is to have 12 planets, which would mean addition of Ceres(Demoted from planet status about 100 years back), Charon (Pluto’s moon), and 2003 UB 313 (Farthest known object in Solar System) to the planet list .

Then there are reports of Pluto being demoted to a dwarf planet and eventual possibility of Earth’s Moon being added to the list (long after you and I die), subjected to to survival of Earth-Moon system.

Immediate question which comes to the mind is how frequently we will update this list and how strongly will this definitions stand over the centuries. Would something be retained as ‘XXX Classical Planets of XXXX World’ just as we have ‘ Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ 

Astronomers are divided on every aspect and what ‘may’ happen depends on who you ask! So I just stopped following the reports and look forward to the outcome of meeting at International Astronomical Union (IAU) at Czech capital of Prague. (Sounds so similar to my name!)

I hope whatever they come up with, they come with a strong definition which will allow only addition of planets as and when they are found but not be dropped like Ceres only to be reconsidered as a planet after 100 years and now the shaky status of Pluto!

Here is a FAQ on BBC website from where I stole this pic.



1. shravankrish - August 18, 2006

Ahaa, so now moons are being classified as planets too! Nice. So the definition of planets will be changed to “an astronomical body… that rotates on its own axis and either revolves around a star or a planet.” Something like that?

BTW, Prague doesn’t sound one bit like tismarkhan. What are you talking about?

2. shravankrish - August 18, 2006

Haha! Where did you get all those pics from?

3. tismarkhan - August 18, 2006

well it has to revolve around a sun or a star. rotation on its own axis does not matter as hardly there is any planet/moon which does not rotate (I think, not sure). Also revolving around a planet does not matter. Since the moon revolves around earth and earth around sun, moon also revolves around sun and thats what matters.
Then there are some size and orbit specifications and moon qualifies even for that. Other condition is to have the barycenter (something like center of mass) of the earth-moon system outside the earth, which is currently not the case but some day it will!

I forgot to add this faq (I will now) on bbc

yes, tismarkhan does not sound like prague. What was I thinking..! I forgot my own name.

regarding the header pic, I had everyone’s e-pic on my system (except urs) and hence on picasa. I just had to search yours and I stole it from your website. (i remembered u sent us the link few years back. Luckily u still have it!)
I just cropped all the pics and told picasa to make a collage which it did really well and quick!!

4. sk - August 24, 2006


8 planets!!! Woohoo!!! Pluto will simply be known as “that dog in the Disney cartoon” or “the ex-planet” or “dwarf planet” or even “the famous philosopher” (I know his name was Plato).

On a more serious note, Pluto is dead. Poor Pluto. It’ll be hard to accept this change – the number 8 is somehow not as magical as 9.

5. tismarkhan - August 24, 2006

I just wrote another post on that..!

6. ashutosh - August 24, 2006

I would like to comment on the pics a bit here. The top row is perfect. No probs on that one, it infact looks fabulous. The bottom row is one where I would like to express my little comments.

Kalyan, I dont know if its fabulous choice or by chance, he kinda looks like a man with the help of a stick….
Rambo, its super perfect, except for that yellowish tinge..did he have jaundice when the pic was taken…
Coming to mine, I guess, I am living larger than life image….

Nevertheless, I dont want to be point fingers at the only guy who has taken some effort in almost all the issues, never the less, nuthing less than perfection is expected from him.

7. lexy girl - November 14, 2007

leave poor pluto alone. you cant call it a planet one minute then not the next. PLuto deserves 2 b a planet!

8. krainium - November 19, 2007

you are a f@ckin toss pot

9. Karly - April 3, 2008

I need help on my nephews science project (im helping but i cant help) so; HOW FAR ARE EACH OF THE PLANETS FROM EACH OTHER?(i know odd question but whatever)

10. tom - June 25, 2008

man u is the best

11. biber hapı - June 5, 2010

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