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Windows live reconfigured..and it works! August 16, 2006

Posted by PagMax in Uncategorized.

Something magical or something stupid. After spending couple of hours on figuring out why the hell my sparks blog did not work with windows live, when I deleted the account and reconfigured it, it seems to work fine.

So I have zoundry and Live editor both to work with. I will try to use both and give my own ratings sometime in future.

WordPress has some really good features but its web editor really needs some help.


1. tismarkhan - August 16, 2006

ok, I dont see the picture. I saw the picture when I used foundry. I did not see the picture immediately even in other blogs posted by shravan(and he used windows live too). but if I give it some time I see all the pictures. So I will check after sometime, may be it work. Beats me why!
Let us see.

2. tismarkhan - August 16, 2006

Now I see it. I do not know why I never see the pic first time I view the blog.
anyways..more later.

3. shravankrish - August 16, 2006

Mine was due to the internet connection speed. It wasn’t fast enough to upload the pics.

4. tismarkhan - August 16, 2006

ok, may be it was just a coincidence that the only time I used zoundry, I saw the pic immediately. It took a while for almost all the post. No big deal anyways. Windows live look much better.

5. affitto barca - January 10, 2007

affitto barca


6. affitto case vacanza - January 10, 2007

affitto case vacanza


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