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First Blog/ First Blog with Windows Live Writer August 15, 2006

Posted by sk in Uncategorized.

This is my first ever blog. I just downloaded Windows Live Writer, which has received rave reviews from the blogging community (check: http://www.liveside.net/comments.php?shownews=374). So, I decided to give it a test-drive. The installation process took a couple of minutes. The sign in process took another 30 seconds and that’s it. It’s a pretty cool product. I don’t have any pics on  this computer so I haven’t been able to check the picture insertion abilities.

Update: It works like a charm. I’ve also posted a screenshot.


1. tismarkhan - August 15, 2006

looks good. Mine did not work may be because I did not configure it right. But if it works, it would be neat.
I have two grievences:

1. Button for uploading a pic was not active

2. Spell check does not activate as we type(may be something in the settings we can change)

2. shravankrish - August 15, 2006

I acutally uploaded the picture from writer. It worked fine for me. I also like the WYSIWYG feature. The formatting of the picture was exactly the way I did it on blogger. Spell check – I have no idea. Haven’t checked it yet. A cool feature about writer is that MS has released the SDK to create third-party tools for it, so, you can look forward to some cool add-ins in future. There’s already a flickr add-in, apparently:

On the whole, I think this is a very cool concept.

3. Zaid Bethanie - September 19, 2007

it was back in 99, watching movies all the tim. Zaid Bethanie.

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